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How to Make Costumes

Just as there are reasons for purchasing our Halloween Costumes, Wigs, and Accessories... Some of us have reasons for making them ourselves. Designing, and putting together Halloween Costumes can be a challenge, rewarding, money saving, and allow one to come up with something totally fabulous and UNIQUE.

In my day I've made everything from the simplest Ghost Costume, to a TAD more difficult Frog Costume <gribbit>Ü. It was difficult, as I say, but I was successful and I was SOOOO proud of my achievement Ü. My son was a proud and happy as I was when he won first place for the elementary schools Halloween Costume Contest. Ü

This page basically has some ideas for "simpler" Costumes, along with Links to simple costume making magazines and sites, plus info on sending in YOUR Costume Creation photos and instructions. We hope you enjoy the page and find it informative.

Below are some of the simplest ideas from our contestants. You can find more detailed instructions for various homemade costumes on our Homemade Halloween Costumes pages.

EASY Homemade Halloween Costumes

Homemade Ladybug Costume – wear black clothing (sweatshirts and pants). To make ladybug wings take a red poster or sledding saucer and paint black circles on the back. Attach loops for the child's arms using rope or Velcro to attach wings to the back of the shirt.

Homemade Rock Star Costume – a colorful wig (buy it or make out of paper or yarn), colorful clothing and make-up will make your child a rock star.

Homemade Bumble Bee Costume – what you need is only a yellow raincoat. Add stripes of black electrical tape to it and black pipe cleaners to a headband for antenna.

Homemade Mummy Costume – Use white clothing and wrap a few pieces of gauze or white cloth around the child's body.

Homemade Skunk Costume – do you think it's difficult? Just paint a white stripe down the back of a black shirt.

Homemade Spider Costume – to make legs of the spider use dark pantyhose. Fill hose with lightweight material and pin to dark clothing.

Homemade Clown Costume – colored clothes, red chicks and balloons will make you child a clown. Use oversized bright colored clothing. Paint face to white, and make red circles on the child's cheeks. Carry balloons, juggling balls or similar clown items.

Homemade Pumpkin Costume – traditional image of the Halloween. Use big orange sweatshirt and dark colored pants. Draw pumpkin face on the shirt and add a green cap to child's head.

Homemade Bunch of Grapes Costume – wear green or black shirt for this costume. To create a bunch of grapes attach purple balloons to the costume with tape.

Homemade Angel Costume – white colored clothing and white pipe cleaners fashioned into a circle to a headband for halo will make you baby a real angel.

Homemade Bunny Costume – Dress the baby in a sleeper and make ears of some matching fabric. Few whiskers on baby's cheeks - here is a pretty bunny.

Homemade Flower Costume – Paint a green stripe down the center of sleeper. Make flower petals of material and pin them around the cap.

Costume Sewing Patterns from Amazon


Most Important in your Creative Process:
Have FUN!

For more ideas visit our Costume Ideas & Articles page »

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If you have already been to the "Homemade Halloween Costumes" page, you probably know this already... but if you HAVE NOT... please let me explain again: Ü

I am hoping to build a large library of Unique Homemade Costumes (for any Occasion) for YOU, my patrons, to use to MAKE Costumes... and also to pass on your own Ideas and Instructions to others. It doesn't have to be something super-complicated (oh please no! :-).. but it can be just a LITTLE bit difficult if the end result is worth it!

What I will need (to post your Creations and Instructions) is Basically:

  1. A List of Materials needed
  2. Typed Instructions, AND...
  3. A Photo (or a few) in JPG format, of the finished Costume (being worn, of course Ü).

IF you happen to have pictures of the work in progress.... OR a pattern of any sort... any of that would be posted also..along with my appreciation for your helpfulness. Ü IF it is nearing Halloween and you wish a Homemade Costume, that you have instructions for, entered in the Contest... just send the Instructions, Patterns, Photos, etc. along with your entry (See Contest page for Entry info) and your Homemade Costume and instructions, etc., will be posted in the Homemade Halloween Costumes section (on it's own page) after the Contest is completed.

Please send the photos as Attachments. In the Subject line Type "Homemade Halloween Costume" (or "Contest" if that's the case ) and send to: Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash (-) after "costume" in the site title/url). Happy Costume making and I sure hope to hear from you with your Ideas. Ü

This may seem an odd thing to say... but I will say it anyway: Visiting a local junkyard is NOT a bad idea if you have it in your mind to get creative and put together an original costume. You may already have an idea of what you need parts for... or you may just want to wander through until you see an object that will GIVE you an idea for a Costume Creation. Attics and/or Garages are also good places to check out for bits and pieces. Keeping in mind that "One mans trash is another mans treasure" it could be TRUE if you make a great costume and win a CASH PRIZE....don't you agree? :-)

It makes me feel great that over the past few years, since I started this website in 2006, I have been blessed with a mailbox full of Costume Making Instructions from my Friends, Costume Contestants, and Patrons.

It makes me very happy that I can now share those instructions with anyone who cares to visit and create their OWN Costumes.

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