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Dinosaurs Costume
by Christine
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by Valerie
Dinosaurs Costume
by Jackie

Jurassic World Dinosaurs Costume

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Jurassic World Dinosaurs Costume

Awesome Dino's

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Photo #1 - Awesome Dino's Photo #2 - Jurassic World Dinosaurs Photo #3 - Indominous Rex Photo #4 - Blue Photo #5 - Delta
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This homemade costume for groups entered our 2015 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 1st place in the Best Children's Costume nomination!

A word from Mary, the 'Jurassic World Dinosaurs' costume creator:

After watching the Jurassic World movie and playing the video game, my three boys came up with the idea and asked me to make it for them! Indominous Rex is worn by my 11 yr old, Keith. Blue the velociraptor is worn by my 8 yr old, Mason. And his twin brother, Micah is wearing Delta the velociraptor!

I shaped craft foam sheets and masking tape for the head shapes. I covered them with fabric which the boys chose for each of their costumes. The body and tails were made from craft plastic canvas sheets that I shaped and segmented in order for them to move when they walk! I painted plastic Christmas ornaments for their eyes. Sturdy foam and tape for their claws and toes. Foam makeup sponges for Indominous Rex's spikes! Paint, markers, and thread used for accents.

The boys were the hit of the Halloween night in the neighborhood trick or treating!!! Many kids and adults gave them lots of compliments! "Best ones they saw" , "Wow, your mom made this!" "Awesome!" My family and friends said I out-did myself again. One said I should patent these! Another high school friend said my Home Economics teacher would be so proud!

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98 votes
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#1 comment by Angela November 23, 2015

Awesome costumes! Incredible craftsmanship -- and impressive ability to construct such details from the mind into the real world! I've seen "dress up sets" marketed as those from Jurrasic World, but these blow them away! Your boys are lucky to have such a creative mom

#2 comment by Chris August 28, 2016

Great costumes, love the dino's. They look so real.

#3 comment by Mary August 29, 2016

Thank You!

#4 comment by Samantha September 4, 2016

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and this is the best costume I've ever seen! Did you sew the body or just sew the tail onto some clothes?

#5 comment by Mary September 5, 2016

HI Samantha! Thanks! I made the heads by molding and covering craft foam with fabric. I made shirts and pants from just copying some of their clothes. And I just added a tail to the seam in the back of pants! Pretty much just wing it as I go! Lol!

#6 comment by Julie September 19, 2016

Would you ever sell these? I would buy an indominous Rex from you in a heartbeat!!

#7 comment by Tara September 19, 2016

I'm working on similar costumes for my son's. But I'm struggling with the bathroom issue. Any suggestions?

#8 comment by Mary September 21, 2016

Hi Julie! I do still have the Indominous Rex costume! I sold the velociraptors! Contact me at maryscullin[at]yahoo.com to discuss more if interested! Thanks !

#9 comment by Rachel West September 30, 2016

My son wants to be a Jurassic world T-Rex, how did you get the tail to stick out behind the body?

#10 comment by Mary Scullin September 30, 2016

HI Tara! I just made it like a pair of pants to slip on or off! I did not want to make it a jumpsuit for that exact reason! Bathroom breaks are a must! Good luck! :)

#11 comment by Mary September 30, 2016

HI Rachel! I used craft plastic canvas sheets (like cross-stitch fabric but only its sturdy plastic). I sewed a piece of the plastic from just below waist to top of butt flat against the outside of their stretchy shorts (which is inside and how they pull them on and off).
Then a made a cone shape which I attached to the flat shape on the shorts. This is what made the tail strong and stand out from the body. It was very comfortable for them. Then I just made more cylinder shapes of plastic to make the lengths of the tail. Just made them smaller/skinnier as I went. Hope this helps you. Good luck!

#12 comment by Megan October 1, 2016

Do you sell any of these costumes? They are so awesome!

