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This Category has seperate pages(sub-categories) for Cat Costumes, Dog Costumes, and Other Pet Costumes (for example: bird, turtle, fish? hmmm :-) So please check those pages also.

By popular request we're having a PET Halloween Costume Contest (As well as the Halloween Costume Contest for HUMANS). Check it out by clicking the link.

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Cute dog dressed as Wonder WomanWonder Woman Costume

When I was a child of about 9 or 10 (LONG AGO) we lived just down the street from a large Park and Stadium. Once a year at this Park there was much of a BIG to-do when there was held, in the Stadium, what I NOW know as, an AKC Dog Show. My brother and I would walk down to the Park (in those days it was safer for children to walk in the neighborhood, unattended as we were, by an adult) and admire all of the different breeds of dog on their way into the Stadium. Many of the neighborhood children did the same and we all had a GREAT time, but were sadly disappointed when we were turned away at the gates of the Stadium. THIS Event it seemed, was only for people who were lucky enough to own Dogs of "breeding"...AND it was basically, an "adult" affair. Then one year someone in the community must have gotten wind of this sad situation because news was flying around the neighborhood that there was to be a Neighborhood Pet Show and ALL PETS were welcome! The key thing was to DRESS your pet!

Rocket DogRocket Dog Costume

U.S. NavyU.S. Navy Costume

Kings Poseidon and Triton Costume for DogsGods of the Sea: Poseidon and Triton Costumes

Jester Cat CostumeJester Cat Costume

NinjaNinja Costume

Pirate Cat CostumeMuffin the Pirate Costume

Pumpkin Costume for DogsLucky Pumpkin Costume

Tiny Horses CostumesGentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses Costumes

I have to say that out of my childhood memories... Making Pet Costumes for all kinds of little animals was about the most fun I ever had. My brother and I (sometimes with the help of our Mother of course) did everything from putting Nail Polish on our Pet Turtles (which we didn't realize at the time might be HARMFUL to the little creatures... eeeek!) To making a Ballerina Costume for our mutt of a Dog. It was a BLAST! I believe we even won a few Second or Third Place Ribbons... and how PROUD we were too!

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Idea for DogsCaptain Jack Sparrow Costume

Vampire Costume for CatsVampire Cat Costume

Homemade Headless Ghosts CostumesHeadless Ghosts of the 1700s Costumes

Cow CostumeCow Costume

Earth Angel MattieEarth Angel Mattie Costume

Halloween FairyHalloween Fairy Costume

White Horse & Pumpkin CarriageWhite Horse & Pumpkin Carriage Costumes

Trick-or-Treat Dog CostumeTrick-or-Treat Dog Costume

Since those times... WAYYYYY back then Ü... I haven't heard nor seen anything about people Dressing-up their Pets for any Events.

THEN!... When I began putting together this Costume Website, I was talking "Costumes" with a very good friend of mine. One thing he said was that he had seen a dog in a Tuxedo in town. THIS, of course, sparked my memory and my curiosity. I went straight to the INTERNET to see what I could find out. WOW was I ever surprised! Pet Costuming has become something WAY beyond what I would have imagined. The Pet Costumes available these days go from Scary Halloween Pet Costumes to His- and- Hers Pet Bridal Costumes. It seems that the most popular of Pet Costume is for Dogs...and we can probably ALL see the reasons for that (check out our Puppy and Dog Costumes page). Dogs are simply the most "manageable" amongst pets. However, there ARE Cat Costumes and Bird Costumes to be found at the Online Stores SO! No matter what your pet is... HERE is a way to spend some quality time with the animal in your life :-)

Little IndianLittle Indian Costume

Maddy the Kitty CatMaddy the Kitty Cat Costume

Smurfette Dog CostumeSmurfette Costume

Witch Cat CostumeWitch Cat Costume

Dog in a CoffinDog in a Coffin Costume

Gangsta DogGangsta Dog Costume

Cowboy CostumeCat Cowboy Costume

Homemade Hatsune Miku costume for dogHatsune Miku Costume

When I was a youngin' there simply was nobody who manufactured and/or sold Pet Costumes. We made them out of Doll or Baby Clothing... or with a little help from Mom... something newly sewn from the Fabric of one of Dads Old Suits worked creative miracles. Homemade Pet Costumes were a thing of my Childhood... Simple yet just as FUN as could be. Today, depending upon the Event and your personal preferences, you can have a Pet Costume suited for a Dog King or a Parrot Hippie... in whatever degree of realism is your choice.

We would really like to see some pictures of your Costumed Pets. AND! If you've made your own Pet Costume we'd really REALLY like to have a picture AND some instructions as to how you succeeded in such a challenging project. Please send PHOTO in JPG format as an attachment to Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash (-) between "Costume" and "Works" ). Be sure to include the name you wish to be called by Online as well as the name of your Pet or PetS in the photo... and THANK YOU for SHARING!

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Today, EVENTS and Activities for our Dressed Pets goes WAY beyond a contest in the Park for the local Children. There are Pet Costume Parades and Pet Masquerades... There are Pet Halloween Costume Parties, and even Costumed Pet Shows/Contests in Community Parks. Here you will find Links for our favorite Online Events Locator and also links to Websites that list PET EVENTS. A good place to check for Pet Costumed Events might be your Local Animal Shelters OR your Local Chamber of Commerce.