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Medusa Costume
by Roxanne
Medusa Costume
by Amber
Medusa the Gorgon Costume
by Lauren

Medusa Costume

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Medusa Costume


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Medusa Liteup HeadpieceMedusa Liteup Headpiece $12.29

12 Rubber Rain Forest Snakes - 14"12 Rubber Rain Forest Snakes - 14" $5.30

Snake Arm Cuff Costume AccessorySnake Arm Cuff Costume Accessory $3.91

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This homemade costume for kids entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Jill, the 'Medusa' costume creator:

My 5 yr old son loves snakes and decided it's halloween so he can be whatever he wants...including a girl, Medusa.

I created the costume out of an old table cloth which i cut, folded over and cut a hole for his head and put a few stitches in to make it look like a toga (sort of). I also spray painted the bottom so it looked dip died and finished it off with a curtain tie to put around his waist.

He wore black long johns underneath the toga and i put them on a pool noodle. Then i slid fishnet stockings over top and spray painted them too so it looked like scales. The 'hair' was made on a baseball hat with the brim cut off. I used rubber snakes from the dollar store and rope from home depot. i twisted the rope around the hat stitching it every so often to stay in place. Next i cut the snakes and glued them in and under the rope. I also glued gems on the snakes eyes so they would be noticeable. Finally i took spray paint and went to town on the hat to cover every inch of the rope and rubber snakes.

He was a big hit!

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78 votes
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#1 comment by Meghan October 3, 2012

Oh my gosh, I'm a 22 year old female and I LOVE IT. I may be doing this for Halloween this year. I'll make sure to give you credit though :)

#2 comment by Jill T. October 4, 2012

Thank you!!! Happy creating! Any questions along the way,, just ask! :)

#3 comment by JEN October 8, 2012


#4 comment by Jill T. October 8, 2012

Cut the brim off of a baseball hat. Then I bought rope and wrapped, twisted, and looped it around the hat putting a stitch every so many inches where needed to keep in place. After I had the hat mostly covered in the rope, I stuck rubber snakes of various sizes in the spots that were bare. I spray painted both sides of the snakes before adding them. Some of the snakes I had to cut in half (like the big ones sticking out near his face) to get them to fit and hid the cut end under the rope. I hot glued the snakes to the hat and rope to keep them in place. I also glued small snakes all across the back of the hat, hanging down, so it would hide his hair that stuck out from the hat. After all the rope and snakes were in place I took bronze, gold, and black spray paint and sprayed the entire thing like crazy making sure to cover all the rope. I repainted the snakes tongues red after all the spray painting was done and I added green jewels to their eyes to make them stand out more. It took a bit of trial and error. Hope that helps!

#5 comment by Shanly October 13, 2012

This is awesome and just what I was looking for for my daughter. How exactly did you spray the snakes and ropes?

#6 comment by tragil91 October 28, 2012

I've looked all over the web for a Medusa headpiece design. This is by far the best I've seen. The make-up is wonderful, too. How did you make the "scale" look on his forehead and jawbone?

#7 comment by Jill T October 28, 2012

Kinda silly but I put fishnet stockings on his head and then used eyeshadow and a makeup sponge and dabbed into the shape I wanted on his forehead and jawline. Then we carefully pulled the stockings off! He was not happy with that process but liked the end result! Haha.

#8 comment by mary N. October 30, 2012

Thank you for sharing this idea. This is totally awesome. I made this 12 hours before the costume party I attended and although it was not as great as yours it still came out fantastically freaky. People could not believe I made it myself.:)

#9 comment by Lucy M. December 14, 2012

How long does it take to make the whole costume?

#10 comment by Sue March 18, 2013

May I borrow it for a party at the end of this month (March 2013)? This is amazing!

#11 comment by Sarah June 13, 2013

I like your wig

#12 comment by Terra August 24, 2013

Where did you find the rubber snakes? was the hat very heavy?

#13 comment by Heather September 12, 2013

How much would you charge to make the hat?

#14 comment by Medusa September 15, 2013

a masterpiece! mom of the year award goes to you!

