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Michonne The Walking Dead Costume

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Michonne The Walking Dead Costume

Michonne (The Walking Dead)

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This homemade costume for women entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Sara, the 'Michonne The Walking Dead' costume creator:

This is a costume my boyfriend and I made, we are huge Walking Dead fans! And yes, my body is painted :)We made the "Zombie Pets" out of styrofoam, and sculpted the faces and bodies out of clay.

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476 votes
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#1 comment by Random Black Person February 9, 2013

Either you are racist or unabashedly ignorant. In any case this is still a terrible costume, the body paint wasn't needed. I'm sure people would have figured you were going as 'Michonne' by the TWO SWORDS AND JAWLESS ZOMBIES. If you had the stones to actually go out in public like this on Halloween, I really hope you got random things thrown at you.

#2 comment by That Guy February 28, 2013

You REALLY shouldn't do this. My first thought was WHAT-THE-FUU.... A lot of people will take offense to this so I highly suggest that you don't do it at all. You maybe a loyal fan but others won't see it that way when they first see you. Look up blackface if you don't know what it looks like you're doing.

#3 comment by Jessica March 3, 2013

So, this is possibly the most offensive Halloween costume I've seen. If you can't understand why this is offensive, you need to think long and hard. For everyone else, it's obvious. Disgraceful.

#4 comment by Meredith March 6, 2013

"And yes, my body is painted :)"

#5 comment by Doctor Butthole March 7, 2013

God, I love the whiners here. They're so desperate to show you how full of love and tolerance they are, and they do it by hurling insults.

#6 comment by Josiah March 7, 2013

I laughed when I first saw this because of how poorly executed this paint and make up looks. I think it was a cool idea, Michonne is a great character, but I feel that by doing this proves that you didn't have the skills to pull it off and have a blatant disregard for racial sensitivity in our progressive society. Fail.

#7 comment by Terri April 3, 2013

I don't understand the problem. Do you people actually watch the walking dead. Michonne is an AFRICAN AMERICAN and her skin color is dark. So what is wrong with making your skin darker to match the character you are dressing up as?? I doesn't make you a racist she obviously likes the character and wanted to execute the costume accurately or she would've picked someone else. You people are ignorant for passing judgment on this girl. You did a wonderful job on the costume. Some people just love drama and running their mouths. If you think it's racist and that word comes to mind then you are probably the one who is a racist!!

#8 comment by Asha April 8, 2013

Terri, you'll have to live with the fact that many people are offended by "black face". I find it really offensive but you won't listen to an argument from me so I'd suggest a simple google search which might explain more eloquently why that is.

#9 comment by Andrea June 17, 2013

As an African American I've seen other African Americans dressed as Caucasian characters for Halloween that did not go so far as painting themselves white. Lol! You look ridiculous. Take a bath and soak your brain while you're at it.
[at]Terri you're just as dumb : )

#10 comment by Rodden June 25, 2013

I am an African American and I understand the meaning of "black face". I also understand that when our soldiers are in combat in wooded or bushed areas, they darken their face as not to be seen. Where do we draw the line on what is racism and what is just a simple act of fun. I do not think this woman intended anything negative and we need to stop jumping on everything throwing racism out like candy to trick or treaters. Get over it and move on. This is why we can't get ahead cause we are stuck in the past. smh [at] ignorance

#11 comment by Terri June 25, 2013

Excellent point Rodden! The insults are just silly. I do know what "black face" is. I am a well educated individual and I just believe that this woman did not mean any harm by her costume. Maybe one day people will be able to move on without pulling the race card but there will always be those few that find it necessary. Have a great summer to you all!

#12 comment by Andrea July 24, 2013

[at]Rodden [at]Terri Well I am offended and its my prerogative to be so. I feel that the strength in Michonne's character is not defined by her being a black woman. It's really ignorant to focus on that aspect of the character when all she needed to do is replicate the essence of Michonne and her recognizable characteristics. For a Caucasian person to paint their faces black causes an uncomfortable feeling for not only blacks but most whites as well. I didn't play the race card. I never called her racist. Just ignorant. She's free to wear her costume but when she gets negative responses and dirty looks at least now she can't pretend not to know why.

#13 comment by Starr August 6, 2013

I'm bi-racial (white/black). I am "mostly" white, therefore I LOOK mostly white (or so I've been told). I am planning on going as Michonne for Halloween this year too. While I do not really find the blackface offensive, I do think the costume would look much better if you just went as a "white" Michonne. Buy blonde dreadlocks (or whatever your real hair color is). I'm getting red ones (if I can find them) because I'm a redhead. I was thinking about the whole paint thing, but then I realized that not only would that be offensive to many people, it will most likely look ridiculous. Thank you for proving my point.

#14 comment by Emilie August 11, 2013

This grosses me out so much.

