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Peacock Costume
by Lauren
Peacock Costume
by Amber
Peacock Costume
by Amanda

Peacock Costume

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Peacock Costume

I'm a peacock! Feathers up!

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Photo #1 - I'm a peacock! Feathers up! Photo #2 - Feathers Down Photo #3 - With my personal peacock protector Photo #4 - Face close up!
Costume type:  Costumes for Women
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Animal Costumes

This homemade costume for women entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Rebecca, the 'Peacock' costume creator:

I've been dreaming of creating a Peacock costume for the past 3 years and finally decided it was time!!

I used fabric to glue all 150+ peacock feathers onto into a fan shape. I used 2" wood blinds to support the fan, lots of hot glue (I have the scars to prove it!) It is attached by velcro to belt in a way to allow the feathers to go up and down. All attached by clear bra straps and snaps to hold it once it is brought up! Created the nose with cardboard that I painted and glued to my face and painted the rest!

The best part was the getting to surprise people as I lifted up the fan to show off my feathers!

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67 votes
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#1 comment by Rebecca October 30, 2012

If anyone has any questions on how to make it, let me know!!!

#2 comment by Chris Moreschi October 30, 2012

This is the most beautiful peacock costume ever!

#3 comment by JohnJimkoski November 1, 2012

Looks awesome, very cool!

#4 comment by Marissa May 16, 2013

I love this! How did you make the tail? It looks like you can have it up or down correct? I am trying to make a similar thing and want to know how you did this one :)

#5 comment by richelle August 24, 2013

yes I would love to know how you made the tail go up AND down.. I want to make one for my daughter.. please lmk if u can .. thanx

#6 comment by Rebecca August 25, 2013

Sure! I cut out a large semi-circle of fabric, on the back side I glued 3 2"blinds as the support beams, one up from the middle and the other 2 at about a 45 degree angle. On the front is where all the feathers are. Then I attached clear bra straps to the middle beam, cut tiny holes through to the front to weave the straps through, which hung down within arms reach. When I wanted the fan to go up, I'd reach back, pull the straps, which would lift the tail and attach them to the top of my dress. (The straps would be over my shoulders now) I attached using snaps but I'd recommend heavy duty Velcro, for the sake of speed. That was really hard to explain, hopefully it made SOME sense! Any particular questions and hopefully I can be of more help! Or send some pics!

#7 comment by Lita September 6, 2013

Can u send pics of bra straps and snaps?
You did an awesome job, don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel!!
Thanks so much!

#8 comment by Rebecca September 16, 2013

Just provide me with your email and I'll be happy to send pics!

#9 comment by Lita September 16, 2013

Awesome! Can you include puctures and instructions of the velcro belt too?
Thanks again!


#10 comment by JC September 18, 2013

Where did you find the peacock feathers? I have been looking on line, but when I read the reviews, they aren't too consistent re: the quality of the feathers. Thanks for your help!

#11 comment by Rebecca October 22, 2013

I bought all my feathers from ebay! Mostly from China!

#12 comment by Lita October 23, 2013

I got mine from FeatherStore.com
they are located in NYC. Shipping w as super fast and EVERY single feather is beautiful.

#13 comment by Brenda March 2, 2014

Can you please send pictures with instructions on how to do this, this is awesome. Great Job!!!!

#14 comment by Chloe May 6, 2014

hi, would you be willing to make one of these to sell to me?

#15 comment by Ciara June 5, 2014

I know it's been some time since you posted this, but I was hoping you still had those photos and were willing to share your method. That tail is seriously awesome!

Email: ciara_e[at]icloud.com

#16 comment by Rey June 25, 2014

Id love the photos for the straps as well:)

#17 comment by Jen September 11, 2014

Hello. This is awesome! Could you send me pictures of the tail, bra straps and Velcro straps?

#18 comment by Renee September 19, 2014

This is amazing. Would you mind sending me photos as well?

#19 comment by tami September 30, 2014

This costume is great. I was wondering how you did your makeup.
Could you send pics and what you used. Thanks

#20 comment by Molly October 18, 2014

I love this costume but having difficulty making the tail. How wide was your material and how long were the slats. I'm having trouble getting the hight.

#21 comment by Leticia November 15, 2014

Is it for sale?

#22 comment by Marie September 7, 2015

I too have been dreaming about making this costume for years. Would you mind emailing me all the details on how to make and pictures? The one set of instructions I found online to make something comparable (but using different materials) sounded way too complicated for me... yours sounds manageable and looks amazing! Thank you!!! dncepashun[at]yahoo.com

#23 comment by Shawna September 24, 2015

Hi..can you please send the instructions as well, I am dying to make this.

#24 comment by gby October 13, 2015

Great costume! Would you mind sending instructions & pics of the bra straps, holes, and weaving through the middle beam? I love how the tail can be put it up & down! Thanks so much.

#25 comment by Kylee October 22, 2015

HI I am wondering where you got the feathers from if you could just email me that would be lovely! Thanks for your help!

#26 comment by Gloria Geiser January 20, 2016

I have been thinking along the same lines. Awake all night thinking about how to do this for Mardi Gras costume. Can you email any pictures or plans. I would be so grateful. Hopefully, you can get my email as I had to include it to post this.

#27 comment by Eliana January 10, 2017

Did anyone try it out?
Please can you explain to me how to create this great costume for me and my family?
Please contact me...

Thank you,

#28 comment by DALIA TAMEZ August 26, 2017

Hello, Could you please send the instructions, pictures, belt, and how the clear straps were set to my email.

It's amazing. Thank you.

#29 comment by Shawnee August 27, 2017

Could you please send some pictures? If you have any of the process that would be awesome. This is the best peacock costume I have seen!!

#30 comment by Sherrie Jones July 16, 2018

Hey there! I too Found this post and am crazy about your costume! Could you please email me ANY pics info and etc that you have??? I'm in desperate need of help w my daughters costume!
Thank you!

#31 comment by Julie Jeffrey October 13, 2018

Hi Rebecca,
I know you made this AMAZING costume in 2012, but if you still have instructions and additional pictures, I would appreciate it if you could email them to me.
Thank you so much!!

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