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Halloween Costumes & Wigs

Halloween is the Dress-Up occasion of the year. Whether you decided to purchase one of many amazing costumes offered in online shops, OR make your own unique costume this year – the point is to HAVE FUN! Choose one of the categories listed below, and don't forget to check out our Costume Photo Gallery. Please feel free to send us your costume photo from past years Helloween, or enter our Halloween Costume Contest this year!

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Below is simply the story I was told while I was a youngin'. Some of it may be LOOSELY based on fact but please don't take it in any way other than as "Fun". Ü I do not claim to be a Halloween Historian nor am I trying to sort Halloween out in any religous manner. I enjoyed Halloween as strictly a "fantasy" time while growing up..as did my mother and my Grandmother.


Halloween according to My Grandmother

Here's a great old picture of Halloween Costumes in my Grandmothers day:

Old Halloween costumes photo

(Wow! "LIGHTBULB!" Send me some OLD halloween photos if you have any! I'd love to post them here too!)

Long ago people believed that when a person died, they were often stuck in Purgatory, a land between Heaven and Hell, where they were destined to stay until they had earned the rights, usually through the prayers of their living loved ones, to ascend to Heaven. Once a year, on "All Hallows Eve", the night before "All Hallows Day" OR "All Saints Day", it was thought that the spirits of the deceased found their way to the homes of their living loved ones and there they entered for a visit. This being all fine and good, the living family set the table for their loved ones before they went to bed. Before bedtime though, the children of the town, charitable of heart and hungry of sweet-tooth, would go door to door to beg for a sweet bread called "Soul Cake". While eating this cake the children were sworn to pray for the soul of the relatives from that particular household.. the sooner to bring that soul to heavens gates.

Now, Because there would certainly be wandering, and possibly mischievous spirits making their way through the streets of the town on this evening, as well as the towns children, the children would dress as ghouls and horrible looking ghosts themselves so as not to be bothered by the spirits who were simply there to visit their old home. The children, in scary costumes, went about their business, knocking on doors and singing for soul cake.

If a house refused the sweet treat to the children.. well.. let's just say that the kids did whatever mischief was considered a "trick" for the times, to the household who did not want a childs prayer for a deceased loved one. Thus, we have ..."Trick or Treat".

Now, as I said, this is the story I was told by the Elders of my family as I was a small child. It wasn't until several years and a little education later that I learned that many historical DETAILS had been left out of the story. The Elders had their reasons for telling the story as they did I'm sure. They likely considered my young age and the amount of "details" I may be able to grasp..Thus they decided to shorten the story and leave out a few details. I DID have fine Halloweens with the story I knew...even though it was an abbreviated version.

The truth of the matter was that in the Celtic Villages, on that special and scary night, it was the adults (usually the men) of the village who dressed as ghouls or wicked animals to scare away the wandering spirits of dead family members or to protect the children from EVIL spirits who had stepped through an open boundry into our world for a night. Children didn't begin donning Costumes for Halloween until many years from then. ..and that's another story....
(You can check out a bit of "factual" History on Costumes if you read my Article "Trick or Treat, Scary or Sweet" on Costume Articles Page.)

Halloween is THE Costume fanatics dream. On THIS occasion we can dress as just about anyone or any THING that our hearts desire. There simply are no rules governing a Halloween Costume that I'm aware of. For example: It is perfectly fine to dress up in a Bunny Costume, although one might think that more appropriate for an Easter occasion. One might even recycle last years Santa Claus Suit (although it might be funnier to turn yourself into an EVIL or Ghoulish Santa with the help of a little face makeup). For Halloween someone may want to dress as a King, which is a Costume that would also be found under "Medieval Costumes" on this site. If there is a Costume and Wig that you are looking for that you cannot find in this Halloween section, Please check under other Category Headings. By the same token, you may find the same Costume in 2 or more places before you're done looking, and that is in an effort to make things easier for you to find.

Take note that many Costumes come with a recommended Wig. However, if you wish to purchase a Wig separately you will find it in the Sub-Category "Wigs" under Accessories and Make up.

There are MANY choices for Halloween Activities as you will find in our HALLOWEEN PARTY and in our EVENTS Categories. Whether you decided to stay home and answer the door for Trick or Treaters (You in a Witch Costume or dressed as Superman (you hunk you)) or if your wish is to get out and about with the REST of the roaming spirits... DO IT in COSTUME and have the time of your life. I wish you a safe and fun journey.

Skeleton hands

What SHALL I be?

