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Mr. Peanut Costume
by Dawn
Mr. Peanut Costume
by Erica
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by Stephen

DIY Mr. Peanut Costume

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DIY Mr. Peanut Costume

DIY Mr. Peanut Costume

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Costume type:  Costumes for Babies
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Amelia, the 'Mr. Peanut' costume creator:

To live up to her nickname “peanut”, my niece is sporting the 100% homemade Planter’s Mr. Peanut costume! After much trial and error, Mr. Peanut was created with materials that were around the house. I can’t give away the secret of the perfect materials for the body suit simply because it is so original. All I can say is it took about 9 hours to construct this little costume! That was Nuts!” :)

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148 votes
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#1 comment by Jennifer October 19, 2017

Love it!

#2 comment by April White October 19, 2017

So cute!!! Awesome job

#3 comment by Leigh October 19, 2017

So cute and totally original! Good job guys!!!

#4 comment by Jackie Ballard October 19, 2017

The cutest ever.! Love it. Very creative!

#5 comment by Sarah October 19, 2017

Love it! She is adorable!

#6 comment by Alpsr...Peanut Lover October 19, 2017

Great costume....Planters Co. should use this child and costume for advertising to a new generaion! Good job... she is cute as a button as theold folks say. Wake up Planters Peanut Co.

#7 comment by Tasha October 19, 2017

Wow unique

#8 comment by William Sanguinetti October 19, 2017

The best ever, there is no stopping you guys

#9 comment by Gail October 19, 2017

Awesome!!! Looks really great, Little peanut so cute.

#10 comment by Lynn Kaegy@gmail.com October 19, 2017

Great costume, so cute!!!

#11 comment by Lynda October 19, 2017

I give this a 100% awesome.

#12 comment by Melissa October 23, 2017

Best costume I have seen very creative

#13 comment by Ashli January 29, 2018

That is the cutest outfit!

#14 comment by Angie February 8, 2018

This is very original! Loved your usage of the foam, I have a ton of that foam... who would've thought? Great costume!

#15 comment by oneida February 21, 2018

what kind of foam was where to buy

#16 comment by Lisa March 18, 2018

Love this costume! "Peanut" is adorable in it!

#17 comment by Natish May 20, 2018

Secret material = egg crate

#18 comment by Yvonne June 24, 2018

OMG!! Soooo cute!!!

#19 comment by edith gamboa July 16, 2018

can i have the idea on how she was able to do this...my son need a costume for his nutrition day. a step on how to make this will surely help me a lot..


#20 comment by Eliana July 30, 2018

This costume is great! May I please ask how this kind of foam is called? Do you think, I can find it in Italy? Thank you.

#21 comment by Rebecca newsman August 3, 2018

Love that you used the egg carton foam mattress topper for her suit

#22 comment by Ashley August 22, 2018

Adorable, how did you keep the form of the foam? And what did you sew it with

#23 comment by Mary Ann Cohen September 4, 2018

Showed this costume to my daughter for her 15 month old son.....she went crazy. She said that her little peanut had to be that for Halloween. I have made a lot of costumes in my years but usually with patterns. My question is how did the child get in it? Did you have snaps or Velcro in the crotch area?

#24 comment by Mayra September 6, 2018

Love this!! So original!!!

#25 comment by Amelia's Aunt September 6, 2018

I just want to comment that MY SISTER and I are the ORIGINAL CREATORS of this costume and I am the one who posted it! We want to thank everyone who left all of the positive comments on this, we really appreciate it! On the other hand, we wish to comment that we do NOT appreciate all those who claim to know what the material is and how we made it. And those who take it upon themselves to explain the creation process. That is NOT your information to give, NOR do you have the facts. We worked extremely hard on this and if we wished to share the information we would have already. And those who take this picture and post it on other websites as their own...that is uncalled for! We want it to be known, we are aware of this! For everyone else who loves this little peanut...Thank you again! We love the support of those who truly appreciate hard work and creativity!

#26 comment by Mary A Cohen September 6, 2018

Sorry you are so offended that people might want to replicate
your “original costume”. I guess you never heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Your costume was precious but there are hundreds of precious costumes for toddlers. Your comments were inappropriate and unnecessary.

#27 comment by Amelia's Aunt September 7, 2018

No ma'am, I am not offended that someone would want to replicate this costume. It actually makes me proud that the costume went over so well. My sister and I are offended that my niece's picture was stolen from this site and posted on others' with an explanation of materials used and what the process was. That is what is inappropriate and unnecessary. I had no other way to defend our project than to post a comment here where the picture was originally uploaded.

#28 comment by Evelyn September 10, 2018

So why not just share the instructions for making this?

