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Holiday Costumes

In this Category I will direct you to Costumes for any Holiday in which you'd like to make that fun change of Persona. There may be a few "Holidays" I don't recall..or that I'm not aware of... so feel welcome to remind me..or tell me of that Holiday... if there would be any "costume needs" involved.

For the bigger Holidays (although "bigger" may be a matter of opinion... Please bear with me here.) of Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, I have seperate pages as sub-categories under this Holiday Costumes category. But then, there are the smaller, although still VERY special, Holidays that we all enjoy and at which time dressing in Costume can only add to the festive flavor of the day (or night?)

One such Holiday is Saint Patrick's Day. Originally an Irish Holiday... ALL of us have joined in the fun at some point in our lives I'm sure! It is a day of "Green" to celebrate the beautiful Green Isle of Ireland. Irish Pubs serve Green Beer! One MUST wear Green... even a little spot of Green... or be prepared for a PINCH from whomever catches you without it (not a painful pinch I hope... It is all in fun after all.) The only full St. Patrick's Day Costume I can think of is that of a Leprechaun. However! There are HATS Galore for this special Irish Holiday. There are also Reddish Wigs, and Red Facial Hair.. to wear with your Hat for an added Irish look. Hang a Clay Smoking Pipe out of your mouth and you may just be mistaken for a true Irishman yourself! The Costume Accessories Online Stores offer Shamrock Hats and Green Vests and Ties. Saint Paddy's Day is actually one day that it's just fine to wear Green Temporary Hair Color also... so order some Online soon. Ü

Leprechaun Costume

Now for Valentines Day. What I have to say here IS this: Dress up like a Heart and send yourself to the one you love. Failing that? Send a Sweet and Loving Valentine Card AND a Box of Chocolates. Valentines Day seems to be getting more popular as time goes by. It would sure WOW a Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Wife or Husband, if you went through the trouble to Dress-up in a Cupid Costume before you came home from work. NOTHING is "too much" where LOVE is concerned.. so go ALL OUT. EARN the Love and PROVE your love for your partner by letting him/her know that you will go to any lengths to prove your love! (..Even if it means riding your bike home from work dressed as Cupid?) Whatever you decide to dress as, do it sincerely, and it will likely be worth every effort. If you are attending a Valentines Day PARTY of COURSE a Valentines Day Costume is a definate MUST! Try going as a Cuddly Teddy Bear (Add a Heart Print Scarf to the Costume neck for the added Valentine Day Flavor) and see how many hugs you end up with. What a great time Valentines Day is. How could it NOT be? It's all about LOVE! :-) (and looking the PART!)

Angel and DevilAngel & Devil

Barbie and Ken Couples CostumeBarbie and Ken

Homemade Halloween costume for couple - FlamingosFlamingos

Pink Nightmare from A Christmas Story Costumes for CouplesLeg Lamp & Pink Nightmare

Mr Fox and Mrs Fox CostumeMr Fox and Mrs Fox

Papa Smurf and Smurfette Couples CostumePapa Smurf and Smurfette

Wicked Witch of the West CostumeWicked Witch

Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll CostumeWitch Doctor and Voodoo Doll

I hope you find what you need through the online stores I have for you here. Remember that I will always be ADDING links to more online stores. I will also be adding information and entertaining things as I learn about them myself so please come back and visit often.

As with my other Costume Categories, if you, or one of yours, would like to have a Holiday Costume, but you prefer making your own, I can hook you up with Holiday Fabrics, Holiday Costume Patterns, and other Holiday Sewing Needs right here through the online stores I have listed.

50's Girl Poodle Skirt Costume50's Girl

Autumn-Themed OutfitAutumn

Christmas ElfChristmas Elf

Ladybug CostumeLadybug