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Minecraft Diamond Armor Steve Costume

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Minecraft Diamond Armor Steve Costume

Diamond Armor

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Photo #1 - Diamond Armor Photo #2 - Finished project Photo #3 - Completed helmet Photo #4 - Detail 1 Photo #5 - Detail 2 Photo #6 - Detail 3 Photo #7 - Detail 4 Photo #8 - Detail 5
Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
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This homemade costume for boys entered our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Mike, the 'Minecraft Diamond Armor Steve' costume creator:

My son is a huge fan of Minecraft and wanted to be Steve for Halloween.

This Minecraft costume was made from paper, cardboard, packing tape, wood and metal flashing.

We wanted to make a diamond helmet and diamond armor that could be worn by a 2nd grader.

The scale was as close to actual as possible.

This costume used 11x17" color copies on card stock taped together with packing tape and stuck on fabricated cardboard with spray adhesive. Custom made cardboard boxes were first cut out of 1/4" cardboard (cut 1/8 " undersize for later hot glue construction)

Next, the cardboard pieces were covered in card stock paper with spray adhesive.

Wood pieces were hot glued where strength was needed and then secured with screws.

Clear coat spray paint was used to seal finished costume to increase water resistance.

I spent way too much time on this and really enjoyed the process.

It was worn at a party, in a school parade, and trick-or-treating. Everyone loved the way it looked just like Steve! (It photographed very well too!)

My son was very happy with his one-of-a-kind Minecraft costume!

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76 votes
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#1 comment by jasmin September 20, 2015

Would you be willing to give me instructions on how to make this custome. My son wants to be diamond steve for this holloween.

#2 comment by Mike September 21, 2015

Sure. You can find them on instructable.

#3 comment by Tessa September 25, 2015

Can you please give instructions on how you made this costume?

#4 comment by Laura September 27, 2015

This is great my son really wants to be Steve for holloween and I was wondering if I'm able to print the color copies from instructubles.com or were can I find them to print them out?

#5 comment by Shelby October 14, 2015

I also am trying to find where to print the skins

#6 comment by Mike October 14, 2015

Here is your resource.
Post your e-mail on this link and I'll e-mail you the .pdf files.

#7 comment by Shelby October 14, 2015


Thanks so much!!!

#8 comment by Courtney October 15, 2015

I'm also interested in printing out the skins for this costume. My email is xocourtneyox08[at]yahoo.com. Thank You.

#9 comment by Brian October 15, 2015

Hi Mike I was hoping you could email the link for the skins for the costume. Thanks

#10 comment by Robin October 15, 2015

I was also hoping you could sent me the links for the skins.

#11 comment by Mike October 15, 2015


#12 comment by Melissa October 15, 2015

Will you email me the skins as well? Thank you! mel356[at]hotmail.com

#13 comment by Chrissy October 16, 2015

My 7 year old son is also a BIG Steve fan. Could you email me the skins please.

#14 comment by HK October 16, 2015

hello there, the costume looks great! can you email the skins to me as well? thanks, appreciate it! duabuihock[at]gmail.com

#15 comment by Lor October 16, 2015

Hi there- would also love to get the skins if it's not too much trouble.
Thanks you! Bidner(at)hotmail.com

#16 comment by monika ludkiewicz October 16, 2015

Hi could you please email me the skins please. My daughter loves minecraft,this costume looks awesome.
My email

#17 comment by Missy October 16, 2015

How did you do the eyes?

#18 comment by mike October 16, 2015

Please visit instructables.
It's all there....
Thank you for your patience.

They are painter plastic screen from fabric/craft store hot glued in place.

#19 comment by lauraang October 16, 2015

Hi Mike
i just read about your costume, could you send me the skins too?
thanks a lot

#20 comment by Christina October 17, 2015

Hi! I am interested in making this costume too. Could you please send me the link for the skins, if it's not too much trouble. My email is Christina.A.Gray[at]Gmail.com. Thank you so much in advance!

#21 comment by Rachael October 17, 2015

I love this costume, but can not get the PDF file to download, would you be willing to send to me email.

#22 comment by Jen October 17, 2015

Hi Mike!!!

You did a wonderful job with this costume. My son is so excited about it. I just hope I am as talented as you. Can you PLEASE email me the pdf for the skins too - jenbartelli[at]yahoo.com Thank you - wishing you a Happy Halloween.

#23 comment by liz October 17, 2015

Hi! I am interested as well please send me the link! My email is lizzie919[at]yahoo.com thank you I look forward to see the smile on my son's face when it's done!

#24 comment by Mom October 17, 2015

Hello! This costume is super creative!! I am also hoping to get the pdf from you, please. Cmantell927[at]gmail.com


#25 comment by allison October 17, 2015

Hi! Spectacular costume. Can you please send me the skins as well. Allisonberrywagner[at]me.com. Can't wait to make this for my son. Thank you!!

#26 comment by Raquel October 18, 2015

Hi Mike! My son really love minecraft could you please send me the link for the skins. Thank you!!! and congratulations you are so talented.
My email rsuchil_galvez[at]hotmail.com

#27 comment by Chris October 18, 2015

This costume is fantastic! My son would love this costume. Could you also email me the pdf? Schulc50[at]hotmail.com

#28 comment by Skins October 18, 2015

Hi Mike! I'm sure you've been overwhelmed with requests, but I guess you shouldn't have done such a fantastic job!! :)) could you please email the skins to me? Tomandmisty[at]att.net. Thank you!!!