Werewolf CostumeWerewolf

Texas Longhorn Bevo Mascot CostumeTexas Longhorn Bevo

Oompa Loompa CostumesOompa Loompa

Sugar Cookie Halloween costume for girlsSugar Cookie

I think it's a good time to check out a few Halloween Costumes. The Costumes posted below were put up for the Halloween of 2006 (the year this ALLLL Began Ü) BUT that is not to say that they are not still to be purchased for a different event or EVEN for Halloween 2011..or maybe even later! Ü Simply Click on the Costume or Link that you are interested in and you will be whisked away to the store who carries these things. Keep my site bookmarked so you can return here to choose a different store to check out. If you are like ME and like to "shop around"...THIS is the quickest and easiest way to SHOP that I've ever known. Thank goodness for modern technology. It sure does save on MILEAGE...In more ways than ONE! :-)

Girl in costume Star Wars Dart Wader costume
Pippi Longstocking 
Werewolf costume

Above are a few costumes from Spirit Halloween. They also carry Accessories, Make-up, Props and Decorations for all things Halloween.

You might like to dress as Characters from one of your favorite Movies. Check out the "Pirates of the Caribbean" Costumes at The Costume Super Center.

I was happy to know that Shindigz.com (my favorite Party Store) began selling COSTUMES recently and I'm here to tell you that they have some really cool get-ups. Here are 2 below. A Purple Dragon for a Child and a rather Sexy CowGirl Costume may have somebodys Cowboy hollering "Giddy-UP!"

Purple dragon costume    Sexy Cowgirl costume

There are MANY Costumes to pick from for Halloween. Please be sure to check ALL of the Halloween pages I have listed in the top portion of the left-side Menu. Browse my Fantasy and Historical pages for Costumes..or simply Costume "Ideas" also. I am VERY BUSY working on filling up ALL of my pages to OVER-FLOWING so that you just won't be able to LEAVE! ...HOWEVER...If you DO have to go..Please come back and Visit. I will try to keep things new and exciting:-)

bike skeleteton

While I'm showing you Halloween Costumes, I must say a little something about Pets. Pets can be a whole lot of fun when doing Dress-up AND may be pleasant company at certain Halloween functions. (IF they are of the right temperment so as NOT to be more trouble than "fun".) Be sure to go to my Pet Costumes Pages (I intend to put more work into the PET pages real soon....promise Ü) to find out more about enjoying the companionship of your Pet for Halloween and other occasions. Check out some of the fine Costumes that have been created for those cute beasties.

Smurfette Dog CostumeSmurfette

Kings Poseidon and Triton Costume for DogsGods of the Sea

White Horse & Pumpkin CarriageWhite Horse & Carriage

Thing One and Thing Two CostumeDr. Seuss Characters

We've talked about getting our "Costumes" for Halloween ..and some costumes even come equipped with "accessories". BUT..Not ALL of them do.. or quite often you just want to add some finishing touches yourself. Let me say here that when I say "Accessories" I include "Props" in there somewhere. There is some fine line that makes the difference and since I am not quite sure where that line lay... I will just, for the sake of confusing mySELF less, group them all under the title of Accessory or a more specific title such as "Hat", etc. To Continue ... :-) Sometimes there are things for a costume that you will definately NEED as the finishing touches.... things like ... A "Hat"?

Cake Hat

Perhaps a WIG or 2 from BeWild.com.(a very exciting store for young(er) people. Teens more than 60ish folks like yours truely Ü..But I STILL like to LOOK!

Gosh, Golly, Gee, and Trick-or Treat! The Subject of ACCESSORIES is absolutely ENDLESS when I think about it! SO!...I will move to the pages named "Accessories" (as maybe I should have from the start?..but I don't generally tend to make things that easy on my self I guess...tsk tsk.. :-) and continue working on Accessories there – Accessories & Make-Up. It is near the lower portion of the left-side menu where you will ALSO find the Topics of Hats, Wigs, Masks, and yes, Make-Up.

I guess that's about enough said concerning Halloween on THIS, my second "introductory", page. There is PLENTY of Halloween stuff to look at, Make, and/or TRY ON in the pages that follow within this Site. Please scroll down the menu on the left side of each page and click on the links that interest you....

...AND don't forget.. Just because a page isn't titled "Halloween" doesn't mean you cannot use the costumes there AS Halloween Costumes!

Headless Marie Antoinette Homemade CostumeHeadless Marie Antoinette

King Kong and the Empire State BuildingLil King Kong

Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman

Wicked Witch Halloween costumeWicked Witch of the East

There are also pages for things like "Halloween Parties", "Halloween Decorations", and "etc." which, sadly, I haven't been able to donate a LOT of time to...however...I have put up links on those pages that refer you to places with more info on those particular topics. I am hoping that by NEXT Halloween (uh oh...did I say the same thing LAST year?) I will have had time to make those pages very rich with information and ideas.

The same goes for my "Homemade Halloween Costume Pages". Please check there to find information such as.. where to go for "Halloween Costume Patterns and Fabric" and links to sites that have IDEAS and DIRECTIONS for making some Halloween Costumes.


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