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Paw Patrol Marshall Costume
by Karen
Paw Patrol Chase Costume
by Karen
Fire Pup Costume
by Melonie

Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

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Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

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This homemade costume for boys entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Jill, the 'Paw Patrol Marshall' costume creator:

My 4 year old loves the new Nick Jr. show Paw Patrol and decided he wanted to be Marshall for Halloween. I looked at his picture and created the character with white sweats, felt, craft foam and a few other accessories. I used pipe insulation from the plumbing section at Home Depot to create the water hose that Marshall has on his back . I added some face paint to jazz it up along with fireman rain boots! He got a ton of compliments and a lot of little kids thought his costume was the best! He was thrilled to look just like his favorite character!

Rating: 4.2 of 5. Votes: 68

68 votes
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#1 comment by Lisa November 30, 2013

This costume is awesome my little boy saw it and asked for one just like it. I am not that talented though!

#2 comment by Koko December 12, 2013

amazing, my son is fan to paw patrol, and it's a good idea, we are from mexico !!

#3 comment by Baba December 23, 2013

Great idea love it

#4 comment by RAF February 18, 2014

Very good is fantastic for My son
I can pay

#5 comment by Dottie April 12, 2014

My grand daughter loves Marshall I would love to get her this for her 5th birthday at the end of April

#6 comment by lauren July 31, 2014

is there anyway to get one of these made for my daughter size 3t

#7 comment by Debbie August 5, 2014

Amazing !!! My son wants to be Chase .. I guess I am busting out my sewing machine

#8 comment by dawn August 24, 2014

How did u do the helmet?

#9 comment by Nicole De Van August 25, 2014

Such a cute costume.. We've found a winner for my son this year. thank you for posting it. Is that just a fleece vest over a white sweatshirt? How did you make the jacket!?

#10 comment by Manda August 25, 2014

Are you interested in selling this costume? If you live in Traverse City, I do not live far and could come purchase it.

#11 comment by Jill T. August 26, 2014

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my Marshall costume! Yes Manda, I am in TC but sorry, the costume is not for sale. My son has worn it numerous times since halloween and since it's white and he's a little boy, it's not so white anymore. It was kind of make-shift anyway, I can't say I could possibly take money for it! Super easy to make. Wal-mart sweats with black felt hot glued on for his spots, old red vest with felt collar. Play fireman helmet with felt hot glued on and a little flashlight attached. An old backpack with spray painted water bottles glued onto the sides and covered in red felt. Good Luck! Post your pictures if you make a Marshall costume, I'd love to see how they turn out! I think his face paint really made the whole costume! Snazaroo brand is the best (found at Michaels) b/c it's super light and they can't feel it on their face!

#12 comment by Megan August 26, 2014

This is great. How did you do the ears?

#13 comment by rosmarie m September 8, 2014

you should try making it again try selling to all costume stores because it really awesome

#14 comment by Manda September 8, 2014

I made one for my son for Halloween this year, and he absolutely loves it! Thank you so much for posting this picture, great idea.

#15 comment by Jill T September 8, 2014

The ears are made out of craft foam. I just drew the shape and cut it out. Then, I put a slit at the top and overlapped the foam that way it puckers out so it wasn't just laying flat. :)

#16 comment by audra September 17, 2014

Found dog ears headband at the dollar tree, we live in Texas so it can be hot.... Used a Ls white shirt from michaels 6.99 black felt..80 we were having trouble finding a red vest or pull over for a good price but ended up using the fireman's vest from the fireman's Halloween costume just went to the nickjr website printed some stuff from the birthday collection on pic paper and covered over the fake fire dept name. Bought a paw patrol backpack at toys r us for 15.00

#17 comment by rosemarie m September 17, 2014

what did you use under the fire hat? looks like a white plain hat. how did you do the ears

#18 comment by Jill T September 18, 2014

Yes, just a plain, white winter hat from Walmart is under the fire hat. I put industrial strength velcro on the top and sides of both hats so the helmet would stay on. Ears are made out of craft foam, I mention how I made them a few comments up.

#19 comment by cristina September 19, 2014

Ohhhh my this costume is awesome I need to make this but not talented at all :( How did you make the vest?? Did you have to sew it??? Please help .. I have been showing different costume to him so I just buy it but he doesn't like any he already set his mind for this costume..