#29 comment by Shonna October 18, 2015

Hi! This is so perfect!
Could you please email me the pdf of the skins so I can make this for my son?


Thank you so much!

#30 comment by Donna October 19, 2015

Hi Mike,
Please email me the PDF files for the Diamond Armor Steve skins, also.

Thank you :)

#31 comment by Kelly October 19, 2015

Do you think this costume would be too big for a 4 year old?

Please email the skins!

#32 comment by Mike October 20, 2015

Yes, but with a good printer you can reduce the .pdf % and come out with suitable reduced version. But then again - will a 4 y/o be comfortable inside a box?

#33 comment by Claire October 21, 2015

Hi there Mike. Costume looks great. We would also love the PDFs please. Our 9 year old boy is determined to be Steve this year for Halloween and your costume looks great. Thanks!

#34 comment by Andrea October 21, 2015

Hi Mike,
Will you please E-mail me the PDF as well? Thank you

#35 comment by Debbie October 21, 2015

Hi Mike,
Love the costume! Will you please send the PDFs to me too? Thank you,

#36 comment by Jovon October 21, 2015

What size was the box that you made? Did you scale it down for your child? Most of what I've found is 12x12x12...which is too big.

Can you please send me the pdf too? Thanks! jovon03[at]gmail.com

#37 comment by Amanda October 21, 2015

My Son is a Minecraft fanatic. Please send PDF if possible. You did an awesome job!

#38 comment by Jacky October 21, 2015

If you can also send me the pdf of diamond Steve you'd make an 8!year old very happy. Thanks so much and I'm in shock over finding this thread.


#39 comment by Neale October 22, 2015

Hi Mike,

Great job on the costume! Great idea about clear coating the whole thing, i will do the same. Could I please get the PDF files? nealeasato[at]yahoo.com

Thank you!

#40 comment by Stevie October 22, 2015

can you please email me the files?: stevie.yuhas[at]gmail.com

#41 comment by Wendy October 22, 2015

plsssss send me the pdf files also. Thank you!! vanessa_w4evernever[at]msn.com

#42 comment by Christy October 22, 2015

Hi, can I get you to send me the PDF files for this amazing costume please!? Thanks! Christysteven[at]me.com

#43 comment by Dana October 22, 2015

I hope I can replicate the awesome costume you have made!! I have a very hopeful 7 year old. Do you mind emailing me the PDF? I would greatly aloreciate it!! Thank you!

#44 comment by liz meservy October 23, 2015

Could you send me the files as well?? Thank you SO much! You are making MANY children happy this Halloween :-)


#45 comment by Greg October 23, 2015

This is fantastic!!! Please also send my way! =D


#46 comment by Ashley paugh October 23, 2015

Would you please send me the skins so I could print them out! Thank you so very much! Ashleypaugh[at]hotmail.com

#47 comment by Lachelle October 23, 2015

I would love to have the skins as well if you have the time to email them to me! My email address is lachelleschell[at]yahoo.com. Please and Thank you so much in advance!!

#48 comment by mhiggins October 23, 2015

Hi...I too would love to have the PDF's of the printables. Can you please email me at mhigginsnyc at gmail dot com Thank you so much and GREAT JOB!!!

#49 comment by monika October 23, 2015

This is great!
can you send me pdf filles ? monikan100[at]yahoo.com

#50 comment by Dawn Guba October 23, 2015

Can I get the skins as well? Thank you

#51 comment by Katie Bennett October 24, 2015

I would love a PDF also! Thank you! Katie[at]katiebennett.com

#52 comment by Erin October 24, 2015

I would love the pdf, this is just what my son would like.

#53 comment by Gina October 24, 2015

Hi there, would like the PDF too please! dixie1010[at]earthlink.net.

#54 comment by Kimberly October 24, 2015

Would you please be able to send me the pdf file today? Today is minecraft costume building day for us. My kids would love it...thanks!! kimberlyb3[at]icloud.com

#55 comment by Jessica October 24, 2015

Hi Would you please send the pdf.file to me my email is jessicacamargo19[at]gmail.com thank you..

#56 comment by Michelle Balen October 25, 2015

Amazing job! Would you be able to send me the PDF file today? We're working on our Diamond Steve costume today. As always, haven't left ourselves much time before Halloween. Sigh. Thank you so much. michellebalen[at]shaw.ca

#57 comment by sue kelly October 25, 2015

Hi its looks great would you please send me the pdf printable link

#58 comment by Robin October 25, 2015

I did forget to put in my email, would still love to see the pdf. Thank you!

#59 comment by Mike October 25, 2015

I can only read what you can read.
Included e-mails are only readable if they are here (in the comment window). The e-mail 'window' is required for posting. Thanks.

#60 comment by Rachel October 25, 2015

Can you please email me the diamond steve pdf's as well please? rachelannduke[at]yahoo.com

#61 comment by Krissy October 25, 2015

Hi! Your costume is fantastic! I would love to get the pdf as well. Thank you!! krsmith25[at]msn.com

#62 comment by Logan October 26, 2015

This is exactly what my son wants.
Can you please email me the files.
Thanks so much


#63 comment by AMBER October 26, 2015

This is awesome! Could you send me a PDF?

#64 comment by Debbie October 26, 2015

Please eMail the .pdf for the diamond steve costume. Also, how long did it take you to make this?