#29 comment by Donna September 15, 2018

Hi I am dying to make my baby this would you please explain how you made it it's the cutest costume ever

#30 comment by Kelly. September 19, 2018

Stealing pictures is NOT okay, especially when sharing of a child... but I also think the rude comments to those asking or guessing the materials used to make your "original costume" are also NOT okay. Don't post it on a COSTUME website, where people are coming on to learn different and creative ways of doing things and not expect questions.

#31 comment by Anne September 23, 2018

Love that the face is uncovered. So much safer that way

#32 comment by Michelle October 3, 2018

such a cute Mr. Peanut

#33 comment by Swp October 12, 2018

Cutting out a peanut shape from an egg crate and sewing it together is not very hard to guess at how to do. I am going to say tje bottom was open (like a mini skirt lol.) I am making one this year for my 2 year old and I will not not have a second thought about posting instructions on how to do it. Stay tuned...

#34 comment by Kathleen M Hale October 12, 2018

First its an awesome costume. I understand it was made with egg crate foam. How did you get the shape of the peanut? Is it snaped sewn? We have a halloween party at oncology camp and Id love to make it. Just wondering how the shape was made.

#35 comment by Marie Smith October 14, 2018

Has anyone made this costume yet willing to share info? I am working on making one for my son. I know the “original" people aren't willing to share. I was thinking maybe using some wire to help shape?

#36 comment by Julie October 23, 2018

Working on this costume now for my son. Just trying to get the perfect shape. I keep searching for information that would help

#37 comment by Peanut's Grandma October 24, 2018

I'm going to try it too for my 5 month old grandson. We call him our little peanut. He is a twin and was the smaller one, so that's what we've always called the little guy. If I can figure it out and make it look decent, I will definitely share.

#38 comment by Deena October 24, 2018

Did anybody get it to work? I'm trying and I've literally sewed, hot glued, ribboned and now safety pining. It's too cumbersome unless I'm missing a trick.

#39 comment by Amy October 25, 2018

What secret? The suit is made out of a foam egg crate commonly used as a mattress topper. You can glue it together using foam lock adhesive. Pretty easy to do.

#40 comment by Lindsay October 25, 2018

Has anyone tried sewing it into the outfit?

#41 comment by Eliana October 25, 2018

Hello to everyone.
Where to you buy foam egg crate? Do you have any idea where I could find it in Italy?

#42 comment by Julie bastian October 26, 2018

My mom made one for my son this year. It came out so good! And everyone compliments it!! He's only 4. Idk if there's a way to post a pic of it

#43 comment by Lindsay October 26, 2018

Hi Julie, do you know how she got the shape to work?

#44 comment by Cordelia Garcia October 28, 2018

Julie. Can you please help me with some direction on making this costume?

#45 comment by AJ November 1, 2018

I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it ended up being a success yesterday...I used Minky fabric in a butter yellow instead of the egg crate. It was so soft to touch and then I stuffed the top with batting (what I had on hand). Definitely recommend as an alternative to egg crate foam if you have a sewing machine.

#46 comment by Eliana January 29, 2019

Can I please ask you if you you cut out the front and the back sides and sewed them together on the sides or if you just sewed them together in the back?
I would like to create this costume for my 4 children for Carnival here in Italy and I would really appreciate and be so thankful if you could answer me this question!

#47 comment by Eliana February 4, 2019

AMELIA, can you please contact me in private at my email?
I would really really appreciate it!
Thank you so much?
Eliana (from Italy)

#48 comment by Susan August 19, 2019

Please share how to make this costume

#49 comment by Lisa August 30, 2019

If ANYONE has figured out how to make this I WOULD love to make them for my 3 toddler boys this Halloween. I need a tutorial and I would even pay you

#50 comment by Amanda Thompson September 25, 2019

Did anyone successfully make this costume?
If yes, can you please email me the directions. Thank you!

#51 comment by Gerry October 20, 2019

My daughter just had a baby a wants me to make the infant mr peanut costume. Can you share step by step directions please

#52 comment by Amber October 28, 2019

Any luck on the instructions/directions?

#53 comment by Laura July 25, 2020


#54 comment by Deb Switzer August 3, 2020

I would love the directions if anyone has finally come up with them and is willing to share. We are a DIY Halloween Costume family and would love to add this to our collection. Thank you in advance. A Grammy

#55 comment by Shelly August 13, 2020

This is a darling ideal! I'm not understanding why the original picture that was posted directions were not made available? It's so silly to want to be a hoarder of how to make a costume!

#56 comment by Cheryl. Campbell September 20, 2020

Just love this costume. Would you be willing to sell me the instructions? Thank you for your time.

#57 comment by Putsy September 21, 2020

I would love to figure out how to make this costume for my grandson this year, as well. If anyone is willing to share it would be so appreciated. It is not like we are from a huge town and it would be replicated other than myself.

#58 comment by Kay October 11, 2020

This Mr. Peanut costume is adorable!
I,like all the others, would love the instructions to make one for my grandson.
Please consider sharing...
Thanks so much!

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