#20 comment by Levi's Mommy September 20, 2014

I'm having trouble with figuring out how to do the vest as well. Like Christina (the comment above), I also do not sew. This would be the deal breaker for me, if I can't figure it out.

#21 comment by Manda September 20, 2014

Buy a red fleece zip up vest!

#22 comment by Levi's Mommy September 21, 2014

Miranda, I've thought the exact same thing. I can't find
one anywhere. I've even thought about a red puffer vest. No such luck.

#23 comment by Jill t September 21, 2014

The vest is just a regular fleece vest. It was actually mine and I just took it in and hemmed it to make it fit him. If you can't find a vest, just buy red sweatshirt and cut off the arms. It's a homemade costume, it doesn't need to be perfect! This costume was nowhere near perfect but when I put it all together it looked great.

#24 comment by Marisa September 28, 2014

I am so tempted to try making this costume versus buying the one online which may or may not be in in time for Halloween. I'm afraid it will look too cheap for the $30 plus shipping I will pay. But will the DIY costume end up costing me a small fortune? Hmmmm... Decisions, decisions. But I love DIY costumes though!

#25 comment by Levi's Mommy September 28, 2014

My son needs a 2T sweatshirt and 18m sweat pants (red and white). I can't find them ANYWHERE. Has anyone seen any?

#26 comment by Autumn October 1, 2014

Can someone tell me where to find WHITE sweatpants and sweatshirts?!

I am willing to buy them big then shrink them if I have to. My son wears a 3-4T.

#27 comment by Jill t October 1, 2014

I haven't noticed any white sweats this year. Last year, I bought the sweatshirt from walmart but couldn't find white sweatpants so bought white little girl skinny jeans and that's what he has on in the picture. He was ok with it bc his rain boots covered the tapered bottom of the pants. Perhaps order them online? Good luck.

#28 comment by ChristinaTX October 2, 2014

This is AMAZING!!! I ordered a Marshall costume, but every website says delivery of Nov. 4... like that helps!

I'm going to attempt to make this. What about the fire collar tag? And the paw on the helmet? Did you make those?

#29 comment by Jill t October 2, 2014

Yes, I made the collar out of felt and the tag out of craft foam. The one on the helmet is made out of felt, also. :). Hot glue does wonders!

#30 comment by Levi's Mommy October 2, 2014

I've searched and searched online for white sweatpants and a red sweatshirt or red vest. Absolutely nothing.

Size 2T shirt and 18month pants.

What to do! Time is running out!! Ahhhh. I'm getting nervous!

#31 comment by Autumn October 3, 2014


I just ordered the sweats. Now I am searching for the vest!

#32 comment by Levi's Mommy October 3, 2014

Keep us posted where you find the "vest."

#33 comment by Stacey h. October 5, 2014

I'm copying too! Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to try my best!!!!

#34 comment by Stacey October 6, 2014

how is the pipe insulation attached/connected to the backpack?

#35 comment by Jenny October 6, 2014

Thanks for the posts! For all the moms trying to make this costume, target has cow footed pj's that work great! (girls dept) I couldn't find white sweatpants but this looks great! i am cutting off the feet and the pink trim. I am not using a vest. Just a red shirt. My 4year old is Happy!! Good luck!!

#36 comment by Cristina October 24, 2014

How did you make the hose the one are on his back pack we are looking for those black pipes no where to find them and how did you make it still inside the backpack with out falling on sides.. we have everything but still working on the backpack :(

#37 comment by rebecca October 28, 2014

You can tape whatever you use to the inside of back pack to prevent falling side to side. also my son's back pack has a zipper on each side so you can just zip it shut on each side

#38 comment by Jill T October 28, 2014

He didn't wind up keeping the hose part on for the majority of the time he trick-or-treating bc it was flopping around and annoying him. It was just pipe insulation that we cut and glued together. We had it taped and zippered into the backpack. The tape wound up coming undone so then I used industrial strength sticky velcro to keep it in place but still be able to remove it. Post your pictures, I'd love to see how you all recreated Marshall! :)

#39 comment by Paulina November 15, 2014

Is it for sale?

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