Like, wow. This is highly offensive and scrolling through the comments, I do not need to say why, do I?

I didn't seek this, mind you, for it's in the walking dead google search, so I was unfortunate enough to stumble on it.

African American people are not costumes to dress up as. I assume you didn't meant to be offensive, but consider this; would you likely see an African American whitening their face to dress a part of a white-skinned character in any case? Likely not.

It's fine to dress as a dark-skinned character, but one should not make their skin color apart of that costume. You are then defining her by her race when, well, you shouldn't be.

Skin color is not something one just dresses up in.

#15 comment by Bajeezus August 16, 2013

I'll just assume you're somewhere outside of North America where blackface wasn't a thing

#16 comment by Joseph Morse August 16, 2013

Fellow commenters, This is not what "blackface" is. Blackface is an exagerated and mocking portrayal of a stereotypical back person characterized by pitch black makeup and giant lips. Skin color is nothing but an external physical feature and when you dress up as someone you recreate their external physical features. Lets all get over the past and not get overly exasperated by something just because it is slightly reminiscent of racism. She probably intended no offense and so there is no reason at all to take any. The only offensive thing about her makeup is how badly it was applied.

#17 comment by Stan August 27, 2013

These comments wtf. So you like an African American character in a movie, you dress up like her and do you makeup, so you must be racist? Liking a black character in a movie is racist? What the hell? You didn't mock anyone, you just like a character and you wanted to look like her.

#18 comment by Dominique September 12, 2013

There is no reason anyone has to paint their face to look like a character. How many black boys and girls ,like myself, have alot of black characters to dress up as...not too many. The fact is that we do not paint our kids faces white to look more like Superman or Cinderella. She isn't trying to be offesive, atleast I hope not because the reason she is dressing up as her is because that is one of her favorite tv characters. The only problem is no one should have to paint their faces to look more like a character because truthfully it looks ridiculous.

Also how many people here who are truly offended are actually african american. It seems that the people who do say they are african american really think it just looks funny or also giving suggestions on making it less offesive to ironically white people. I'm not sure if the white people are embarrassed for what their ancestors did or if they feel that the need to make it up to colored people because of slavery, but everyone calm down some people just maybe just weren't thinking of how it could and would offend people.

#19 comment by Carolyn September 19, 2013

I absolutely LOVE Michonne's character, and I was really wanting to dress up as her for Halloween. However, I am a white woman. I was definitely not planning on painting my face. I was just planning on going as myself and braiding my hair in a bunch of smallish braids (if I can do it - I suck at braids) rather than buying a dreadlock wig. I want to know if this is okay? I know that African American women dress up as characters that are white skinned, but when I talk about how I want to be Michonne for Halloween, people mention the fact that she is African American and I am not. I think that it is a badass costume and people would definitely be able to tell who I am, even without the zombies attached (I was also going to maybe add a wound from when she and the governor got into it), but I don't want to offend anyone. What does everyone think?

#20 comment by AK September 23, 2013

To understand why this is offensive you have to understand history. You can KNOW about the history of black face and minstrel shows and still not UNDERSTAND why even today, blackface is disgusting. Dressing in black face, even when it isn't in an exaggerated minstrel style, harkens back to a time when black people were horribly mistreated. Not to mention, using the black make up basically emphasizes that you think this character is nothing more than a color. The costume could easily be pulled off without the makeup.

Better yet, how about white people stop appropriating other cultures and races at Halloween completely. We have the privilege of looking like 90% of major characters and celebrities. Why do we think we are entitled to the few others.

#21 comment by anm September 24, 2013

Maybe you should be Andrea instead.....she's dead btw.

#22 comment by CTine October 1, 2013

I LOVE IT!! I am also going as Michonne this year and YES I AM Painting myself. I do not think its racist at all to want to fully embrace and honor the character. Why are people so serious?! Of course she's not trying to bash her she's trying to look as similar to michonne as possible. Stop referencing things that happened hundreds of years ago and get with the times people!
Ps. I'll be going to a house party lol.
Ps Thank You Joseph Morse

#23 comment by Jayqwell October 1, 2013

Can't believe there is even an argument in favor of this. When we saw this we were absolutely shocked and appalled -- costume wearer, If you are an elaborate troll, congratulations. If not, shame on you. Smh, read a book people.

#24 comment by Marvin G. October 1, 2013

This person might not be racist, but she damn sure is ignorant. I do not understand why she felt the need to paint her face "black" in order to um, "authentically" look like Michonne. My six-year-old daughter is going as Jasmine from Aladdin this Halloween, but I will NOT be painting her face yellow/light tan in order to make a point. SMH.

#25 comment by Etnahc P. October 7, 2013

You can still portray the essence of the character without having to change the color or your skin. Many African American people dress up as Caucasian characters simply because there are not many black characters out there, but never have I seen them change the color of their skin to look more like the character. This just looks ridiculous!