#13 comment by Alison October 2, 2016

Do you have any of these left? I am willing to purchase one. My son has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was a toddler.

#14 comment by Angel October 4, 2016

Hello do you have any of these left? I'm really interested in buying one from you?

#15 comment by Mary October 4, 2016

Hi there! Sorry everyone! I have sold all 3 of these costumes! Thank you for asking!

#16 comment by Emily October 6, 2016

Hi Mary,
I am building my son a similar costume. What material did you use to cover their face? Is it a shear fabric? Thanks in advance!!

Great work! I love homemade costumes!!

#17 comment by Mary October 7, 2016

Hi Emily!

Thank you! Yes, I used a double layer of shear fabric on the neck of the Dino! I made a tube of fabric with the shear part in front. I then connected one end to the bottom of the Dino hat. This covered the face and neck of my kid and made it look like a long neck! Hope this helps! Love that you are making one too! Good luck!

#18 comment by Beth October 9, 2016

How long did this take you? My son loves these costumes. your comments and directions are helpful:)

#19 comment by Mary October 10, 2016

Hi Beth!

Thank you! Hard to say how many total hours! But lots! The three costumes were made in a month! Exhausting, but well worth it! Thank goodness I do this once a year!

#20 comment by Beth October 10, 2016

I'm just trying to figure out how you shaped the heads with the foam...

#21 comment by Amanda October 13, 2016

I wish you could make a tutorial on how you make them!! My 3 year old would LOVE this :D

#22 comment by Shae October 16, 2016

These are amazing! My daughter would love this..

What did you use for the body fabric?? And the teeth are they foam??

I would love a little more detail if you wouldn't mind emailing me. Shaeward[at]hotmail.com

#23 comment by Mary October 17, 2016

Sorry for not replying back sooner! I'm busy creating this years costumes and not checking messages as much!
Love that y'all are interested in my work! I don't think I'm organized enough to make a tutorial but I will try to one day! For the heads, I shaped sheets of foam onto a foam bollo hat (Dollor Store). I just kept looking at pictures and shaped it with masking tape as I went! And the body fabric for the Indominous Rex was just thin polyester gray fabric! I used markers and fabric paint to add high and low lights! I let my boys pick out the fabrics! They. we're so excited! Thank Y'all!

#24 comment by Nancy May 14, 2017

Hi, what awesome you've made for your children. I'm totally out of dinosaur. And wonder if you make these packages also for others. I have a lot of interest in the gray dino pack the Indominous Rex. But is for myself and therefore for an adult person. Obviously I want to pay you for it. I'd like to hear if you want to make it for me. My email: nancy_771[at]hotmail.com

Greeting nancy

#25 comment by Jessica August 17, 2017

Omgosh! Amazing! Would you consider making and selling them?

#26 comment by Mary August 19, 2017

Hi Jessica,

Thx for your compliment! I've considered making more, but the time it takes me to make them is tiring. I am already looking to start on this years costumes for my 3 boys. Once a year is enough for me! ��

#27 comment by Julie August 23, 2017


My son & I have been searching for a great Dino costume. If you're not making more of these, would you consider selling these? Or 1 of them?These are the best Dino costumes I've seen! I'm looking for boy size 8.
Thank you


#28 comment by Michel'le M. August 28, 2017


Would you consider taking an order to custom make this indominous Rex costume?

#29 comment by Mary August 29, 2017

Hello Julie. Thank you! I have already sold these costumes. Sorry.

Hello Michel'le M. I wish I had the time to custom make these costumes for others! I'm sorry. But my time is limited and really stretched thin for the 3 I make every October! If that changes I'll be sure to let everyone know. Thank you!

#30 comment by Rachel Bryant August 30, 2017

I have a 4 year old if you would make or sell that i am interested

#31 comment by Brandy September 2, 2017

I want to make one so badly, but I just don't understand how you made the head and tails. Do you have a close up picture of Blue's fabric and where did you purchase it from? I wish you had a tutorial because these are amazing!!

