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Cute Scarecrows Costume
by Jaime
Scarecrow Costume
by Courtney
Cute Scarecrow Costume
by Amber

Cute Scarecrow Baby Costume

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Cute Scarecrow Baby Costume

Chanler Kruz - the Crow Scarin' Cutie

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Photo #1 - Chanler Kruz - the Crow Scarin' Cutie Photo #2 - He actually loves wearing all that itchy stuff Photo #3 - His perfect scarecrow expression Photo #4 - My handsome man Photo #5 - Scarecrow

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Costume type:  Costumes for Babies
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Megan, the 'Scarecrow' costume creator:

This is my son Chanler. He is dressed as a scarecrow for his 2nd Halloween. I was determined to make his costume this year, as I was not impressed with any in the store. They are all the same and not real creative.

I want him to look back on all his Halloween costumes and realize he wasn't the typical and popular character on the Disney channel. However I want this costume to scream Halloween/Fall.
Being our favorite time of year is Halloween and the fall season, my husband and I couldn't think of anything better than dressing him up as a scarecrow. And definitely not the out-done Wizard of Oz scarecrow, but a homemade, cute as pie, scarecrow.

We bought everything and made it ourselves. We bought overalls and brown shoes from the goodwill. 2 yards of burlap, left over from our rustic wedding, to use to make patches and his hat. We bought raffia and the perfect plaid shirt from Wally-world, and broke out the glue gun!

The overalls were a piece of cake...the hat?!... Let's just say after the 4th try, we settled for what we had and stuck with that! And it's actually my favorite part of his costume!

To complete the look, we had to add a little of moms brown lipstick (stolen from grandmas back in the 90's) to draw up a perfect little brown scarecrow nose!

Rating: 4.2 of 5. Votes: 81

81 votes
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#1 comment by Becca September 5, 2014

I absolutely love this Halloween costume I've been trying to find it for my son he is 2 1/2 if anyone knows where I can buy this costume please let me know

#2 comment by Megan Trahan September 5, 2014

It's 100% home-made. Read caption and it'll give you details on how it was created. If be willing to sell it after I found out the gender of my baby. If it's another boy, he will wear all his brothers costumes that I've poured my heart and soul in to.

#3 comment by Brittney September 12, 2014

I love this costume!! Could you please e-mail me how you made the hat. What was you cut out measurements for it? My email is brittney.atchley[at]gmail.com Thanks!!

#4 comment by Christina September 14, 2014

I think I will do this for my son this year. Any tips for the hat? Email is chhudman[at]hotmail.com if have a spare moment. Cutest little scarecrow ever!

#5 comment by Savannah September 19, 2014

This is such an adorable costume! Would love to make it for my son. And details you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Srburk1[at]gmail.com. Thank you so much!!

#6 comment by carley September 19, 2014

How did you make the hat?? My son is 14 months and think this would be so adorable for him be dress up like!!

#7 comment by Lanette de Paul September 22, 2014

Do you have a pattern for the hat, I love the entire costume but that hat is very unique. If at all possible can you please email me directions on how to make it.

#8 comment by Stacy September 22, 2014

Would love to know how you made that hat after 4 tries. Please e-mail me with how u made it or easier suggestions. Thanks. slg422[at]yahoo.com

#9 comment by bridget September 22, 2014

Can u tell me how made hat

#10 comment by Jamie September 24, 2014

I need help with the hat:) how did you make it?

#11 comment by Angelo September 25, 2014

your son is adorable, i love it! i need help with the hat. please send details, thanks

#12 comment by Nicole September 26, 2014

Your son and this costume are absolutely precious! I would really like to try this for my son. I would appreciate any advice on the hat.

#13 comment by bridget September 29, 2014

Like to know how u made that

#14 comment by jessica September 30, 2014

would you be willing to sell this costume??

#15 comment by Stacie September 30, 2014

Yes how did you make the hat? Please email me staciesheppard[at]hotmail.com

#16 comment by Renee October 8, 2014

I also love the costume. Great job!! :) Would you be willing to share how you made the hat? I have been working on this and haven't quite got it right. Thanks! medic_girl84[at]yahoo.com

#17 comment by Whitney October 8, 2014

Interested in how you made the hat too! wnrekieta[at]yahoo.com. Such a cute costume!!