#26 comment by Chocolate October 11, 2013

I'm a black female and a big fan of the Walking Dead. I don't find the costume offensive but if your going to do it don't leave your lips stone cold white. It makes you look ashy. I will be dressed up as Michonne at the Walking Dead Event at the Angelika Theatre Uptown Dallas this Sunday for the Premiere of the walking Dead

#27 comment by Stacey October 14, 2013

Everybody calling the racist card. What a joke. The character is African American! Wake up and stop whining

#28 comment by Bajeezus October 14, 2013

For the folks saying this isn't true black face, and for the folks saying you should emulate a character as much as possible when putting together a costume you are both correct but being Asian, if I saw a person try to emulate "Asian eyes" heck ya I'd be offended and I'm glad I haven't seen anyone do it yet. So yes I apply that feeling towards this face coloring.

#29 comment by Sleazy Cortez October 14, 2013

I'll be going as the incredible hulk this Halloween. I'll just be shirtless though. I was going to paint myself green, but now now, no way.

#30 comment by Lonely girl October 16, 2013

Guess the wicked witch is out too...

#31 comment by Mike October 22, 2013

The movie "White Chicks". Has anyone seen it?

I am not racist one bit; but when I dress up for Halloween I dress to look like the character I'm portraying. That includes being whatever color that character is. Simpsons=yellow. Broom Hilda=green. A pumpkin=orange. Smurf=blue. Etc. Why should it be any different in this case just because some people are hyper-sensitive?

#32 comment by Nameless October 23, 2013

@mike you are more racist than you realize just by the fact that you listed off imaginary characters and compared it to black face.

#33 comment by Mike October 23, 2013

Michonne IS an imaginary character. This is not blackface. This a person innocently paying homage to a character she admires. What's sad is that people make such a comparison. In effect, keeping racism alive.

#34 comment by Nameless October 23, 2013

@mike so you don't see a difference between animated characters and a real life actress? Or are you stating that they could have gotten a white actress to play a black woman just as long as they painted her black?

#35 comment by Elaina October 23, 2013

I had a friend who dressed up as Nicki Minaj 2 years ago. Yes, she is white, but guess what she still embodied the character and didn't darken her skin to do it. Many people are saying they don't believe she is trying to be racist or offensive because this is her favorite character. I agree, maybe she really didn't think it through. People should also realize most comments may save her from people who are not on-line seeing this picture. Because out in the real world, this lady could get hurt, as not everyone is understanding whether we are hundreds of years in the future or not! The dumbest thing I have read so far is that "we are keeping racism alive by referencing black face". Well, it's not like I'm going to forget what can be considered highly offensive because people want to move on.
So if I correct someone when they say jew instead of the correct term of Jewish, am I now one who is "keeping racism alive"?! Many people are trying to correct her as well. Going without a painted black face is more acceptable and politically correct than going with one.
For everyone's ignorant information racism has never gone away, it's just not as extreme as slave ships and wips.

#36 comment by Mo October 23, 2013

Hey I love the character also, but as a
Black female with dreads I dont think its
Nessaary for you to darken you skin, but
if you want to more power to ya, Just
be careful people are crazy.

#37 comment by Ryan C November 27, 2013

It comes from ignorance. I don't think you meant harm, but you have to understand the history and sensitivity of what all minorities faced with whites dressing up like them. I think you could have pulled the costume off without painting yourself, just to be nice about it. Racism is still an issue, which means feelings are sensitive. If you've ever been made fun of, you would understand.

#38 comment by Black Blackerson February 26, 2014

Black face is black face no matter what way you try to slice it. This is a very dangerous costume to wear! You could've dressed up as Michonne and not used black face at all.

#39 comment by Laila fields July 4, 2014

Let's not do that one, ok? Lol

#40 comment by JMousey August 7, 2014

Good Costume, shoulda put some lipstick on tho...

Everyone who commented, shut the fuck up and quit calling this poor girl racist. She did absolutley nothing wrong. This isn't black face. This is simply a girl dressing as her favorite charactor. Your all just dramatic pieces of shit to try to make her feel bad for no reason. She did nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with painting your skin to look like a charactor. Ever seen the movie White Chicks? Yeah, shut the fuck up! You did a great job on the costume hunny :)

#41 comment by Phire Halliwell August 20, 2014

I'm black and I don't find this costume racist at all. "Blackface" is someone is who is purposely trying to offend the other race. Everyone is so offended these days. When you realize that people whether intentionally racist or not have NO POWER over you--that is when RACISM will end! N word, blackface,etc will ALWAYS be here. It's apart of life. If life were perfect it would be HEAVEN! I swear some of you need to stop giving people a hard time and worry about changing yourselves FIRST before trying to dictate to other people what is racist and what is not. Everybody talks shit when they think no one is around.
If this were my friend I would just tell her, "Your costume is amazing, but just be careful because some people have nothing else better to do than to cry about racism."
She wasn't trying to be racist. She likes the character and wanted to portray it to the fullest. That's not racism. My 4 year old cousin was a bag of bread for halloween and painted her face white. You don't see WONDER BREAD coming after her. Take your power back. Nobody ever makes fun of something that doesn't hurt you. Stop letting these STUPID things hurt you. There's more things to worry about than words and painted faces. God bless you all.

