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Doo Wop Ferret Costume
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Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses Costume
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Nyan Cat Costume
by Abbe

OTHER Pet Costumes

Well... Just as the title says... THIS page is for Costumes for your OTHER Pets... WHATEVER they may be. This could be VERY Amusing. We may HAVE to have a Costume Contest for "Most Original PET in Costume"!
Note, we also have separate pages for Dog Costumes and Cat Costumes.

Guinea pig in costume

Couple of guinea pigs in costumes

I am imagining a Tarantula on Rollerskates. Too Much?

How about a Bunny in High Heals and wearing a Crown? Better?

I DID see a Parrot in a Hippy-like outfit including Hat! It was VERY cool!

Parrots in Costumes

I have found a few links to Online Stores for this Costuming experience... and I shall add to it just as soon as possible. It is one subject that doesn't seem to have many sites/online Stores to work with. To make your OWN Costumes for your creature you can get in touch with the Online Craft Stores listed here... or the online Sewing Needs/ Fabric Stores also.

Whatever you decide... have FUN and hopefully it will be fun for the whole family as well as for your PET....Unusual or not :-)

Mouse in costume Mouseketeer

Here is a very cute mouse :-) Mouseketeer??

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