#18 comment by Sherry October 8, 2014

Absolutely love this costume, can you please share how you made the hat!!! U can email me at sharbear112[at]yahoo.com

#19 comment by Carol Semons October 9, 2014

Love this could you email me how you did the hat? semocaro[at]gmail.com

#20 comment by Jacquelyn Wright October 9, 2014

Could you also let me know how you made the hat or post it since so many are asking? It is very cute. My email is smithjacquelyn21[at]gmail.com

#21 comment by Brittany Mire October 10, 2014

Very interested in learning how you made this costume. Please email me at btmire19[at]gmail.com

#22 comment by Celine Price October 15, 2014

Love the hat please email details. Celinamturtle[at]gmail.com

#23 comment by Kacey MacPhail October 17, 2014

Also very interested in how you made the hat. I have looked all over online and to be honest I love yours the best. Please email me at pure.honey[at]hotmail.com

#24 comment by Faye Reese October 19, 2014

love love love! PLEASE email me how you made this awesome, perfect hat!

#25 comment by Katelyn October 19, 2014

Could you email me directions to make the hat? katelyn_weeks[at]hotmail.com

#26 comment by Melissa R October 20, 2014

this is soooo cute!! i have been searching for a costume for my son and havent been able to find anything i like and now im running out of time! i think im going to give this a try im just not too sure about making the hat but ill give it a shot!

#27 comment by Alisha October 20, 2014

Please email on how you made the hat. Lishy024[at]gmail.com.

#28 comment by cristy October 20, 2014

Please email me how you made the hat, and how you adhered the rafita to the overalls ! Love love this costume !

#29 comment by Jessica October 21, 2014

I'm interested in learning how you made the hat. We are working in his costume now. Email is jsdevasher13[at]hotmail.com thanks!

#30 comment by Kelly October 21, 2014

Love, love, love this idea!!!! Was all set for my one year old to be Mickey, but going to do this instead! :)

#31 comment by Brittany Elmer October 21, 2014

I made the outfit last night it turned out so adorable . Just wondering how you made the hat. If you could email me any tricks I would appreciate it very much. Bkelmer828[at]hotmail.com
This is the cutest costume ever!!!

#32 comment by Dara October 22, 2014

Adorable! Would like to try and make this. Could you please let me know how you made the hat?

#33 comment by Lisa October 22, 2014

So precious!!! Could you please share with me how you made the adorable hat? Love it!

#34 comment by Erin October 22, 2014

Would you be able to email me how to make the hat also. My son is going to be 2 and we decide he was going to be a scarecrow this year and this hat is outstanding. egerrits12[at]gmail.com please email me!

#35 comment by Ann October 22, 2014

Also interested in how to make the hat!! Please email to malloryae0102[at]gmail.com. Thanks in advance!!

#36 comment by Lisa October 22, 2014

I have also tried to make this hat. I have two more days to get it right. Could you also please send me details on how to make it....please! :)


Lisa - stodolalisa15[at]yahoo.com

#37 comment by nicole marx October 23, 2014

Love love love this costume ! I'm making my son a scarwcrow this year but also having a hard time making the hat . If you have any tips can you please email them to me?

#38 comment by Melissa Fiers October 23, 2014

I have all the items to make this costume for my son this year. Halloween is next week, and I wasn't able to work out making the hat with my aunt. Please help! Can you send me the information on how you made the hat? It is darling! I really don't want just a stupid straw hat! If you would, please email me how to make the hat. I would be very grateful!

#39 comment by Ann October 23, 2014

Hey ladies,
I found a helpful link, although it isn't for this particular hat, it may at least give you some ideas.

#40 comment by Melissa Fiers October 25, 2014

My email address is oceanbrez2001[at]yahoo.com

#41 comment by Lisa October 26, 2014

Thank you Ann for posting the scarecrow hat link! It was very helpful in completing my little cute scarecrow's costume!

#42 comment by Krystal October 27, 2014

Was anybody lucky enough to get instructions on this adorable hat??? Ive been trying for days and can't get it right. I'm about to hot glue it to a birthday hat!! Lol any help with this would be so awesome. Krystal.webb[at]att.net

#43 comment by Dianne Wilhelm October 28, 2014

I need help with hat also, please

#44 comment by Jenifer October 30, 2014

Interested on how you made the hat as well.