#42 comment by Fed up with white folks b.s August 21, 2014

[at]JMousey Shut your racist white ass up. I dare you to share your views in the company of a real black person, but you won't, so shut the entire fuck up.

[at]Phire Halliwell You are not black. Nice try. No black person would ever not find that offensive. Shut your white ass up... You tried it, have a seat have a seat.

#43 comment by Nameless August 21, 2014

[at]Phire Hallowell "When you realize that people whether intentionally racist or not have NO POWER over you--that is when RACISM will end! N word"

This part right here tells me you're white and trying to sell yourself as black to try to prove a point makes you racist

#44 comment by Tia September 14, 2014

Phire hailiwelk I showed this pic to many people and races and this is blackface. If she was doing this costume to the fullest, she woukd have worn lipstick that was the same color of her skin, in she failed on the eye color too. To state you are black gives everyone the belief you are not. People need to stop comparing objects to human beings. Its a character, yes, but its a character portraying a human being.so she may not be racist but she is very offensive.

#45 comment by nearls October 3, 2014

Black face has a horrendous history and perhaps you were unaware, but now you're not. I'm white and dressing as Michonne for halloween (which is how I found this). I would never paint my skin in black face. Just dress the character. She is distinct and fierce and totally recognizable without donning a black face that you must have known people would find offensive.

#46 comment by Carol October 8, 2014

GREAT.....GREAT costume!! I am a huge fan also!! Wake up People....Michone is BLACK!! I'm sure she would be honored to have someone dress up like her!! You people that are hurling insults are the most racist people of all!! I would totally do the same thing and am probably gonna do it!! I love it!! What a GREAT character and I'm sure most people wouldn't get it if you didn't color your skin. I'm sure it will be a hit!! Good job!!

#47 comment by kgurlballin October 17, 2014

this is a disgrace! The costume was cool, but like most said, the blackface wasn't necessary. If you see a woman with dreads, a sword, (and oh yeah), 2 zombies on a rope, we know it's Michonne

#48 comment by camila.andradedasilva@gmail.com October 17, 2014

Good luck going out there on Halloween with a "black face". I can assure you it won't end up well.
Other than that, I think that if you drop the black face, your costume is very nice and creative.

#49 comment by Sophie October 19, 2014

the blackface wasn't needed AT ALL. pleae if you ever EVER wear this costume just leave out the blackface it is very offensive and otherwise people will get who you're trying to dress up as.

#50 comment by Denise Jordan October 28, 2014

I so want to do this costume this year. I don't think is nothing wrong. I am from Brazil and people in American get offended so easily. What is wrong of being black? or being white? or being Brazilian? OMG guys you are being rude here to her. I love Michonne too and I will make my skin a little darker. Nothing wrong you rock. Keep the spirit.

#51 comment by Nameless October 28, 2014

@denise jordan there's nothing wrong of being anything but not so old US history there was a thing called black face which was white people dressing as blacks (including face paint) and portraying them in a very poor way.

#52 comment by Black Guy From Florida October 29, 2014

There is not wrong with painting your whole body to be authentic with costume. Years ago people painted themselves blue for Avatar!

#53 comment by Shady October 30, 2014

@'Black' Guy From Florida. Either you're an Uncle Tom or you're not black at all. The fact that you would dare compare fictional characters to the weight of blackface proves that you are a moron.

#54 comment by Null_Shock October 30, 2014

#22 C tine you are an idiot, you may lose some friends. Best of luck, who knows maybe they will be understanding.

#52 You are an idiot, Your comment is idiotic, and you should feel like an idiot.

People who approve of this costume. . .They are likely kids, or lack knowledge of the U.S.'s history.

This is indeed black face, I can not begin to understand the emotions this evokes, I am of Irish Decent. I a lot of people these days(specially the white population.) want to prove that they are "tolerant"

I really have issues with Politically Correct douche bags, but Black Face? Really?

I know this chick made a dumb judgement call, but the people in the comments saying it is not a big deal to wear black face because of what happened a long time ago, is stupid, it was offensive then and it is just as offensive now. Stop being ignorant, and educate yourselves. Black Face has no place outside of a text book or documentary.

*shrugs* I need to sleep all nighter, I hope I worded everything, I do not want to come back to a bunch of pissed off people.

