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Lego Ninjago Green Ninja Costume

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Lego Ninjago Green Ninja Costume

Best LEGO Ninjago Costume!

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Costume type:  Costumes for Boys
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Toys and Dolls Costumes

This homemade costume for boys entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Siboney, the 'Lego Ninjago Green Ninja' costume creator:

My son Alex is 7 years old and like most boys his age he loves lego especially ninjago. His favorite is the green ninja so thats what he wanted to be for halloween. I couldnt find the costume anywhere so my son asked if I could make it for him...I had no idea how I would make it since I had never made a costume before but I just didnt have the heart to say no.

I started with some cardboard boxes for the body, when I was happy with the shape I cover it with fabric and pieced the details on the front with fabric. The head is also made with cardboard and the details are made with foam and then covered in the same fabric (this was the hardest thing to make I had to cover it twice) the legs are cut out of foam and covered in the same fabric. His hands and weapon are also made with cardboard.

I regret not taking pictures of the entire process. He was a huge success in school, everyone wanting to take pictures with him and chanting "ninjago ninjago" as he walked by in the parade. We also went to legoland and got amazing compliments from people, my son had camaras flashing from every direction. Someone even said they thought he was a park character.

I had so much fun making this costume even though I stared at the actual minifigure for hours trying to figure out how to make it fit my son and still look like a real lego. I worked on it an entire month. Luckily I had started at the begining of september. The total money spent was around 70 dollars for fabric and hot glue (i used a LOT of hot glue)

Every second spent working on this was worth it when my son tells me "you're the best mom in the world" and I see how happy he is in his costume grabbing everyones attention. Thats the best thing for me.

Rating: 4.4 of 5. Votes: 140

140 votes
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#1 comment by itzel rivas November 5, 2012

best costume i have ever seen in my life!!! winner! :)

#2 comment by samuel maravilla November 5, 2012

Awesome costume!!!i used to love legos as a kid and would have loved a costume like this.5 stars!!!well done

#3 comment by Juan Ontiveros November 6, 2012

Great costume! So well done it looks store-bought... :)

#4 comment by KEVIN CLEVE November 6, 2012


#5 comment by mario r reyes November 6, 2012

Amazing work. The creator has TALENT.

#6 comment by G.Martin November 6, 2012

I love the costume and I want one.

#7 comment by Oscarin November 6, 2012

Very nice costume I love it .

#8 comment by Gloria November 6, 2012

love this costume. best costume.

#9 comment by natalia mama de david November 6, 2012

Excelent job good talent

#10 comment by Dolly Provencio November 6, 2012

Great costume you did an Awesome job,love the fabric

#11 comment by Javier November 6, 2012

WOW this looks so official!!! I swear it looks like it was made from lego themselves, i mean it blends perfectly with all the ninjago merchandise in the back, I would totally buy this!!!!! great job!!!!

#12 comment by Marisol martinez November 6, 2012

We love the costume , and yes he was the very popular in our school parade one of the best ,great job mom making the costume :-) and Alex good luck :-) . #1 that is for sure.

#13 comment by Rodrigo Soto November 6, 2012

Great costume hope you win 8D

#14 comment by Oscar Perez November 6, 2012

The best costume I ever seen, very original and authentic i think it deserves the 1st place...

#15 comment by Mel November 7, 2012

I love this costume! How original! It is DEAD ON!!! Great job, Lego Mom, and good luck to Alex!!!

#16 comment by Angela H. November 7, 2012

Awesome costume Alex!! Andrew is jealous! Mrs. R, you did a fantastic job with this costume! :)

#17 comment by Iveth November 7, 2012

WoW !!!!!!
You did a great job with this costume....
Definitely deserves 1st place.

#18 comment by Melissa November 7, 2012

i love it so cool! it looks so real.

#19 comment by maria juana November 7, 2012

omg im in love with this costume i want one!

#20 comment by Rosa November 8, 2012

Great work! Unbelievable costume.
I hope he wins!

#21 comment by alan c November 8, 2012

This is the greatest thing since dominos reinvented the pizza!!!!! super cool costume! awesome job! Jump up, kick back, whip around, and spin!

