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Homemade Inspector Gadget Costumes

Homemade Inspector Gadget Costume for Boys

In Melissa's words:

The shirt, tie, pants, shoes, coat, and hat were all purchased. I then made the helicopter and handles on top of the hat with pvc pipe and fittings, some rubber grips, wings from a styrofoam airplane, and a motor. The motor was part of a Halloween "walking hand" decoration that I found. It served two purposes. First, was the motor that I cut out to allow the helicopter to spin, and the second was I was able to recycle the rubber hand to make an inspector gadget hand. It had different items coming out of each finger such as a toothbrush, mini umbrella, and a flame made from tissue paper.

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If you don't have the time or the inclination to MAKE a costume this year. If you've thought about it, but your heart, for whatever reason, JUST isn't in it... You can probably purchase a costume of the type you were planning to make... and maybe even for about the same as you might spend on the materials to MAKE a costume. On the other hand, you may look around and spot a Costume that changes your Costume plans completely Ü.

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