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Make-Up and Face Paint

If one is dressing as a somewhat NORMAL human being, he or she might want to use just regular make up to get into Character for somebody who might wear a bit more make up than you do... perhaps to add to a "starlet" look. A Child may want to use Moms Make-up if she's stepping into an "Adult Costume" of a womanly type. Then we have the heavier, Face Paint.

Zombie Softball PlayerZombie Softball Player

Zombie Prom QueenProm Queen Zombie

Zombie Wedding Family CostumeZombie Wedding

Scary Witch CostumeScary Witch

It is a MUST to use White, Red and maybe a bit of Green Face Paint to make your Zombies look truly like the walking dead. FYI: It is possible to achieve this effect with some Pale Face Powder, Red Lipstick, and a little Green Eye Shadow. (isn't he lovely? :-)

Have fun painting your face, or the face of someone else donning the appropriate Costume in the look of a Clown... Be as creative as you'd like! Be a Hippie and paint Flowers on your cheeks, and even on your Husbands... If he'll LET you! Ü. If you are going to be an animal, such as a Tiger perhaps?, If you have no mask, just paint your face with orange and black stripes, add a few whiskers.. and THERE YOU GO! "Meow".... or "ROAR!"?

Fun face painting

One (well probably more than "one" Ü) word or warning about Costume make-up. Not all skin can tolerate it, so we must be careful in applying it... especially in children. You may want to try applying a product to a small patch of skin (for about 20 minutes) before covering a whole area. If redness or complaints of itchiness occur... cleanse area immediately with soap and warm water. If a rash or something worse appears call a physician and follow his/her instructions. It would probably be something as simple as applying a cortisone ointment/cream. I don't mean to make anyone fearful... a bad reaction to Costume Make-up is a rather rare occurance. These products are well tested and there is usually no problem with them at all. BUT! Instead of taking a chance on Halloween night becoming something other than what is planned, try a little smudge of the make-up on your child or children a few days prior to a Halloween/Costume event..?

Returning to HAPPIER thoughts... Let's see what kinds of make-up we can come up with... Some of you may want to make your own Scars, Fake Noses, Fake Chins, even Hands and/or Feet. With a little know-how and the right products, you CAN definately do some of these things.

Girl in the Vampire costumeVampire

Homemade Witch CostumesWicked Witch


Angel and DevilAngel & Devil

Wicked Witch of the West CostumeWicked Witch

Demon possessed girl from The Exorcist movieRegan of "The Exorcist"

Unknown ZombieOne-Eyed Zombie

Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger

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