#55 comment by John November 1, 2014

While I do understand that when you do something publicly and makes posts, you will offend people.
There IS a difference between what this woman did and "Blackface". Everyone is saying "google it", "google it"..and I wonder if the people saying that have even Googled "blackface". It was waaaay more than just white people putting on black make up it was a part of a society trying to exclude blacks, make light of blacks, etc, etc so having a white girl putting on black make up to imitate a popular character played by a black actress. little different purpose behind the make up people. Be offended if you like about the make up but learn the difference between what "blackface" is and what this girl did.

#56 comment by Nameless November 1, 2014

[at]John the short of it is, there's no legit reason to paint your face black for a costume. You never see a person try to look Asian when imitating Asian characters so why the need to paint your face black? I'm pretty sure the sword and leashed zombies are a big enough hint.

#57 comment by John November 2, 2014

Nameless, well I would never paint my face black to be in character..mainly because I'm old enough to realize it would offend people. But there is a generation after me that doesn't realize this. My point is still that black face and what this girl did are two different things and people are trying to lump them together.
I do find it interesting while all movies have been pulled from broadcast that would show someone in black face, you can still see movies aired where whites portray asians or in particular Native Americans with make up for both and those still are used in our culture. Maybe it's because the outcry of public opinion for those races has not been heard as much. Don't know.
I only found this because I actually saw several white people on my fb feed that dressed up as Michanne yes 6with make up and the whole 9 yards but they were all 20-somethings different generation that have no clue that what they're doing can be construed in a different light than what they're intentions are.
On a different note I've known Philipinos that buy skin lightening products to be more "white", Michael Jackson was accused of lightening his skin to be more "white" and white people go to tanning beds so they're not so pale LOL and none of that has to do with portraying a character they admire.
Wish the world all was happy with the skin they were in, that they respected others for theirs, at the core realized truly it's not skin that makes us who we are but the content of our character.

#58 comment by Nameless November 2, 2014

I'm mestizo. The filipino whitening you talk about is not to be Caucasian but to look light skinned which is a sign of being upper class since only those working in the fields would be dark.

Ignorance is no excuse to do something offensive, actually ignorance is what spreads hate and racism.

Once again there is no reason to dawn blackface to portray a fictional character, there are plenty of other things within the costume that are enough to define the character.

#59 comment by John November 2, 2014

Well Nameless the filipinos I know do it ..along with lighter hair because they see American Hollywood stars and want to be more like them. Again trying to be like characters they see in film and television. This was stated from actual filipinos ..from their own admission.
And what this girl did is NOT blackface.. Not saying she should do this at all but as everyone says Google "blackface" and what it was for 100 years and it's intent. By it's definition and intent, this is not blackface. If people think she did this to make fun of, belittle, mock, or exclude blacks which was part of the purpose of blackface that's not this. Again again again not saying or endorsing her trying to be totally in character with the make up.
Come on she thought she did a great job, submitted her pic because she thought she has a great costume, etc. I bet she had no idea this would be associated with blackface. Of course she does now!
And again, because most people want see the point of the post, not endorsing what she did, I wouldn't do it .because of I'm 46. I grew up just on the back side of the civil rights movement with some of that left over tension still taking place in communities and schools. I have a different filter than 20-somethings do.

#60 comment by Nameless November 2, 2014

@john I've never heard a filipino say they lightened their skin for the sake of Hollywood but they will say things like "I am white and you are blackened by the sun" which is a direct refence to class and work, and figuring I grew up with them, married to one, and I'm half, I'm gonna be suspect of your source which means you're probably making something up to prove your point which actually devalues your arguments.

I never said the girl was intentionally racists but I do think the girl wasn't smart in her choice and made a poor decision that shouldn't be defended on the idea of detailed costuming.

#61 comment by Maxwell November 13, 2014

Im African American and I think it's flattering that she chose michonne. But the costume, mainly the body paint, needs work.

#62 comment by Jesse November 18, 2014

Love it! Great idea and beautifully done.

#63 comment by Laura March 14, 2015

I live in France, and here I've never heard anything about the "black face" (but I'll look it up).
I tried to understand why it was offensive but to be honest, if I were dark skinned myself and wanted to look like a blond-haired character, I would probably try to look as close as possible to the character. So if it implies wearing lighter foundation, I guess I would. And if I wanted to look like a red haired character with freckles, I'd wear a wig and draw freckles, etc.
I can see what you mean when you say Michonne has recognizable elements in her costume, which means we don't care about her skin colour but for cosplay I'd assume people try to look as close to the person as possible.
Anyway, I was looking for a costume for carnival and the poorly applied makeup all over the skin convinced me it didnt look good in any way... so I'd not put any in the end. The only problem is the wig because I like the dark haired dreadlocks and I'm really light skinned but I'll see what I can do with that.