#45 comment by Susan November 15, 2014

How awesome is this and so creative!

#46 comment by kara August 31, 2015

Hi megan! Idk if you still check this, but I'd also love instructions on how to make this hat! My email is karaslats[at]yahoo.com. Thank you so much!

#47 comment by tracy September 12, 2015

Hi. Do you still have this available for purchase?? I love it!!!

#48 comment by Jessica Lynn September 16, 2015

Can i please buy this costume from you?

#49 comment by melissa September 21, 2015

This is so cute! Could you please email me the instructions on how you made the hat? Thanks my email is melsteiger86[at]gmail.com

#50 comment by Crystal Moody September 21, 2015

I'd love more information from you on how to create this costume as a whole. Please email me at Conner13cody08[at]aol.com I'd really like to impress myself as well as my family. I'd like to be proud of myself and have my family be proud of me as well, with compliments to you for the idea as well as the directions!! Please!!

#51 comment by kwavra@hotmail.com September 26, 2015

Love this costume!! It would be perfect for my almost 2 year old Hallowen costume bday party. Can you email me where you got this? So adorable!!!

#52 comment by Vanessa October 4, 2015

Love your costume and your little guy is just adorable! Would you send me info on how you made the hat

#53 comment by kelsey October 5, 2015

Hello there your little guy is just adorable I would like my son to be a scarecrow this year and all of it looks pretty simple except the hat could you email me instructions on how you made the hat please and thank you! Kelseykaleb09[at]gmail.com

#54 comment by Jenessa October 12, 2015

Could you please send me instructions on making the hat? My email is jenessatatro[at]yahoo.com

#55 comment by Roberta October 13, 2015

how do you make the hat please email me at Sommer1144[at]gmail.com ......thank you very much appreciated

#56 comment by sierra October 13, 2015

Love, love, love it! Could you explain how you made the hat? It is adorable!

#57 comment by Brenda October 13, 2015

This is the cutest costume.if my kids were smaller I would make him be one.

#58 comment by Misty October 16, 2015

Love this! I am making it for my son ghost Halloween please give me tips on the hat!!! Thank you! Butterfly23_03[at]yahoo.com.

#59 comment by marlene mason October 18, 2015

Love this but I also need help with the hat. making it for great grandson

#60 comment by christal October 19, 2015

can u please email how u made this

#61 comment by Shirley October 19, 2015

It seems like everyone is asking how you made the hat. Do you have any info you could email ? I think it is awesome !!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!

#62 comment by cindy October 19, 2015

Simply adorable but I'm having trouble with the hat, can you send me info on how you made the hat pls?? cookie_1428[at]yahoo.com

#63 comment by LuAnn October 20, 2015

Please send details on hownyou made the hat. Woukd like to make this for my 15 month old grandson. Thank you

#64 comment by Eri October 21, 2015

Adorable! Could you forward me same hat & outfit details please!! Ewheeler33[at]gmail

#65 comment by Cheryl October 22, 2015

This is adorable! Instructions on how you mad the hat please?!

#66 comment by Tiffanie October 24, 2015

So adorable! I love homemade costumes! I'm making my son a scarecrow costume for Halloween this year. Will you share the instructions on how you made the hat? My email is tiffaniebuckner[at]yahoo.com
Thank you!

#67 comment by Jenn October 25, 2015

We are doing a scarecrow this year too. I love this costume it's what made my mind up. I also need help with the hat if you could send instructions that'd be much appreciated! JBAKER111004[at]YAHOO.COM

#68 comment by Anna October 25, 2015

This is an absolutely adorable Scarecrow costume! Megan can you please e-mail me on how exactly you made the hat? bluiz78[at] sbcglobal.net Thank You so very much!

#69 comment by brooke October 26, 2015

Idk if you read these but I'm in love with the hat. I've looked for something with better instructions that looked similar but so far nothing compares. Please email me if you can/will thank you.

#70 comment by lindaledford14@ yahoo.com October 26, 2015

Could you email on how to make this hat love it

#71 comment by Ashley October 26, 2015

I am also hoping for tips on making the hat. Thank you!

