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Serial Killer & his Victim Costume

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Serial Killer & his Victim Costume

Serial Killer takes my Legs!

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Photo #1 - Serial Killer takes my Legs! Photo #2 - Serial Killer & his Victim
Costume type:  Costumes for Women
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for women entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 3rd place in the Coolest Adult Costume nomination!

A word from Molly, the 'Serial Killer & his Victim' costume creator:

I promise that I made no amputations to achieve this costume!! No, really! Take a second look! This costume was made using second-hand clothes, an old comforter (for body padding), a styrofoam manikin head, and a whole lot of duct tape. It was the most fun costume I've ever had in terms of reaction. So many confused stares! I loved it.

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130 votes
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#1 comment by Kelly McCarthy September 29, 2014

Excellent!!! I love this.. I want to make one but still unsure of how! What materials did you use to make the body of the Serial killer? And how did you attach him to you?

#2 comment by Molly O September 29, 2014

Well the trickiest part was sewing the armpit of the dress to the arms of the sweatshirt to make it look natural. There was a lot of trial and error with that. His body (and my body) is just padding from an old comforter.

#3 comment by Kelly Connor October 3, 2014

How did u make his head and arms ? Xx

#4 comment by Molly O October 3, 2014

I used stuffing from the comforter and a lot of duct tape to make the arms. I put cheap black glove over his hands. His head is a styrofoam manequin head that I bought on amazon

#5 comment by Julie Maggs October 4, 2014

Did u have the hoody on at all?

#6 comment by Molly O October 4, 2014

I zipped the hoodie around my stomach

#7 comment by samantha October 10, 2014

how did you hide the duct tape around the killers body? im confused

#8 comment by Nancy October 12, 2014

I absolutely love your costume. I'd like to create the same costume this year. I've been working on it for hours this evening but cannot figure out how you are wearing the dress. Did you cut the back of it? How is the dress intact in front of you but your sleeves are in it? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!

#9 comment by Molly October 13, 2014

I made a huge cut about where my shoulder blades are from armpit to armpit. That's where the whole front of the dress starts. Hope this helps! There was a lot of sewing, ripping seams, and resewing involved I make it for comfortably and look real.

#10 comment by Robin October 15, 2014

But how did you get it all on after you sewed it especially after you sewed the sweatshirt to the armpit of the dress? I have bought all the stuff too but I feel like if it all comes together and I can actually move in it, it will be a miracle! Any other helpful step by step hints would be appreciated by all of us. Thanks

#11 comment by Blakey October 17, 2014

Hi - Just wondering, how did you wear the whole costume? Can I create it without me wearing it? I was actually using your idea for our upcoming halloween costume contest as it is really creative.. can you send more detailed steps and instructions on how you created this costume? Thanks so much!!

#12 comment by Linda October 19, 2014

Looks like a few of us love this costume and are trying to create it. My question is about your body. You said you used stuffing from an old comforter. Did you mount the comforter stuffing to anything and then put it in the dress? If so or if not, how did you get the comforter stuffing to shape like a women's body and the biggest question is how did you get the stuffing to stay put in the dress without falling out the bottom?

#13 comment by Robin October 20, 2014

I made this costume last Friday and it came out perfect. I did NO sewing! I wish I could upload a picture so you all can see it. I just got a dress at Goodwill that buttoned down the front, I wore it backwards so the buttons were in the back and I just put my arms through the sleeves then buttoned one button. I zipped the bottom of the guys sweatshirt to my waist part of the way up and wrapped a scarf under the man and around my waist. (this person used duct tape). I stuffed him with clothing of mine and stuffed me with batting. I put the batting in a tshirt then inserted the tshirt into the dress and pinned the tshirt to the shoulders of the dress. If anyone wants a picture, I can email you one.

#14 comment by Linda October 20, 2014

I would love some pictures. LindaTrautweiler[at]gmail.com Thanks so much!

#15 comment by Nancy October 20, 2014

Please email me pictures as well. Nluna0013[at]yahoo.com. Thank you so much.

#16 comment by Lori October 21, 2014

I figured out how the dress goes on. Ive been trying to figure out the rest. Can you please email me pictures? dawndawn55.lg[at]gmail.com

#17 comment by Nadia October 21, 2014

Please email me pics.... I really wanna pull this off. Nadoosh23[at]aol.com

#18 comment by Victor October 21, 2014

Can u email me the pics please...thanks

#19 comment by Bianca October 22, 2014

Can I get some pictures too!?

#20 comment by Law October 23, 2014

Costume is awesome . Trying to make . First dress I bought didn't have enough room to have it lay right have to get another one a size bigger than what I wear. Can you tell me how you rigged the head ? With a stick ? Then put stuffing around it ? What did you use on the head to make the eyes and face stand out ? I would love any directions anyone could give me . Thank you. !!!!