#65 comment by Yolanda October 26, 2015

Hi, Mike. Would you please send me the templates as well? I saw in an earlier post that you said they were on instructables, but I cannot find them.

My email is yolandawaldeck[at]gmail.com

Thanks so much.

#66 comment by Aimee October 27, 2015

Hoping to be able to construct this as well. Can you please email the pdfs as well. Thank you!

#67 comment by Melissa October 27, 2015

Awesome job! Can you please email me pdf as well. Thank you!!!

#68 comment by Cassie October 27, 2015

Can I get the pdf please? Love it and my son does too!

#69 comment by Robyn October 27, 2015

Can you email me the PDF as well? This is great! I just don't know where or how to make the pixels.


#70 comment by Lydia M. October 27, 2015

Really needing the skin pdf and having trouble finding the instructable for this! :/ My 4 yr old will not settle for regular Steve outfit either..Lyd.mcnair[at]gmail.com

#71 comment by Sergio October 27, 2015

skins por favor?

Looks great!


#72 comment by Debbie October 27, 2015

Please send the skins to debhanafin[at]me.com
Thank you for being so helpful to so many!!!

#73 comment by anna October 27, 2015

can you email the templates for this costume. My son would love it. Thanks, Anna

#74 comment by Mike October 27, 2015

*******^PLEASE READ:

I can only see what you can see here.
Many people have not included their e-mail in the comment window.



#75 comment by Julie October 27, 2015

Could I get the PDF files as well. Julie96789[at]yahoo.con

#76 comment by Lana October 27, 2015

Could you please send me PDF files please? My email lana_bl[at]yahoo.com

#77 comment by Karina Cabrera October 28, 2015

This Steve is way too cool! Can I also get the PDF please?
Email: kcabrerak[at]yahoo.com

#78 comment by Analyn Dunnehoo October 28, 2015

I'd like the PDF as well.
Thank you!

#79 comment by REbekah October 28, 2015

Can I get the pdf files?


#80 comment by Analyn October 28, 2015

Sorry...I'd like the PDF as well.

#81 comment by Lorrie October 28, 2015

Hi Mike,
An excellent job - the best costume I have seen - very nice quality job! My nephew is going to be Diamond Steve for Halloween - we are making the costume and would like the skins/pdf files please. LMathey43v3r[at]gmail.com
Thank you so much

#82 comment by jennie October 28, 2015

I'd love the PDF as well, please! jennie.taylor[at]hotmail.com. This costume is unreal!! Great job!!

#83 comment by Elias R October 28, 2015

Can i please have a copy of the pdf files to print the skins..erod_100881[at]yahoo.com

#84 comment by Kimberly October 28, 2015

We are only making the helmet, not the rest, but cannot decipher which ones go with the helmet except the front and left helmet files. Any advice from anyone who has already made this?

#85 comment by Mike October 29, 2015

Helmet top is 'Top fold back', 'Top fold front'.

Back of helmet is Back fold lower', 'Back fold upper'

I hope this helps!

#86 comment by Emily October 29, 2015

Hi Mike, sorry to be the millionth person but could you super awesome pretty please send me the PDF also?


Thank you!!!!

#87 comment by jenaburkett@gmail.com October 29, 2015

I'd appreciate the off as well... In the midst of making this for my son, and struggling... Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

#88 comment by Denora October 30, 2015

Can you email me the diamond Steve PDFs files
For my grandson. I made the Steve but he want the armor too
What the heck he's almost 4

Thank you

#89 comment by Norah October 30, 2015

I did download the instructable...but the .pdf file images do not include the 1.75" square skin files for printing. I hate to ask, as you've already sent them to a million folks, but could you send them to me?

#90 comment by Mike October 30, 2015

******I can't see your e-mail address*******

#91 comment by Christy Griffin October 30, 2015

Please email skin files, last minute job....
Thank you

#92 comment by Tyler October 31, 2015

hey, if you're still handing out that pdf, I'd love it as well.

#93 comment by Lu November 12, 2015

Hi can you provide me with the PDF? Luyoo2001[at]yahoo.com

#94 comment by Rus November 17, 2015

Hi can you provide me with the PDF?thisisbakuboy(at)gmail.com

#95 comment by Rosa Torres December 8, 2015

Hi, My son has asked Santa to bring him Diamond armor. If you have instructions or skins you're willing to share, I would so appreciate it!!
I see above that instructions are available at "indestructible" but I'm not finding where that is. Point me in the right direction, please. Great work on your part!! lucky son!!


#96 comment by adrianne December 14, 2015

Can you please send me the pdf as well. Thanks I want to make this for my son for christmas. adrianneharwood[at]gmail.com

#97 comment by Helene January 23, 2016

Hi Mike
Fantastic costume - my son loves it!!!. Would you send the pdf to me as well - I know I'm the 100th to ask but hope it's ok. :-)
Thanks a lot!!!

#98 comment by Mike January 24, 2016

E-mail address did not work.

#99 comment by Yesenia January 28, 2016

Hello, How did you print the the colors

#100 comment by Mie January 30, 2016

Hi from Denmark. Minecraft is my sons favorite to. Will You e-mail me instructions Mie.bilberg(a)gmail.com

#101 comment by Pia January 30, 2016

Hello Mike .Its a very nice costume , i want to mike this for my boy, can you please sent the pdf file to my email. asvestas[at]live.dk. thanks.

#102 comment by ortal January 30, 2016

Hi mike. Can you please email me the pdf file...