#64 comment by Melissa September 18, 2015

I just came across this page while I was looking for a Michonne costume. Being a black woman... Yes I said black and not African American. Its not Necessary. But being a black woman this doesn't offend me in anyway. She loves the character and painted her skin brown.Big freaking deal. This isn't considered "Black Face". That was a whole other thing in another time. Black face was white people painting their faces start black with the sole intent of making fun of black people in every way. They way we spoke, walked, sang and so on. This girl clearly just wanted to portray the character to her likeness.I wanted to be Gamora this year from GOTG and planned on painting my skin green. I must be racist against aliens. lol I mean come on when does it end. It seems that there are more white people that are offended than black people actually are. Relax people. All you are doing is ACTUALLY making this into a racial issue. You all need to check yourselves.

#65 comment by John smith September 19, 2015

This is got to be the Shiites costumes I've even seen, my two year old son could do better. Stick to your day job. As for the comments on the black face , get a life you idiots, she's trying to get into character.

#66 comment by Nicole M. September 26, 2015

There's no sugar coating it. Black face is offensive. I'm black and I'm offended. I was offended when the white fraternity did it on the college campus (2015) and I'm offended with this post now. As per Melissa's comment, I'm making the distinction of being African-American because its offensive in American culture because of the way Black face was used in the past and it would take a African American (and a google search) to educate yourself to understand that. Admittedly, there are black people all over the world that may not understand the offensive nature of this, but I'm not going to lie; I'm offended. If you don't get it then you're either racially insensitive, ignorant or both. I don't offend other cultures when I dress up in a Halloween costume and I would like if others had the consideration to do the same. You don't have to get it. Just please understand that it IS OFFENSIVE, and don't do it. Don't take the attitude of "lighten up" or "stop making it a racial issue". People are not "making it a racial issue". IT IS A RACIAL ISSUE! IT IS OFFENSIVE and we are educating the people who obviously didn't know (or don't care) that its offensive. What would be nice would be a "Oh, I didn't know this was offensive, I apologize for offending" and take it down instead of making excuses for ignorant or offensive behavior. I don't think that painting your skin green is a good parallel here because there are no green people; same with most other colors. Silver for robots and purple for Barney is all fine. This is more of, dressing in a hijab, painting your skin "tan"and carrying a bomb, or wearing a yamaka and carrying a bag of money, or dressing like a Devious Maid and painting your skin "tan" to look more Hispanic, or just wearing the KKK outfit or the Nazi military uniform. Its just insensitive! To be honest, I'm not super bent out of shape about this because I do get the impression that she is sadly ignorant and just "trying to get into character" and doesn't mean to offend, but it doesn't take away from the offensive nature of the costume! It's easy to get into character without all the skin painting. Please be considerate other people. Stop offending people and think that its okay. Its not okay. Thank you.

#67 comment by Carla October 3, 2015

Are you kidding me?? Any true TWD fan would see the awesome character here, which is Michonne, whom I LOVE! But some of you ignorant people have to focus on the FACE PAINT..& say it's racist! Haha, yeah ok! If a black man wanted to dress as Daryl Dixon & pulled off the southern white trashy bicker boy look, with a painted face- nothing would be wrong with that,,!! Sounds like all you ppl that have a problem with the michonne costume also have racist issues!! Get ova yourselves,,,

#68 comment by Nameless October 3, 2015

@carla being black is not a costume, the added face paint makes it a costume, that's insulting and you downplaying it is even worse. I've been to plenty of cons and have yet to see anyone of color paint themselves white for a costume.

#69 comment by Yes, I'm an "Uncle Tom" October 8, 2015

I am so sick of everyone being so hyper sensitive. It's a Halloween costume. Get over yourselves. If something doesn't directly effect you why do you care? When White Chicks came out I wasn't all "oh my God. They are so racist" I did however think if some white people did that in a movie there would be an uproar. Sick of the double standard. One comment on here stated another comment was racist and Sao that person must be an Uncle Tom. You're a racist. Quit worrying about everyone else and live your life.

#70 comment by Bunny October 9, 2015

Just... if you're going to go out in public just beware. You know a lot of people are NOT going to be OKAY with painting your face black. FOR LIKE EVER this has never been okay in our society. SOOOOO just beware. Or just don't because you can get away with being Michonne without painting your face black. I was thinking about being Daenerys Targaryen but I'm not going to paint my face white. The race of a character is unnecessary as long as you have costume down.

#71 comment by Lighten up October 11, 2015

The character Michonne is a powerful, proud BLACK woman. It is an integral part of who she is and it is absolutely fine to include in a costume. There clearly was no attempt to mock her ethnicity, just a tribute to the character.

#72 comment by Kay October 12, 2015

What the actual fuck. Are you serious? Can you not do this ever again. I would respect you more if you just kept your regular skin tone instead of doing black face. And that's what this is. Are you really this stupid or was this just an elaborate prank?

