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Movie Characters and Celebrities

Movie Character Costumes are usually the most popular of all. Why shouldn't they be? With the talented persons the movie industry has working behind the camera these days the Character Costumes and make-up that's done is astounding. It makes us ALL want to be what we see up there on the screen.

SCARY Movies are popular these days, and if you are dressing for Halloween, when FRIGHTENING is one of the keywords, well then a LEATHERFACE Costume may be just what you are looking for!

Chainsaw Massacre Movie CostumesChainsaw Massacre Costume

Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger Costume

Children of the NightChildren of the Night Costume

Homemade Predator CostumePredator Costume

Demon possessed girl from The Exorcist movieRegan - Demon Possessed Girl Costume

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally CostumeSally - Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Silent Hill Nurse CostumeSilent Hill Nurse Costume

The Executioner of Resident Evil AfterlifeThe Executioner Costume

Whether our taste if for Fantasy or Reality there IS a Movie Character Costume for you. For instance, You might want to be "Dorothy" out of the "Wizard of OZ", or, maybe you'd rather be "Mad Hatter" in the Movie "Alice in Wonderland". Let's see what we can find for the MOVIE FAN in us all. How ABOUT some Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz Family CostumeThe Wizard of Oz Characters Costumes

Wicked Witch Halloween costumeWicked Witch of the East Costume

Alice in Wonderland Family CostumeAlice in Wonderland Costume

The Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costume

There ARE MANY movie Characters that aren't exactly "human" just as the Flying Monkeys, Witches, and Munchkins in the Wizard Of Oz. On the other hand... There are the more "human"... but NOT QUITE REAL Characters like Peter Pan...or Edward Scissorhands. Of course then there is Tinkerbell... but she's a fairy. <shhhhhhhh>

Flying MonkeyFlying Monkey and Toto Costumes

Wicked Witch of the West CostumeWicked Witch of the West Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow CostumeCapt Jack Sparrow Costume

Edward Scissorhands CostumeEdward Scissorhands Costumes

If He, She, or It is in a Movie, there is PROBABLY a Costume for it. If there IS.. then you will find it through these pages or please let me know. I will THEN get it for you or find out why I cannot.
Try Harry Potter below... It seems that as the boy grows so do the Characters, Costumes and Accessories that we can choose from.

Harry Potter Character Costumes

Homemade Celebrity Costumes

I think there have been times for all of us when we wondered what it would be like to be a Celebrity. Most of us, I'm afraid, will never really know what it's like to be Famous. HOWEVER! One can pretend to be "Elvis" as in his Jailhouse Rock Costume... or if you'd like to be "Dolly Parton", just be sure and wear big enough... hair. Here, below, are a few FULL Celebrity Costumes that you can find in our Homemade Costumes Photo Gallery. My thought on Celebrity Costumes would be to put it together yourself, since everyone has BASICALLY the same human body parts and accessories.. we just need to match the OTHER accessories (the ones we are not BORNE with) to the ones fitting a certain famous person that we'd like to imitate for a time. These accessories you should be able to find through our Accessories, Make-up, and Wigs pages.

Elvis CostumeElvis Costumes

HulkHulk Hogan Costume

Kiss Band CostumeKiss Band Costume

Mr-TMr. T Costume

It isn't too hard to figure out how to get a Dolly Parton look. For one she is well endowed up top... which as us ladies know isn't a hard problem to solve. We need rather tight fitting, western womens wear, or squaredance dress. Slightly heavy eye Make-up. A full and curly Blonde Wig... and a sweet and lilting country drawl to your voice. You are DOLLY!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand CostumeKaty Perry & Russell Brand Costumes

Black or White Michael JacksonBlack or White Costume

Homemade Katy Perry CostumesKaty Perry from California Gurls Costumes

The Colonel CostumeThe Colonel (KFC) Costume

It seems to me that most Celebrities that one would want to DRESS-UP like.. have something distinctive about themselves that truely identifies them as THAT PERSON... and nobody else. It is THAT thing..or maybe a combination of things..that we need to key-in-on to step into their shoes for a little while. Then, put your DANCIN' shoes on because you are SURE to be asked to dance as the famous celebrity that you have now become.