#103 comment by Faith February 11, 2016

This is amazing! My son just asked last night if I would buy him a diamond armor Steve suit for his Minecraft birthday party. Looks like I will be making him one. Can you please email me the pdf file for this? Thank you!!!!


or faithelli[at]hotmail.com

#104 comment by Dag Eriksen February 12, 2016

Awesome costume! Can you please email me the pdf as well?

#105 comment by lindsay sue February 15, 2016

hi mike! my son's birthday is coming up and i would really love to surprise him with this. can you please send me the pdf file for this?

#106 comment by Ro February 29, 2016

Would you mind emailing me the pdf? It's the only Minecraft costume my son truly wants to wear.

#107 comment by Natasha March 6, 2016

This costume is awesome! Can you email me the .pdf files, please? natasha.weiberg[at]gmail.com

#108 comment by Fanny August 13, 2016

Hello! This costume is perfect!! I am also hoping to get the pdf from you, please. fannypop[at]outlook.com


#109 comment by Ella August 18, 2016

Hi Mike,
Your costume is awesome! I know it's been a long time, but I just found this post looking for Steve ideas for my son, and if you check the comments, will you send me the .pdf?
Thank you!!!


#110 comment by Bonnie l August 25, 2016

Can u please send me .pdf
Lynne.bonnie [at]gmail
This is all my 4 1/2 yr old gs wants to be!
I know it will take some time to make
Great Job!!!!

#111 comment by Michelle Seidl August 28, 2016

Could you email your instructions for this? My son is a huge minecraft enthusiast and would like to do this for Halloween? thank you so much!

#112 comment by Julie August 29, 2016

Mike, my son saw your sons costume and begged me to do it! Please please could you send me the printables? You did an amazing job!!!!
Juliegann at hot mail dot com
I can't thank you enough!!!

#113 comment by Julie August 29, 2016

My son LOVES your costume. Would you mind emailing the printable. He wants to be steve for halloween and is also asking for a minecraft birthday party! Thank you!

#114 comment by Mike Morvay August 30, 2016



#115 comment by Julie August 30, 2016

My email is: smartsavvymama AT gmail DOT com


#116 comment by Jennifer Lundgren September 2, 2016

Hi mike. I would love to have your printable link please. Jmoonlighter[at]msn.com
Thanks for your time and sharing

#117 comment by Steve Bass September 2, 2016

Would love to have your files please. steve.tumcopelika[at]gmail.com

#118 comment by Shari September 5, 2016

Could you please send me the PDF? My son loves Minecraft!

#119 comment by Ryleigh September 5, 2016

My son is dying to be this for Halloween this year and I can't quite get it to look as nice as yours is! if your still able to email me the files to ryleighdeer1994[at]hotmail.com it would make him one happy kid! Thank you :)

#120 comment by Elizabeth September 7, 2016

I am so impressed :) would you mind emailing me the skins as well? Are you tired of people asking, yet?
erockwood[at]gmail.com or lizcool[at]gmail.com

#121 comment by Victoria September 12, 2016

Hi my husband and I have been making a new tradition with our son every Halloween instead of just going out and buying a costume we spend time together making it and he absolutely loves Minecraft. Could you send me the skins also my email is ilovemyboyz11[at]gmail.com

#122 comment by Fawn Stith September 13, 2016

Love this idea! My 7 year old is obsessed with minecraft. Can I also get a copy of skins please? fawnstithphotography[at]gmail.com

#123 comment by Nadia September 14, 2016

Can you please send me the PDF and the skins to:

#124 comment by Maggie Wright September 16, 2016

Are the pdf's still available? Thank you so much! kmwright717[at]Yahoo.com

#125 comment by Jenn September 17, 2016

Hi Would you be able to send me the PDF and skins? This costume is amazing! My son loves it! jstraynor[at]gmail.com

#126 comment by martine September 19, 2016

great job Mike, I would LOVE the pdf and the skins for this costume :)


thank you so much :)

#127 comment by Solara Antonopulos September 19, 2016

Can you please send printables?


Thanks!!! You should consider a store on etsy for this! :)

#128 comment by LuAnn September 19, 2016

Can I please get the pdf for this costume?


Thank you kindly!

#129 comment by Joni September 21, 2016

Hi Mike! This is an amazing costume. My son would like to be Diamond Steve for Halloween this year. Are the skins and PDF still available? If so, would you please email them to me at jkeebler1127[at]yahoo.com? I would greatly appreciate it and I agree that you should open up an Etsy shop for this! Thank you in advance.



#130 comment by Cindy September 25, 2016

Can you please email me the pdf file redwiggle01[at]yahoo.com

#131 comment by Rachel September 26, 2016

Can I please get a copy of your pdf for this costume?
my email is:
Thank you!

#132 comment by Meaghan September 26, 2016

May I get a copy of the PDFs file please

#133 comment by Ron Freeman September 27, 2016

My son saw this and won't leave me alone. I guess I have a project. Would you please send the skins? Thank you in advance.


#134 comment by Elizabeth September 28, 2016


#135 comment by Akerpod September 29, 2016

Hi Mike, please send instructions/skin PDF. Thanks! Smasher1230[at]aol[dot]com

#136 comment by Erica morgan September 30, 2016

Would you please send me the skins? Morganer21[at]yahoo.com

#137 comment by Patricia Davies September 30, 2016

Ditto please! Such a great project for your Minecraft kid! I am not quite so talented, but will give it a go! My boy loves this stuff!
Please send the PDFs file to: pattigail[at]nc.rr.com

#138 comment by Julie Bouffard October 1, 2016

Can I have PDF skins too! My little son want it!