#32 comment by Mary September 3, 2017

I currently have no plans to make more of these. Thank you for y'all's interest!

[at]Brandy- Please read through from the beginning of this thread. I put lots of details in answering previous questions. But if you still have questions please email me directly(email in previous comments). :) I bought fabric at Golden D'or Fabrics in Dallas. Pic of fabric can be emailed to you too. Thanks everyone!

#33 comment by Katrina September 3, 2017

Hi, I would love to buy one of these from you! The grey one is amazing! My family does haunted houses occasionally and this year we may be doing another one. I also would love to have a tutorial for making these, if unable to purchase.

#34 comment by Jessie J October 7, 2017

My son has been obsessed with Indominous Rex for years now. Any chance we could purchase one of these from you? We'd be happy to pay for your craftsmanship!

#35 comment by Mary October 8, 2017

Thank you for your interest in the dinosaur costumes I made for my kids. Sorry, they have been sold already. I only made 3.

#36 comment by Aga January 29, 2018

thank you for the inspiration! my kiddo wanted to go as t-rex at school carnival party - your guidelines, pictures and description helped me a great deal! it took some time to prepare the costume, but was totally worth the effort!

#37 comment by Jessica July 19, 2018

Would you be willing to give me some advice to start the head? Im just looking for a step by step or even just where to start

#38 comment by Ellen MacLeod July 27, 2018

where did u get the material for blue. my son has been begging me to make it.. u did an amazing job.

#39 comment by Krisha July 29, 2018

Can you please email a photo of the fabric? I LOVE these. We're going to attempt to make them for my boys this year. :) Thanks in advance.

#40 comment by Caoimhe August 6, 2018

Hi there Mary. My son is obsessed with dinos and wants to be Blue for Halloween this year. He's 9yo. He has a "Blue" mask but i can't seem to figure out how ypu did the suit. Did you just use t-shirts and trousers covered in fabric?? I'm in Ireland by the way. Not sure if you could make one and send it here but would defo love to attempt it.

#41 comment by Jennifer August 9, 2018

My three boys are in love with Jurassic world/ Park movies two can you send me a detailes on how you made these

#42 comment by Brianna Weedman September 8, 2018

Do you have any patterns or suggestions for patterns for the body? My seven year old has decided to be Blue and I'm at a complete loss.

#43 comment by Carolina Brito September 22, 2018

Hi Mary, impressive recreation of the Jurassic world dinosaurs
I was wondering if you would consider selling 2 costumes. would you be able to make them?

#44 comment by Cassandra September 24, 2018

Hi there, my daughter is obsessed with Jurrasic World! I have read the comments that the costumes have been sold, and you didn't have time to make others. Just checking to make sure the status hasn't changed. You did a bang up job on these!! And from the sounds of it, you could have a good side job if you had time. Time, that's funny I know!

#45 comment by Tasha October 1, 2018

How do I order this costume

#46 comment by Jasmine October 16, 2018

This is such an awesome costume!!!! Please, please let me know if you can sell me one? A blue raptor for my tall 8 year old. Pleaseeeee

#47 comment by Jenilee September 9, 2019

Hi Mary, did you by any chance use a template for the heads? If so would you mind sharing which template you used. Thanks

#48 comment by Jaime Trassare October 12, 2019

Are you making the delta? My 4 year old loves it

#49 comment by Kelley white July 23, 2020

I would love to have you make me the blue velociraptor for me if you can? I need it for my 4 (almost 5) year old! Could you please email me?

#50 comment by Mary September 23, 2020

Thank you for your interest! I made these for my kids in 2015! I have not made any more. I hope my past comments will help anyone wanting to recreate these for their kids! Best of luck to everyone!

#51 comment by Phil October 27, 2020

Hi just wondering do you have any pictures of the fabrication of the costumes

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