2020 Halloween Costume Contest
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Parties, Galas and Balls

This Section will be in three Sub-Categories in an effort to make it easier to find exactly what you need to make your EVENT a success.
I hope to fill these three sections with Ideas from everyone and anyone who is willing to participate by way of sharing ..or maybe better put "trading" their secret Entertainment Ideas, Plans, and Recipes. These Ideas, Plans, and Recipes to include... but not limited to Ü:

  1. Decorations; for any and all Holidays or Occasions.
  2. Recipes; To Suit certain Holidays or Occasions or just something special.
  3. Entertainment and/or Games; Some for Adults and some Children Oriented.

With the above Ideas, Plans, or Recipes that you send in I will need: A description, directions (if needed to make), and a PICTURE if at all possible.

Costumed Party ideas

Please send to: Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash (-) after the word "Costume" :-). Type in simple English for ALL to understand and please send Photos in jpg format and as Attachments.

I will begin by posting some of my Ideas and Recipes, etc. ..and I will post Incoming Content from YOU as soon as possible from the time it comes in. (hopefully in just a few days)
It may take a little while for this section to be as full of fun and information as I'd like it to be ..but I have faith that some of you out there are as anxious to share as I am, and others are, to see what you have for us!

Thank you in advance for your INPUT!

Star Wars Characters CostumeStar Wars

The Flintstone Family CostumeThe Flintstones

Where the Wild Things Are Family CostumeWhere the Wild Things Are

Grocery Bag Halloween CostumeGroceries

Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin CostumesSuperheros

Angel and DevilAngel & Devil

Carl Fredricksen & House CostumeCarl Fredricksen & House

Jack Skellington CostumeJack Skellington

One thing is for certain... PARTY SUPPLIES will be needed!

It has come to mind that sometimes... we just want to have a party, or sometimes we want to have a Birthday Party... but not just a PLAIN OLE Birthday Party.  Here's where we come to a thing called "Theme Parties"...and guess what? I have some Ideas for you below:

It's time for a Theme Party!
Throwing a party with a unique theme lets your guests use their creativity! Not to mention how fun it is to see what others have come up with. For a thriller time, check out Party Themes below:
Adult Themes Kid's Themes
  • Clownin' Around
  • Couples ONLY
  • Welcome to the Fairre
  • Girls Night Out
  • Superheroes Unite
  • Make Me Laugh
  • Teens ONLY
  • When in Rome...
  • Big in Texas
  • Pirate's Cove
  • The Magic Kingdom
  • Superheroes Unite
  • Harry Potter
  • No Girls allowed
  • Sugar and Spice...
  • Teens ONLY
  • Welcome to Oz
  • When I grow up...