#139 comment by Laura October 1, 2016

Love It! CAN I also get the pdf for the skins and the instructions?! Thank you. lauraruthw[at]hotmail.com

#140 comment by Jessie October 3, 2016

Hi Mike,
Love this costume can you send off instructions and skins to jgterrasi[at]gmail.com

#141 comment by Jessica October 3, 2016

Hi! Can I please get the pdfs too? Jmpatterson.nv[at]gmail.com

#142 comment by Jacklyn October 5, 2016

Can you send to tytusandryleesmom[at]gmail.com? I looked on instructables but couldn't find it. Thank you so much it looks awesome!!

#143 comment by Lily October 5, 2016

Hi Mike. I was hoping to try my luck. I know it's a year later and I tried to look for these skins on instructables website. My son is in LOVE with this outfit and of course wants to make it for Halloween 2016 this year. Can you share the pdfs with me as well. Lilianabatres1717[at]gmail.com. I will forever be grateful and totally appreciate it.

#144 comment by wendy stinson October 7, 2016

hi... will you please email me the file! thanks so much!!

#145 comment by Sasha October 8, 2016

Could I please have file to print
Thank you!!

#146 comment by Cecilia October 8, 2016

Amazing!!! Can you please email me the template /instructions and whatever other information I need to make this. Thank you. cecilia8072[at]sbcglobal.net

#147 comment by Alyson October 8, 2016

Would *love* PDF Instructions for this costume. I see you are inundated with requests. Thank you for sharing. Alyshirey[at]gmail.com

Thank you,


#148 comment by Regina October 8, 2016

Hi Mike,
Could you please email me the pdf files of minecraft diamond armor Steve custome?My email is regina_tseng[at]hotmail.com

#149 comment by Sara October 8, 2016

Wow! Fabulous work!

Would you please email me the PDFs files at

Thank you much!

#150 comment by Shawnae October 8, 2016

Hi could you email me PDFs files for this costume please my email is shawnaefowler6[at]gmail.com thank you

#151 comment by Lauren October 9, 2016

I tried finding the instructions on instructables but cannot find them :( would someone mind sharing them with me? Lauren.fralin[at]gmail.com

#152 comment by katie October 9, 2016

Hi could you email me the pdfs please? Thanks so much! katiealdassy [at] gmail . com

#153 comment by Kaitlin October 9, 2016

Going to try to make the costume. Could you please email me the pdf files for the skin. kf_yu[at]hotmail.com
Thank you.

#154 comment by Neha October 10, 2016

Hi.. my son is a biggest minecraft fan and wants to be a Steve from minecraft.. I want to surprise him by making this.. can you plz help me out? My email is pankuneha[at]gmail.com ..

#155 comment by Christine Healey October 11, 2016

Skin pdf please!


Thank you!

#156 comment by Starr October 11, 2016

Mike are you still here? I'd love the pdf files for costume. Wanting to make fir my grandson. Thanks for your time. Slu5457[at]yahoo.com

#157 comment by Emanuel Belander October 12, 2016

Would love to get the pff aswell, greetings from sweden. e.belander[at]gmail.com

#158 comment by Mike Morvay October 13, 2016

Thank you Sweden!!!

#159 comment by Rynn October 14, 2016

Would also love to make this if still available. Could you send to rdnicks[at]yahoo.com? Thanks!

#160 comment by Julie October 14, 2016

Would love to get PDF. julie_bouffard [at] hotmail.com

#161 comment by TracieL October 14, 2016

If you are still sending PDF files would love it!

Thanks in advance Mike!!

#162 comment by Cindy October 14, 2016

Do you still have the PDF for the skins available?

#163 comment by Gail October 14, 2016

Hi mike! My kid loves this costume for thus halloween. Would you mind sending me an email for the skins? Thank you!


#164 comment by Jennifer October 15, 2016

I'm trying to make the Steve diamond costume. Can you help me out please!

#165 comment by Carrie October 15, 2016

Hi Mike, this is extremely well done!!! If you are still sharing the PDFs I would really appreciate it. My email is carriejane19[at]hotmail.com. Thanks, Carrie.

#166 comment by Angela Foster October 16, 2016

Looks like this is quite the popular costume! I can see why... you really hit the nail on the head! If you're still sending out the file for this costume, I'd love to get it as well:
Thank you!

#167 comment by Rachael Sand October 16, 2016

Hi Mike! Love the costume. Can you please send the PDF for the skins?


Thank you!

#168 comment by Gina October 17, 2016

My son would love this custom (Diamond Steve) for Halloween ... can you forward me the pdf or what is needed so I can quickly make this custom ...

Thank you so much

#169 comment by Sean October 17, 2016

Please can I get the files? Standsure75 at gmail . Com

#170 comment by Jennifer October 17, 2016

Thank you for sharing your creativity and efforts! I would be thrilled if you would take a moment to send a file of the diamond armor and helmet if you have it. Thank you!

#171 comment by Nicole October 20, 2016

This is great! Could you please email me the pdf files of minecraft diamond armor Steve custome?My email is nicolealexismarie[at]gmail.com

#172 comment by Jim October 22, 2016

Hi can you please email pdf of the diamond armor jchin06(at)yahoo.com. Thanks!