#21 comment by Linda October 23, 2014

I worked on my last night. The T-shirt idea UNDER the dress pinned is a great idea. I actually took a pillow case, folded it in half so it would stick out of the bottom of the dress, filled it with stuffing from Joanne's Fabric and pinned it inside the dress. I actually made the shape of the pillow case on the top half narrower to help the "womens' shape. Just used safety pins. Made it easy to fill and stuffing not fall out the bottom with the pillow case. As for the head, I used a wire hanger and poked it in the bottom of the head. I then taped the hanger to a piece of cardboard. I then put a mens t-shirt on top of the hanger/cardboard and took little pins to secure the T-shirt to the mannequins neck. Then I put stuffing from Joanne's Fabrics in the tshirt and taped the bottom so it didn't fall out. I bought Acrylic Paint to paint the Mannequin head. You have to mix some colors together to get a fleshy color, then black for the eyes, and a little grayish mix under the eyes to give him a creepy look.

#22 comment by Jules October 23, 2014

I am also making this ATM and making the head slightly different by using a lightweight kids football covered by a "Jason mask (hockey)" kept on by tying the hoody tight x

#23 comment by Kelly McCarthy October 24, 2014

I would like sone pictures too if you can!
Thank you

#24 comment by Lesliekay October 25, 2014

I agreed to help my Granddaughters make this for our Halloween event. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew :) Please also share your pictures with me.
Thank you!

#25 comment by Tammy October 25, 2014

Gonna try this too!!! Any pictures or hints would be appreciated. Still a little confused on how it all goes together....is it easy to move around in? Thanks ahead of time.

#26 comment by Holly Stephens October 28, 2014

Such an amazing idea!! I've got a skulls head from hobbycraft. Shoulders and neck are proving tricky! Would love pic. thanks

#27 comment by Ar October 30, 2014

I would love some pix emailed to firstcleo[at]yahoo.com. thank you so much..

#28 comment by Sarah October 30, 2014

Can you please email me your pictures @ sarahcordova34[at]gmail.com

#29 comment by Dayna October 31, 2014

Could you email me pictures as well. What an awesome idea. I am going to try this next year.
Thank YOu,

#30 comment by Charliena November 2, 2014

Thanks so much for sharing your idea! I made this for myself this Halloween and I got excellent reactions from the kids and adults! It was so much fun to make too. I did a lot of sewing and it took me a while to figure out the logistics of it, but it was so worth it. The kids kept asking "No, really, where are your legs?" Lol And everyone did a lot of staring trying to figure it out. It took me about 4 evenings of working on it to get it made and I didn't spend a dime on it. I used some clothes that didn't sell from my yard sale this year and various items from around the house for the man's body and my torso. Also, I wore baggy men's pants and my husbands shoes to make my bottom half look more manly.

#31 comment by Jenna November 19, 2014

This is the coolest costume I've ever seen. Great job!

#32 comment by Ginger May 30, 2015

This costume should have won 1st place $300 ---hands down!!! You generated so much interest and everyone was amazed. Your effect was spot on!!!!

#33 comment by baptiste July 26, 2015

Exelent costumes

#34 comment by kim September 16, 2015

Robin, can you email me a pic?? Kimkavala[at]yahoo.com
I think I understood what you did but still would like to see it. Thanks!

#35 comment by Maria September 25, 2015

Totally awesome costume - can you email me your pictures Robin - navyrinemom[at]yahoo.com


#36 comment by Debbi September 26, 2015

I made something similar once but a man and a baby.I would love to see how you made this. I want to try it! Please email me pictures! Thank you so much

#37 comment by Sue September 27, 2015

Can someone send me pictures of how to make it?

#38 comment by jenny September 28, 2015

Can someone email me pictures of the how to make this costume..

#39 comment by Quaro October 6, 2015

This is an awesome costume. Can anyone email me pics please!

#40 comment by Tawnia October 13, 2015

This is an awesome idea. Can anyone please email me pics on the construction? Tawnia[at]iws1.com I have a couple of idea's from peoples comments.

#41 comment by jen October 14, 2015

Is it possible to have pics emailed to me. Trying to figure out how to rig this up. Nursejen18840[at]gmail.com

#42 comment by MSG October 25, 2015

So I'm mid-costume now but I don't understand where the duct tape is holding the sweater to you? Do you wrap it around the outside of the sweater where people can see it in the back? Also what is keeping the stuffing in the man? Super hope I can make this work cause it's awesome :)

#43 comment by Molly October 26, 2015

I believe I used a comforter so the stuffing could stay in tact. And no, the duct tape was only wrapped around the inside of his sweater. Then I zipped the sweater partially around my waist. I wish I had taken more pictures of the process. Good luck!

#44 comment by Jules October 26, 2015

I used a pillow for the guy's body and stuffed his arms with newspaper..
I wore a ripped long top. Then when he was on my back I put a large hooded top around me and the guy. Worked brilliantly xx

#45 comment by Kevin October 28, 2015

I'm trying to make this, could someone that has done it send me some pictures please. kharmer74[at]gmail.com. Thanks

#46 comment by Marie lomax October 28, 2015

I've made my costume but can't workout how to attach my manakins head without it falling. Any ideas anyone please.

#47 comment by Tawnia October 28, 2015

I am making a metal frame inside and then stuff around it. I made a rectangle frame with a rod sticking up to stick the head on. How did you do your body? I'm still working on mine. How did you attach everything?