#22 comment by Marcella November 8, 2012

Such an amazing costume! Great Job! definitly deserves to win!

#23 comment by luis November 9, 2012

greatest homemade costume Ive ever seen. Very clean, and professional look. makes me want to learn SPINJITZU! good luck I hope you win.

#24 comment by Julio November 9, 2012

Best costume I've seen for sure !!!

#25 comment by alberto November 9, 2012

super cool costume!!!!!!!! ive looked at all the other lego ninjago costumes and this is the best. lego should hire you to make their costumes. great job and good luck.

#26 comment by jana November 10, 2012

Great idea.......super custume.....

#27 comment by Eddie Caudillo November 10, 2012

Can't be beat! It's a winner!!!

#28 comment by Mikhail November 12, 2012

All I can say is "wow". It looks like an advertisement out of a lego catalog. Those are some serious skills you've got.

#29 comment by Susana Ruvalcaba November 19, 2012

Awsome Costume!! it was a huge success at our school!! the best one ive seen!! winner hands down!! mommy made it with lots of love thats why it deserves to be the WINNER!! lots of time and hard work!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

#30 comment by Sherry April 6, 2013

Th is is a wonderful costume! You did a fantastic job! My son wants me to make a Ninja Lego costume and when I did some searching I came across yours. I was just wondering if you child could sit in this costume?

#31 comment by siboney April 7, 2013

sherry thank you for your comment. My son was able to sit in this costume. we had to help him sit and help him get up but it can be done.

#32 comment by Lisa August 11, 2013

So darling! I really want to make this for my son. I'm a graphic designer also and would love the challenge. The only I can't wrap my head around in the head! Yipes. Cardboard and foam? Did you hot glue the fabric to the styrofoam? I thought it would melt? I would love any help I can get. I was going to start this week, knowing it would be a process.

#33 comment by JPOsteen September 11, 2013

Amazing work! Believe it or not, my 7yr old girl wants to be Lloyd for halloween this year. If I give you my email, would you be willing to send more pics of the pieces and/or answer a few questions?

#34 comment by Kristy S September 28, 2013

I showed my son this picture and he loved it!! He wants to be this for Halloween and this has certainly inspired me to go the extra mile. I think I understand all that you did, but was wondering if your son could see through the helmet? If so, how? Mesh eyes? Amazing job...hoping I can do my son's costume justice!!

#35 comment by Kandis October 10, 2013

How did you make the head??

#36 comment by Lori October 21, 2013

Do u still have this costume? Can I buy it from u?

#37 comment by siboney October 21, 2013

Lori, I do have the costume. We dont want to sell it. I'm sorry. Thank you for your offer.

#38 comment by Trine October 22, 2013

Fantastic - i would love to make A White ninjago for my son, but i can't figure out How he can see through the helmet. Can you help me with that ?

#39 comment by siboney October 22, 2013

I cut the eyes out and covered them with pieces of black stockings, then painted the white circle. There's a lot of different see through fabrics you can use. I used what I had on hand.

#40 comment by Lori October 22, 2013

It was worth a shot! Thanks for your response. :)

#41 comment by leann October 26, 2013

what did you do to get the mask to make the fabric look gathered under his mouth?

#42 comment by siboney October 27, 2013

Leann. I used cardboad and foam. I shaped the foam and then covered it with the fabric. Its hard to explain without pictures.

#43 comment by Leann October 27, 2013

Thanks so much. That gives me a good idea. Is it just a cotton fabric that you used?

#44 comment by siboney October 27, 2013

I used felt. It was on sale and I was able to buy it by the yard. You can use any fabric you want really.

#45 comment by mario.r.reyes1981@gmail.com October 28, 2013

kiubo siboney espero y esten bien.
te mando un fuerte abrazo.

#46 comment by zahira leivas October 29, 2013

oh my gosh, this is the bestest custome ive ever seen I bought cardboard, green fabric, paints, and you name it, now is just to start, but I was wondering how did you make the hand piece that I have not a clue, please reply asap I have not started yet

#47 comment by lovedracomalfoy99 March 4, 2014


#48 comment by The white frozen ninja April 21, 2014

Great costume but you mite just open the middle eye and cover

#49 comment by Diane August 6, 2014

Great costume what material did you use for stars and shoulder pads?