#173 comment by Boonstree October 23, 2016

Hi there! I love your costume! Are you able to send me the skins too please?! I'd highly appreciate it! Thanks! Bsilananda[at]gmail.com

#174 comment by Ruth October 23, 2016

Hi can you please send me pdf of the diamond armor? Thanks!


#175 comment by Jonah October 24, 2016

Hi there Mike, if you still are sending out the PDF's could you please send it over!! jonahbuffa[at]gmail.com. I wanna make this for my son. He's stoked on it!

#176 comment by Jennifer October 24, 2016

Would like the instructions on this costume the diamond armour

#177 comment by Jon October 25, 2016

I would love the printable emailed to me as well. Thanks jonathanmayne[at]yahoo.com

#178 comment by Kayla October 26, 2016

Hi Mike, great inspiration! If you're still emailing PDF's we'd appreciate them also.
Email: knmolina[at]icloud.com

#179 comment by marcia October 26, 2016

Hi mike, i need printable, please send email, marcia.valenzuela[at]gmail.com
thanks for ever

#180 comment by Shelly October 26, 2016

Hi mike! Could you please email me the skin? Can it be printed from a regular computer or do I need to go to the store? Ss_cami1[at]yahoo.com

#181 comment by Mike October 27, 2016

The files are available from my Etsy shop:


They are formatted for 11x17" paper. Cardstock works best.

#182 comment by Angel Chen October 29, 2016

Great costume! my son will love this for Halloween! Could you please email me the PDF file! angelbabyflowers[at]hotmail.com

#183 comment by Carole November 4, 2016

Mike wonderful costume please send me pdf file too.
cahawk2002[at] yahoo.com
Many thanks

#184 comment by Mike November 4, 2016

Please see comment 181 above = )

#185 comment by Roman February 12, 2017

Great costume Mike. My daughter will love this for carnival.
Unfortunately link in comment 181 does not work.Culd you please email me the PDF file! Halus[at]gmail.com

#186 comment by Mike February 12, 2017


E-maildid not work.

#187 comment by Heidi Øverland February 21, 2017

Hi. This costume was really cool an my sons would really like to have this costume on the upcoming carneval at their school. Is there a possibillity for you to share the printables with me
My email is: heidioverland78[at]hotmail.com

#188 comment by Leti February 22, 2017

I love this costume. Thank you

#189 comment by Kirsten White February 25, 2017

Mike, the etsy page says "this item is unavailable". Could you please email asap the skins for my twin boys' school book parade this week?


#190 comment by Mike February 26, 2017

The microsoft lawers said this cannot be sold on etsy.

#191 comment by Danis March 14, 2017

Mike, You are so creative!!! Any chance I could get a copy of the skins/instructions emailed? drotello[at]yahoo.com My son would love to have this for his school costume parade. Thank you so much!

#192 comment by Autumn April 9, 2017

Hi Mike,
I am trying to make a diamond armor for my son's literature fair this coming week. I've searched for downloadable skins but haven't located any. Can you please email me at asheppard20(at)gmail? Thank you!

#193 comment by Zulay August 16, 2017

Would you send me the skins to my email zens48[at]hotmail.com thank you

#194 comment by Al August 18, 2017

Hi Mike,
Love the costume! Could you please email me the PDF?


#195 comment by Mel September 7, 2017

Hi Mike

This costume is so freaking awesome! I went to instructables but can't find this. Please help my step son will think this is awesome! Lizzy21_99[at]yahoo.com

#196 comment by Lin September 11, 2017

Hi there, couldn't find the info on instructables either. If you would be so kind to email another file, I would really appreciate it. Paulandtorre2013(at)gmail.com. Thank you so much

#197 comment by Ann September 12, 2017

Hi Mike,
My son and I love this Diamond Armor Steve costume. Would you please email me the pdf please? thaoyen97[at]yahoo.com.
Thanks a ton.

#198 comment by Danae September 16, 2017

I would love an email with PDF for printables as well! This is an awesome costume!


#199 comment by Megan September 17, 2017

Hey Mike! You are an incredible, generous human. Any way you can send me the pdfs as well?

A million thanks,
Maestramilan at gmail

#200 comment by Jeyna September 19, 2017

Me too plz jmc4283[at]gmail.com

#201 comment by May September 21, 2017

Can you also email pdf printables. Mairaangeles52[at]gmail.com tanx.

#202 comment by Ivonn September 21, 2017

please send instructions to vonie19[at]gmail.com

#203 comment by Karla connors September 22, 2017

And yet another request. Sorry u couldn't sell it on etsy.
Thanks for sharing!


#204 comment by Rey September 23, 2017

Seems like the perfect project tomato for our 7 year old. He is obsessed with Minecraft. Could you email the pdf files please please.

Thank you in advance for your help


#205 comment by Brittany Shepard September 24, 2017

Would love the PDF files! Thank you! So awesome


#206 comment by Miranda September 24, 2017

Looks awesome. Can you please send me the pdf. Thanks

#207 comment by Christine B September 26, 2017

The best diamond Steve costume I've seen. I hate to bug you too, but I would love to have the skins as well if you don't mind. Sincerely a poor teacher, hokiewife01[at]gmail.com

#208 comment by Suzanne Felton September 26, 2017

Can you still send the .pdf files for the printable skins? Thank you.


#209 comment by See September 26, 2017

Can you please send me the pdf as well. Thank you!

#210 comment by Jessica Lile September 28, 2017

Hi! May I please have the PDF for the costume? I'm son is super excited to be diamond armor Steve!! Thank you!!