#48 comment by Jules October 29, 2015

For my guy's head I used a lightweight football with a horror mask covering it. I then put the ball inside the hood of a top and tied a scarf around his "lack of neck" to make a neck.
Be careful of a wire frame as he gets really heavy after a while.

#49 comment by Tawnia October 29, 2015

It is really thin aluminum with a spike at the top for the mannequin head to sit on with a mask on it. I am still trying to figure out the dress on me with cutting the back and stuffing the front to hang off the front of me. Any tips on that. I have to finish tonight. Because we have our contest tomorrow at work. :) I have won the past 3 years so I can't let this year fail me now. hahaha

#50 comment by Shannon December 15, 2015

I don't know if Molly is still active on this site, but I thought it was worth a shot. My friend sent me this picture of you today and said you could be my twin! When I looked at it I was pretty shocked how much we resembled one another. If you're still here and remotely curious as to seeing a pic of me to compare to, send me an email at: craigslistlmhc[at]gmail.com Thanks! :)

#51 comment by Xiomara September 16, 2016

I am in the process of doing this but still struggling with the man and how to get him on to me lol ;0) wish me luck

#52 comment by Xiomara October 9, 2016

How do I get the head to stay in place please help

#53 comment by Joanne October 16, 2016

Can anyone email me pics of the making of this costume? Please - I want to try this, but so not creative. Thanks. Onefunrn425[at]gmail.com

#54 comment by Janice October 19, 2016

Could you also forward me any pictures as well? Trying to figure out the dress and how the man is attached.
I'm using PVC pipes for the framework of the man, then placing them inside of a twin size pillow. Arms will be stuffed with batting.

This is an amazing costume!!
Thanks in advance.

#55 comment by Julie October 20, 2016

My man was a pillow inside a hoodie and his arms were stuffed with newspaper, then a pair of ski gloves sewed to the sleeves. For his head I used a kids lightweight football (inside the hood) covered with a cheap mask.
My dress was a tshirt nightie with the back cut out, just to the waist then the remaining waist down was sewed closed and stuffed with a cushion to give my "victim body".
Slip the nightie over your head and put arms through then put the man inside ANOTHER man's top and zip it around your waist with the victims body in front of the extra top. Fasten his arms around you with a simple stitch. Everyone loved my outfit and it freaked everyone else out! Xx

#56 comment by Chino October 20, 2016

Do you have pics of the inside body of the manequin thank you

#57 comment by Julie Ropa October 21, 2016

Can anyone please send me pics, I am having a hard time. Julie.ropa[at]yahoo.com
I am having a hard time getting the guy to not fall off my back. Also, do you stuff the top of the dress too? Or just below where his arms wrap around? Thx!!! Would love some pics & advice!!! Party is tmrw, yikes!

#58 comment by Linda October 21, 2016

For the guy, I got a large piece of cardboard and cut did a cut out of a body.. small neck, shoulders and torso. I then took a wire hanger and straightened out the hook and made it straight. I used clear packing tape and taped the hanger (large) part to the cardboard body... I think I bent it a little so the shoulder part wasn't too big. I then stuck the styrofoam head onto the straight end of the hanger and wrapped in tape to secure. So, the hanger is providing a a way to hang the head on the hanger and attach to the body. Then I used stuffing (can buy at michaels or hobby lobby; like stuffed animal stuffing and laid it on card board front and back. Again you can secure with tape, then put tshirt over it and seal bottom of tshirt with tape around the cardboard. When you put the sweat jacket on, you stuff the arms as well. Add gloves on the end and stuff them as well. When you secure the dummy to yourself, you are using duct table around the tshirt (under his sweatshirt) and tape around you. The sweatjacket gets zipped in front of you holding him in place behind you. The dress in front will cover the sweatjacket in front of you. Then have someone help you pin his arms in front of the dress. Hope that helps.

#59 comment by Louise October 27, 2016

Half way through making this. I have a mannequin head and have filled a pair of tights with toy stuffing to form the arms and sewn gloves onto my hoody, now I'm stuck with how to form a body and keep it in place? Please can you email me any pictures tips and help? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE x x x

#60 comment by Linda October 27, 2016

use cardboard inside the mannequins sweatshirt to form a stiff body shape

#61 comment by Dj October 29, 2016

Can you send pictures please

#62 comment by AMBER October 2, 2017

Would someone be willing to share photos please? I have been struggling for 3 days ambermuller309[at]gmail.com much appreciated!

#63 comment by Deni October 20, 2017

Please send pics of how to do this from start to finish please. Silleyfilly01[at]gmail.com
Thank u so much

#64 comment by Amy October 26, 2017

Has anyone used a flat pillow for the dress and duct tape to make the figure? How do you back the dress look like a woman' figure underneath. Can someone please send me pictures ? /:( amazing costume

#65 comment by Linda October 26, 2017

yes use a small flat pillow. You can pin it with safety pins inside and thru the back which won't be seen as it is against your body. Don't have pictures of building it.

#66 comment by Connor October 24, 2018

Robin can you email me the pics please?


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