#50 comment by Angie September 2, 2014

Could you send me directions on how you made this costume?

#51 comment by Michelle S September 21, 2014

This is totally awesome. If you have them, I would love instructions as well.

#52 comment by paula September 22, 2014

can you provide more details oh how you made this? would love to make for my son this year

#53 comment by siboney September 24, 2014

Sorry! I don't have instructions on how to make this costume. It's the first costume I made, so I made it up as I went. I regret not taking pictures of my process.

#54 comment by MARIO September 25, 2014


#55 comment by Linda September 28, 2014

Siboney hi can you email on any instructions that can be helpful in making this for my son.

#56 comment by diane September 29, 2014

Hi Siboney can you please email any instructions or what you used to make the body and shoulder pads and the stars please email me my son wants to be this for Halloween because the ones at the stores look nothing like a ninjago please thank you in advance.

#57 comment by siboney October 4, 2014

The body is made out of a cardboard box, I just cut it in the shape of a lego body. The green fabric is felt and the shoulder pads are made with cardboard and covered in silver fabric. The stars are made from the same silver fabric you can use any silver fabric. Sorry I don't have any templates or measurements

#58 comment by Diane October 8, 2014

Hi Siboney thanks for the response i forgot to mention..How did you make the head? Did you make the arms as well? I am going to give it a shot.
Thanks again

#59 comment by Casey October 10, 2014

What's the back look like? Especially where the top meets the legs? Would it be possible to take some pics from all angels while it is not on someone? Like pics of the top, the head, and the bottom/legs? That would be so awesome and so helpful :) E-mail them to me? Or do you have a website or some place you could post them? wickedlovelyart[at]gmail.com

#60 comment by siboney October 10, 2014

Rafaaaaaaa!! Hola amigo.

Diane the arms are made like a regular sleeve. The head is tricky to explain because it's a mixture of so many different things. I just started with a cylinder shape and added foam where I wanted the raised details and the covered the entire piece in the fabric.

Casey the back looks just like the back on the minifigure. Sorry I don't have pictures of the back. I don't have easy access to it because it's in storage so I can't post more pictures of it.

#61 comment by Jennifer October 13, 2014

What a great costume! You did an awesome job! I found this while looking for ideas for this yr. my boys want to be the green and red, I'm the blue and dad is Sensei Wu. One question. The legs, did you sew them or glue the fabric to the foam? Thanks for any help!!

#62 comment by Michele October 19, 2014

Love it and my son wants to be the green one this year. How did you round the cardboard at the top of his head and how did you connect the cardboard on his head to the foam on his head. And did you add anything to keep it on his head at the same place and not to slip around? Thanks

#63 comment by Krystal October 20, 2014

Any chance you have this and would sell it lol

#64 comment by Tammy November 17, 2014

Absolutely awesome!

#65 comment by Olly reed November 23, 2014

That is absolutely amazing! I wish my mum could make something as good as this hah I want one even though I'm 14 hah love it! Good job

#66 comment by Niamho September 29, 2015

He's called Lloyd.

#67 comment by Beto October 2, 2015

His name is Lloyd, he's called the Green Ninja.

#68 comment by April October 6, 2015

Siboney...if you still have this costume, would you be willing to sell?? I would pay a good amount of money for this! My son would be in love!!

#69 comment by CMS January 10, 2016

Great job!!!! What is the Weapon made of?

#70 comment by Michaela Buhlmann January 11, 2016

This costume is great! I search so long for a costume for my son..He is 8 and a great ninjago fan.
Where can I buy this?
M . Buhlmann

#71 comment by Hector H. February 16, 2016

Would you concider Selling it? Or Making another to sell? Im very interested in a costume like this but dont know where to find one. And Im not as talented as you are to make it.

#72 comment by Deanna November 25, 2016

Could you please contact me? I have a few construction questions. I am in the process of making Zane for my son's birthday party in 2 weeks. i want to know how the legs were made and the mask. Thank you.

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