#211 comment by Angela October 1, 2017

If you are still forwarding these, please send me the files. Thank you!


#212 comment by kristy October 3, 2017

Very nice! If you would please share the link for the skin costumes. my email is kmcs6654[at]gmail.com

Thank you so much

#213 comment by Camala October 4, 2017

If you are still sending out the PDF please send it to camala_oreilly(at)yahoo.com

#214 comment by Lisa Turner October 7, 2017

This is the best Steve costume I have seen Would you mind sending me the pdf file please? lisaturner0812(at)yahoo.com

Thank you so much!!

#215 comment by Amy October 8, 2017

could I please have the instructions for printing out too please . a_bridge04[at]hotmail.com

thanks so much

#216 comment by Alessandra Marcarian October 9, 2017

Greetings from Mexico City! My 6-year old loves Diamond Steve. If you can send the instructions to alessandra.marcarian[at]gmail.com, that would be great!!!

#217 comment by Tara October 10, 2017

Could ypu send pdf please to tara_stanley5(at)hotmail.com

#218 comment by Agata October 10, 2017

Hello! Can I also get the pdf file?:)
Thank you!!!

#219 comment by Jessica October 10, 2017

Hello! This costume is awesome. My boy loves it! Could you please send instructions. Thank you! jessicamireles7[at]hotmail.com

#220 comment by Skate October 11, 2017

Me too me too me too!

#221 comment by DC October 13, 2017

Hi, please send me the PDF costume. Thank you!

#222 comment by Jen October 14, 2017

Could I please get the PDF's? Jennyweltzin[at]gmail.com. Thanks!

#223 comment by Deep October 14, 2017

Hi there, would love the instructions--this looks great!
Email is dbdtron(at)gmail(dot)com

#224 comment by Jenny October 14, 2017

Hello Mike! Your design is the best looking diamond armor Steve ever! Your kids are lucky to have such a creative and capable Dad. I'm bummed your Etsy listing is down but if you are willing to share your pdf once again, I and my 4 year old would be so grateful. Thank you so much. throughthetulgeywood[at]gmail.com

#225 comment by Sharon Bradley October 17, 2017

Could you please send me a copy of the PDFs my 8 year old son is trying to make this costume. sbradley2227[at]live.com thank you so much we are very excited to make this!

#226 comment by Jenaine October 19, 2017

I would love the PDF for diamond armor Steve please!

#227 comment by Brooke October 21, 2017

Would you please send me the PDFs?..

Thank You SOOO much!!!!!


#228 comment by Colleen October 23, 2017

Would LOVE to have the PDFs for this costume, please!

Thank you!

#229 comment by Michelle October 23, 2017

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd try anyway... any chance you can email me the pdf as well? (:

#230 comment by Shandilyn Hall October 23, 2017

Please send me the PDF files for the skins as well! My email address is shandilyn.hall[at]yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!!!

#231 comment by Wojciechowski October 23, 2017

Please send....this is the best!

#232 comment by Linda R. October 24, 2017

Can you please send me the PDF. I could not find it on instructables.com. Thank You!!

#233 comment by Eddie October 24, 2017

Please send me the PDF files for the skins as well! My email address is eestep78[at]yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!!!

#234 comment by Cassy October 25, 2017

Please send me the pdf files, my email is cassyhansen[at]gmail.com


#235 comment by Lorenna October 26, 2017

Hi there i am very in need of the print outs. Are the pixle colors included and if not where can i print this? This looks amazing, great job!


#236 comment by Jenn October 27, 2017

Hi! Any chance this lady minute mommy can hey the pdf files?? NicKrisAlly[at]yahoo.com

Thank you so much for sharing

#237 comment by NaKan December 19, 2017

Can anyone send me this pdf files? My email is snaratas[at]gmail.com

Thank you very much.

#238 comment by Claudia January 8, 2018

Hi. Would you be so kind, to sent me more informations by e-mail, please?

#239 comment by Winnie February 6, 2018

Dear Mike.

I am absolutely amazed by this awesome costume - you've got talent!

Any way you could email the .pdf for me?

My email is winnielykkechristensen[at]gmail.com

Thank you so much!

#240 comment by Miranda Waskow August 8, 2018

Hi Mike!

If you're still emailing please send this way! Preparing for Halloween in a few months.

Thank you,

#241 comment by Isabel August 10, 2018

Awesome job on the costume! Still so relevant 3 years later! Please send pdf, much appreciated. Ford.isabel[at]gmail.com


#242 comment by Bree August 19, 2018

Would it be possible to get the pdf emailed to me.
would really appreciate it as my son wants to make it for Friday lol


#243 comment by Daniela August 24, 2018

Would you share the instruction on the Diamond armor costume with me as well?
It is super!!!!

#244 comment by Daniela August 25, 2018

Would you share the instruction in the diamond armor costume with me as well?
It is super!!!


#245 comment by Silvia September 6, 2018

Sorry to bother you after so many years, could you please send me the files to print out the costume?
A huge thank you!!!

#246 comment by Jenny September 16, 2018

Hi, This looks amazing! If you are still emailing could you email me the Diamond armor pdf at jennymccusker[at]gmail.com?

Thank you SO much!

#247 comment by Sacha October 9, 2018

I would love the insteux, and image pdfs if you have them

satorifound ([at]) Yahoo. Com

#248 comment by Angela October 9, 2018

Such a popular costume for so many years! If you're still sending the PDFs, I would appreciate a copy. Thanks!