#73 comment by Andrea October 17, 2015

I'm going as Michonne this year for Halloween. As a black woman, I have dressed as Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas, Samara from The Ring, Elvira, (Dead) Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and a slew of other characters over the years. Not once have I painted myself to look like the ethnicity of the character portrayed, yet by the make-ups I did use and the props used, people knew exactly who I was. Some may think the use of "blackface" make-up is offensive...I really don't have an opinion either way. What I do know is that I believe that you wouldn't have a problem being recognized by other TWD fans with the outfit, dreadlocked wig, 2 mutilated zombie guides, etc., if executed properly. I don't think you need to "color" yourself for people to get it...

#74 comment by Pumkins October 22, 2015

I have to say I really do like your costume and how you tried to execute it. It was very creative and I understand what you were trying to do. I am going to assume that you were not aware however of what "black face" is, and the ignorance behind painting your face to be another race. FYI you don't have to paint yourself to match a race just to portray a character. You could have very easily still been Michonne without the make-up. I do not however find you to be racist, you just didn't know any better. I hope in the future with what you know now, you don't make the same mistake again.

#75 comment by World Peace October 29, 2015

Joseph Morse and Phire Halliwell are correct. I wish everyone would just chill out and get along.She did not mean to offend anyone this is ridiculous. Grow up.

#76 comment by Annonymous Cosplayer November 17, 2015

its hugely offensive to do black face make up. Ive been to many cosplay conventions and it is actually banned because it is considered racist and ignorant and offensive. You could have done Danai Gurira a greater honor by not painting yourself.

#77 comment by KC February 28, 2016

Its just not ok, sorry if you dont understand it. Just dont do it, ever. Treat it like u would a racial slur,never ever allowed. It would b the same as pulling on ur eyelids to make urself look asian, its not ok.

#78 comment by The Only Sensible One March 5, 2016

For the ignorant white supremacists who don't understand why this is racist you have to understand there is a bad history behind painting your skin brown if you are not black. This is called blackface. It was a way of undermining and putting down black people during the years of segregation in america. It was a form of disgraceful entertainment used as propaganda. So please now that you know STFU and don't do this again.

#79 comment by shaka April 20, 2016

That's awful....never seen something that shitty posing as a katana.

You people make me sick.

PS. why have a black handle on an originally WHITE handle sword. That's just racist.

#80 comment by Aristocrat Blood September 12, 2016

I was britney Spears one year for halloween. As a BLACK woman, I did NOT feel the need to put white makeup/powder to make my skin white. Guess what?? EVERYONE KNEW I WAS BRITNEY SPEARS. The year after that? Slash from Guns and Roses? Guess what??!! Same thing! Moral of the story?? You can be creative and sensitive at the same time. It doesn't hurt you nor cost a dime to be considerate. smh. I am so disgusted at these comments. "Well I don't think it's offensive". It's not about you! It's about the world. Get off your fucking high horses and stop acting like racism is dead and gone --it isn't!

oh and for the person who made the military comment...that is NOT black face. That is survival. Get your head out of the sand. smh.

#81 comment by Ranny October 10, 2016

Hey, in all fairness, I think this is a great costume idea! It's just poorly executed. I don't think you're racist but there's a long history (especially in the US) of black face and racism. Regardless of your intent, anytime a white person paints their skin darker because they are trying to portray a black person is always gonna be a sensitive/offensive thing for black people (just because of history.)

Thank being said, you could totally portray the character of Michonne as a white person without painting your skin dark...I think it's mostly in the costume anyway. Think about it, black people dress up as white characters and celebrities all the time without painting their skin white, ya'know?

I know this is 3 years later, but I hope you have come to understand why the execution of this costume can be seen as offensive. And hopefully all the angry/hateful comments didn't prevent that from happening.

#82 comment by C. Smith October 29, 2016

Wow!!! You are an idiot!!! The body paint was NOT necessary!!!

#83 comment by Melanie November 6, 2016

The costume was good but the skin paint wasn't necessary.. painting yourself was a foolish idea

#84 comment by Kat Kitaen November 6, 2016

Do you have ANY CLUE how outright offensive this is???? What an idiot!!!

#85 comment by Lee December 4, 2016

Disgusting. You don't need blackface to dress up like a character. How this is still up online I'll never understand.

#86 comment by Nunya December 13, 2016

Jesus christ. Fucking ignorant redneck. I am sure she knows damn well black face is racist. She's just a racist fan, those exist yknow. What a dumbass hill billy. Embarrassing.

#87 comment by Melanie November 14, 2017

Maybe there's a reason why Caucasian people shouldn't dress up as black people and vice versa.

#88 comment by Melanie December 13, 2017

White Body, painted brown
Slaying brown bodies.