#72 comment by Nicole October 28, 2015

I would love to know how you made the hat! This is the cutest. I just made it for my 9 month old. now to tackle the hat!! :)

#73 comment by Lyndi Davenport October 29, 2015

Love love this!!! Can you share how you made the hat? All mine look cruddy. Email is ldavenport[at]ginorthwest.org

#74 comment by Aaron Marinacci August 21, 2016

Please let me know how you made the hat, I am in desperate need of it by tomorrow afternoon for a fair contest.

#75 comment by Amanda August 27, 2016

Can you you email how you made the hat please my Emil is mmjackson2004[at]yahoo.com

#76 comment by Terea Stone October 2, 2016

Could you please email me how you made this darling costume? Thank yo so much!

#77 comment by Kelci October 7, 2016

Hi Meghan! I saw you mentioned selling this costume. Are you still willing to do that? It's really adorable!

Thank you!

#78 comment by Lindsey October 8, 2016

Could u email me how you made the hat. Thanks :)

#79 comment by Misty October 8, 2016

Your scarecrow costume is the cutest..would love to make this for my son this year...would appreciate of you could share your instructions for tj a hat. Thank you

#80 comment by heather October 16, 2016

Hey posters, I fell in love with this cutie as well. I did see she does sell her custom Scarecrow costumes I think Pinterest said this one was sold but they range from $55-$80, but I'm disappointed reading everyone's post asking for help with the hat!! And nobody got any replies from the creator. I came here hoping she had it posted to cuz I love the hat also!! But I had to go it my own luck! Lol When I decided to make my son a Scarecrow for Halloween this year, I also made his costume from scratch, including his hat from Burlap. I bought a yard of burlap and had no idea what to start with. So I used my seamstress measuring tape and measured his head. And I added 4 inches to this. Total. Then I laid my burlap out and I took a piece of chalk and I drew a straight line at the bottom the entire length of what my measurement was. From there I had to decide how tall I wanted his hat. So I went up about 5 inches and drew a line almost as long as my bottom line from there I connected those two lines at an angle _ / -\ , these symbols should give u an idea of what I mean by that if your following me, first symbol is bottom line,left side top and the right side. This is what your chalk line should be on your burlap. This is also what you will want to cut out in your burlap, and cut out of a spare fabric to line the inside of your hat for comfort.I turned mine inside out before this next step, The next step you will do is hot glue your seams, I tried this on my son ,several times before actually gluing it, and I'm glad I did, I also made his hat taller than you may chose, by the 5 inches,as I mentioned earlier. If you chose to do the same measurement, I found it easier to go ahead and rubber band the top of your hat before glueing it, and leaving it turned inside out. If you wait to rubber band until after glueing it, then this is the step for you, at the top of your burlap your going to tuck in your exces, determining the height you want for your hat, you can also play around with the shape at this time. Once you get it where you like by pushing the excess burlap inside the top of the hat, your going to gather & wrap a rubber band around it. From there you can cut out a piece of burlap to make a band to be glued to the outside to make a brim if you like, if you chose to do this you can cover the glue line with ribbon of sorts. I chose to glue Autumn leaves,button & a sunflower to my son's for an adorable Scarecrow hat. But if anyone has any questions about these directions, I'm sorry they are just tossed up here. Feel free to hit me up! Hhipskind[at]gmail.com

#81 comment by Emily October 30, 2016

Just finished my daughters verision of it. The hat wasn't as hard as I imagined it be. I used burlap and a twine string. I used a hat of hers to draw a circle onto the burlap and made the rim 3 inches around which could have been bigger but I didn't know how much burlap I needed for the rest. For the top part I made a cylinder and sewed it together, make sure the circle for the head is a little bigger because it will be a little smaller after sewing together. The top of the cylinder just bunched up and tied it with twine. Just have to see on the patches to the hat and I'm done!!

#82 comment by Cheyenne Reynolds November 20, 2016

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love instantly. I already had the overalls, shirt, and boots. I went to Michaels and the Dollar Store for the rest of the materials/accessories needed came home and finished the costume that same day. On Halloween I captured a similar picture and I'd say I nailed it. Looks almost exactly like your son in this picture the cutest thing ever!. Got tons of compliments! I'd love to share it with you. Chyreynolds[at]gmail.com

#83 comment by Judy Whetsell October 3, 2017

How do I order them scarecrow costume?

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