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Native American Costumes

This is an enjoyable section for me to do. Having Native American blood run through my veins, even as little as it is, makes me proud that I have an ancestor that was one of the "original Americans". I must admit that I've come a long way since I was a child playing "Cowboys and Indians" with my brother. "A Headband and a Feather No Longer an Indian Make." and you may quote me on that.

Boy in Native Amarican costume

I hope to provide everyone wishing to dress the part of Native Americans with a link to accurate and fun attire. I only hope that if you are NOT a Native American and you are dressing-up as one... that it is out of respect for the Nations and hopefully for a good purpose. Having said that I will move along.

We know that there are MANY different Tribes and/or Clans and thus, there are as many different styles of Native American Costume or Dress. I will direct you to places of Information and Online Stores so you may seek out just the outfitting you need or desire. Be you Native American or simply a person wishing to have a Native American experience, (if you have been made welcome to join in at a PowWow for instance), check out some of the beautiful leather and beadwork you might wear to take that step back in time. Children also! At the Online Stores I have seen everything from Boys Buckskin Leggings, to a Toddlers LITTLE Leather Moccasins. There are Beaded Shawls and Deerskin Wedding Dresses. Ceremonial and Traditional Native American Costumes for the whole family. I just happened upon a very cool little family owned store that hand makes all of their things They have clothing and accessories here... all of the work is done with pride as can be seen in the craftmanship. It's called Deer Sky Indian Crafts.

Native Amarican costume

Here is a link to one of the Online Stores that I was able to locate. It seems that most of the "stores" do not accept affiliates so I am unable to show you any of their products... HOWEVER! I CAN show you the way to GET there to look for yourselves. I will add to this as I come across more Native American Clothing sites. The Crazy Crow Trading Post has Daily Native Dress and also "Dance" Dress. They have crafting materials also. I found it a rare and interesting store to wander around in.

For those who, for whatever reason, would rather make their own Homemade Native American Costume, there are some wonderful online sites to assist you in doing just that. American Indian Clothing and Regalia is the place to visit for a very learning experience. It is an AWESOME site. It will refer you to some of the finest online Native American Clothing Shops also. THIS could be a GREAT craft/sewing Project don't you think?
One thing is for sure though, if you plan on creating your OWN Native American Costume... my advice is that you give yourself plenty of time in advance of any Event or Activity you wish to attend.

If you neither wish to purchase a "true" Native American Costume, nor make your own, and you have an affair to attend which requires you to dress similar to a Native American, check the Online Costume Stores for an Indian Costume, and possibly a Wig, of your choice. Some Costume are actually very "authentic" looking. One might try Diddams Online Store, for a Native American "costume".

Native Amarican child

Along with the Native American Costumes there are lots and lots of Accessories. There is everything from Traditional Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, to SeedBeaded Collars and Moccasins... Then there's a Chiefs Feather Headdresses and maybe even face paint. For PowWows and other Native Dance Celebrations there are Dance Fans and Bells…Musical Instruments such as Rawhide Drums and Wooden Flutes. The list goes on for MILES. As time goes on... I shall attempt to provide the links for you to find ALL of these things and much MUCH more so that you can enjoy your time in Native American Dress of your choice, and make it a time that you will never forget.

Native Amarican head dress

Above I have mentioned PowWows several times. It is the MAIN type of gathering for Native American Persons, Families, Clans. It is usually centered around Native American Music and Dance in a very festive atmosphere. There is good visiting and celebration amongst tribes and clans…Lots of traditional food and games... there are often Hand-made Native American Crafts, Clothing, and Accessories to be purchased. The Gathering of Nations provides GREAT info on Pow Wow and other Native American Events. There is also an Events Locator on the EVENTS Page of this Historical Section. And don;t forget... You don't want to take a step back in time unless you are wearing the proper attire. It's just not the same.