You don't need to put on blackface for halloween. For people who don't know why this is racist. Its because of minstrels shows in the early 1900's. These shows portrayed white actors with blackface portraying stereotypes of black people being stupid, violent, etc. These stereotypes continue to stain the perceptions of black people. Example, people being scared of black men because they think their violent, crossing the street when seeing a black man etc.

White people, Hispanics, Asians have no right to determine whats racists/acceptable and whats not because it is not their ancestors who were systemically oppressed, enslaved, discriminated upon. Pictures like the one above is a reminder of that past. Its disgusting and soo disrespectful for blackness to be simply 'painted' on, worn as a costume with no regards to how it mirrors the past.

Thank you so much for appreciating and enjoying the work of this black actress! However, people will still know your're admiring her through costume with your own shade of skin. No one looks like her on the show, white or black.

Please, think about American ugly past. Although, it may be a distant memory and not an important factor for some. The past still stains the present for black Americans. America is supposed to be the land of the free, even though its built by enslaved people. In short, America has a lot of extra baggage its citizens is just trying to get past/manage with. However, this cannot be successful until citizens are careful and aware of our actions and words.

God Bless America!

#89 comment by Ana August 12, 2018

This is blackface, a racist and ignorant approach to such an easy costume. There are so many ways you could have done this and frankly I'm disappointed. Do better, because this is sickening.

#90 comment by Flora October 23, 2018

I am black and I am not offended. This person obviously loves the character, and was not trying to be offensive. The costume is pretty good.I remember Jim CRow, the Klan and burning crosses. This is nothing. Now, a bunch of frat kids doing black face, just for the heck of it, is offensive.

#91 comment by Poopy doopy artichooky October 23, 2018

Yay! Personally I think anyone who thinks black face is racist, is in fact racist themselves. You are putting to much worth in the color of your skin. When wether you are black or red or yellow or white it simple don't matter. Just like hair color, or if you have fancy fingernails. May I remind you, hitler made a world war to make the Aryan the prominent race and also kill all the Jews, I don't have blond hair or blue eyes.. should I start claiming people with this discription as racist because they change their hair color to mine and wear color changing contacts. I am not saying there are not racists out there, fuck those people. But relax, it's makeup, and who knows maybe michonne is a role model to this lady and she wanted to embody her as best she could. I'll have you know they went so far during WW2 to check people's dicks, to see if they were cercumsised and if they were that ment they were a Jew. And that isn't even a race thing... that was simply their culture. THAT is hate for a race. Not enslaving a people because they seemed less intelligent, but thanks to the help of micheal Jackson I think the world realized skin color doesn't mater. :) and that was a joke....(thinking you racist are not intelligent enough to get it) Martin Luther King was an amazing man for civil rights. END- fuck off with your racist stupid shit! It's FUCKING MAKEUP YOU FUCKING STUPID FUCKING FUCKS!

#92 comment by Crys November 2, 2018

Understand you werent trying to be offensive.... but dont do that no more

#93 comment by mike November 26, 2018

Blackface isn't racist because of the black face paint. It's offensive because of its history in America. While this person obviously had good intentions and doesn't seem to be racist at all, it'd behoove them to avoid doing blackface again.

That said, it's also not fair for people to just call her out like this. There's no reason to think this person was being purposely disrespectful or racist. Without knowing the history of blackface, it's hard to understand why it is racist. Just like wearing a wig of different colored hair, it seems innocent enough. Let's stay civil and just let her know why this is actually not a great thing to do.

#94 comment by Cameka September 13, 2020

You are racist and deserve to be beaten. Whether you paint your face or not. A white person should NEVER dress as a character of color. You taking away OUR culture, like white people always done. You don't deserve to be a character of color. And I mean ALL of you white mfs. Just having the dreads is racist and cultural appropriation! White people SHOULD NEVER dress as POC characters or even use POC reaction gifs, wear ANYTHING black people wear, use ANY black slang, watch black shows/movies, or even listen to black music. White people dont even deserve to have 𠇋lack friends". You wanna be black so bad?? Ok then lemme put you in chains and beat you with a whip. It's what you all deserve. So all of us minorities can sit back and laugh at you. You racist mfs make me sick. I saw a little bitch last year dressed as doc mcstuffins and I called her the fuck out and embarrassed her. She didn't have no paint on but idgaf. It's still racist af. Her mama try to say something back but shut her mouth real quick when I called her a racist cracka in front of everyone. She didn't even say nothing cuz she knew it was true. Loved seein that little bitch cry lmao. Hope I can find one of you mfs to do it to again this year!!! Imma go on a racist cracka hunt lmfao deadass.

#95 comment by True American September 18, 2020

When you make a comment, “I don't see the problem with this" you have not experienced oppression. This reflects mocker, oppression and empowerment over a race of people, not one person.

Respect over hate...

This is truly said, people respect merchandise over a fellow human.

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