#249 comment by Rebecca Gilbert October 15, 2018

Bravo on this costume! It is so well made. If you still have the pdf files, I'd love to try making them.

Thank you!
Rebecca Gilbert

Email: Rebeccalotecca[at]rochester.rr.com

#250 comment by Cristina Uptmore October 19, 2018

You have probably made hundreds (maybe even more than that) of children so happy with the ability to transform into their favorite characters! I am hoping mine can be one of them. Can you please email me the .pdf file? Thank you! cristinauptmore[at]yahoo.com

#251 comment by Shaima October 21, 2018

Can i also please get the pdf it would make my son's entire week. Thanks,

#252 comment by Laura Del Rio October 22, 2018

This costume is amazing! If you still have the pdf files, I'd love to try making them. My email address is laurabenson57[at]yahoo.com
Thank You

#253 comment by christen October 24, 2018

Hello, Could you please send the printable? my son is gonna love this!


Thank you!

#254 comment by Janna Hemsoth October 24, 2018

Hi there .... you must certainly be tired of emailing people but you do have the best costume. ! If you're still sending the PDFs, I would appreciate a copy. Thanks!

#255 comment by Erica October 25, 2018

11th hour costume building and would greatly appreciate the skins! Ericavanbrakle[at]gmail.com Thank you!!!!!!

#256 comment by Wojtek January 7, 2019

Could you please send me PDF files please?
My email plewaw[at]gmail.com

#257 comment by Wojtek January 8, 2019

Could you please send the printable?


Thank you!

#258 comment by Dee January 27, 2019

Ugh....I know you've had a lot of requests but could I get a copy of the skins too (if you're still sharing)

#259 comment by Brandon :) August 9, 2019

Hello! I would also love to get the skins! They look absolutley amazing!


#260 comment by Sacha August 11, 2019

Hello! You did an awesome job on this costume, it's the best I've seen!! I'm pretty crafty myself but could definitely benefit from some additional instruction on a project like this. I noticed you mentioned in one of your responses that instructions can be found on instructable? What is that and is it possible for you to provide me with a link? Thank you in advance!!

#261 comment by Caroline September 2, 2019

It looks amazing indeed, would you mind to send me the instruction please ?

#262 comment by Julie September 28, 2019

Looks great! Would love the pdf for the project. Trying to make for my grandson :-). Thanks.

#263 comment by Deb Gilbertson October 9, 2019

Love the costume and you did a fantastic job!! My grandson wants to be Stevie as well.
Would you please share the .pdf with me so I can light up his eyes (even without the glow sticks?)
Thank you, Grandma Deb

#264 comment by Mike October 9, 2019

Email address please.

#265 comment by Corey October 10, 2019

Four years after the original post and you're still getting requests...and answering them! Impressive! May I have the files too please? I'm wondering if it would be easier on you to post your own thing on instructables and then link it here. Way less work! thank youuuu
Email - Corey.stefanick[at]yahoo.com

#266 comment by Mike October 11, 2019

Thank you !
Notifications arrive in my in box.
I respond to anyone with an included e-mail address.

#267 comment by jackie October 13, 2019

Could you send me the PDF skin files as well? Im going to attempt making the costume for my son and any help would be greatly appreciated! - japah8(at)gmail

Thank you!!!

#268 comment by Jil October 17, 2019

Omg I'm working on this right now. If you're still sending the skins can you send me the PDFs too please. I've been trying to figure out how to make it look clean and that would be so much easier than to paint it! Please and thank you! I have my body shape done. Whitfieldjil(at)gmail.com

#269 comment by Kim Francom October 20, 2019

This is incredible and my son would be so happy to have this for Halloween! Could you please email me the files?! Thank you SO much! Kimberlyfranc(at)gmail(dot)com

#270 comment by Lisa Clark October 25, 2019

I would also like the pdf of the skins for Armour. This would be such a time saver this weekend. Thank you!

#271 comment by Renay October 26, 2019

This costume is amazing!! My son is begging me to make it. If you have some time can you please email the PDF to ericksonrenay[at]gmail.com you will make my little boy (and me) very happy

#272 comment by Renay October 27, 2019

Hi mike your costume is amazing! Can you please send me the PDF my son would be so excited if I finish his Minecraft costume for haloween My email is ericksonrenay[at]gmail.com

#273 comment by Melissa October 29, 2019

Hi Mike! Just like everyone here, my son is a huge fan as well. I was trying to look for the instructions on instructables.com And couldn't find it?.. and also would you be able to send me the pdf file as well please? My son would be soo happy! Email is m_m9474[at]hotmail.com thank you in advance!

#274 comment by Dana Doss October 29, 2019

I would LOVE the pdf! We have the box ready to go. This is fantastic!

#275 comment by Dana October 29, 2019

I would love a copy of the pdf. Thank you so much! My son is going to be so excited. It's msvannus(at)yahoo.com

#276 comment by Mat July 24, 2020

Great work! Can you share a PDF file? Thx


#277 comment by Ana T September 29, 2020

Could you please send me the pdf file?



#278 comment by Sarah October 7, 2020

Hello Mike! I know this is a 5 year old post but I would love the instructions for this costume - it's amazing! I searched through the Instructable projects and couldn't see your listed anywhere. Any way you could please either:
1. Share the link to the Instructable or,
2. Email me the pdf to sarahlocke[at]hotmail.com.
Thanks and well done!

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