#15 comment by Jill T September 15, 2013

thanks, everyone! :) heather - sorry, i have four kids to make costumes for this year and i'm usually scrambling to get them done! you can make it...if i can do it, anyone can! :) it's all about trial and error!

#16 comment by Jennifer September 30, 2013

This is by far the best Medusa head piece I've seen! I hope mine turns out as good! And I think it's awesome you let your son be what he wanted to be for Halloween!

#17 comment by Kelly October 5, 2013

His costume is amazing! Did you use black and gold spray paint? I'm also curious what you are doing for your 4 kids this year since you are so creative!

#18 comment by Sheila October 10, 2013

AWESOME costume! But WHERE did you get your snakes? I tried two dollar stores in my 'hood (suburban MD) and Oriental Trading and have only found tiny ones (more like worms)...Thanks for sharing this!

#19 comment by Jenica October 17, 2013

I'm attempting to recreate this costume for my niece this year. She is 10 and is totally wanting "snakes all over my head" Hehe. I looked everywhere for cheap snakes and just couldn't find ones that were big enough on a tight budget. I ended up ordering total of 14 snakes for about 8 dollars, ranging in size from 10-20 inches long when stretched straight. They should arrive in a few days. I spent way too much time searching for snakes online lol, most places had comments that the snakes were hard plastic and I thought that would be difficult to work with. These SHOULD be softer and stretchy. I'll try to remember to update once they arrive. :) Thanks for the inspiration Jill.

#20 comment by Jill T October 17, 2013

So happy to hear so many people like my creation! The process is never pretty but I can usually make the end result look decent! ;). I had found the snakes in the dollar bin section at Target. That was 2 years ago tho. I did have to cut the big snakes and only use the front half of them or else the hat was too heavy for him. I used bronze, gold and black spray paint. Please post your costumes and then comment on here so I know where to look for them! I'd love to see everyone else's take on this!

#21 comment by Kelly October 18, 2013

I'm out spray painting the snakes right now! I just wanted to let people know that I purchased snakes from Amazon Prime (2 day) shipping - they were called: "12 Rubber RAINFOREST Snakes/14" Rain Forest Snake Figures". $8.75 for 12 of them and they are a good size and decent quality for what you are paying. Hope this saves someone some time and once again thanks to the creative mom behind this hat!

#22 comment by Saila October 19, 2013

That is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing, will definitely try this, this halloween.

#23 comment by Joannie October 22, 2013

I decided i wanted to be Medusa this year. I searched high and low for snakes that weren't too stiff or too flimsy. I ended up spending $40 for $20 snakes - OUCH - I haven't finished the headress yet - sure hope it comes out at least half as good as your version, which i think looks amazing and was done at a fraction of the cost. I also decided to make a Greek gown out of green/gold fabric - spent another $25. This costume will cost me $100 before it is complete - next time i will do it your way!!

#24 comment by jennifer October 29, 2013

Amazing! I am trying to recreate this for my daughter, but the head piece seems so heavy. How did you get the head piece to stay on your son?

#25 comment by Jill t October 29, 2013

The headpiece was a tad heavy but not ridiculous that he couldn't run around as he was trick-or-treating. I had used a baseball hat that I cut the brim off and then I made the hat tight (it was one of those $3 plain walmart hats that fasten with velcro) and stitched the tab to the hat so it couldn't slide loose while he ran around. Not sure if that makes sense. Hope that helps, good luck!

#26 comment by Jenica November 2, 2013

Jill T. I posted photos of the costume I made, inspired by yours. If you're interested https://www.costume-works.com/medusa14.html

#27 comment by Jill T. November 3, 2013

Thanks for sharing!! Your niece looks awesome!

#28 comment by JL October 27, 2014

I tried to recreate the headpiece, but I also could only find the smaller snakes (unless I wanted to spend WAY more). Cutting the brim off a cheap cap and wrapping the rope (I used gold trim) around it worked really well. My daughter didn't look as cool as your son, but it still worked.
Thanks for the helpful tips!!

#29 comment by Anastasia October 7, 2016

Hello! How can I buy this hat?! ������

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