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Most of the Halloween costumes you see on our site are homemade costumes, put together with bits and pieces of this and that, a little glue and a whole lot of love and laughter. They're all creative and unique and... scary, too! But maybe you don't feel quite up to the task. Maybe you don't have that creative flair. If that's the case, shop at a Halloween costume store and then let your spirit be your guide.

Zombies are always popular for Halloween. But if you want to be really creative then you can zombie-ize a traditional costume. Nothing is scarier or funnier than a zombie French maid or a zombie Spongebob Squarepants or a zombie hotdog.

It's easy enough to do. Just start with a store bought costume in the character of your choice and then start adding in some gore. One of the tricks our readers use is to mix liquid latex and tissue to make scars and lumpy masses of gnarled flesh. And blood? You'll find several recipes for that, too, throughout the site. And you can always pick up a gallon or two when you're buying your store-bought costume.

A lot of the costumes that you see on our site use an old, tattered wedding dress for the base. Now, you could spend a good bit of money picking up a cheesy wedding gown costume at a Halloween shop or you could turn to eBay and pick up a real one for just a few bucks. Then you won't feel so bad when you drag it through the mud or rip it apart and dip it in blood.

Popular costumes for men often start off with a sport coat or suit jacket, or even a tuxedo. Zombie grooms, zombie businessmen and Beetlejuice are always a hit but it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on a nice jacket just to turn around and zombie-ize it. Again, eBay is a great resource for clothing items you need for the base of your costume.

After the costume you always need accessories and props and that's where those online costume store really come in handy. Sometimes the only place you can find a good scar or just the right shrunken head is at one of the online store that specializes in Halloween costumes accessories.

Putting together an award winning Halloween costume doesn't mean everything has to be homemade. If you're not the duct tape and glue type then so be it. Use your imagination when you're shopping for at the Halloween costume stores and look for things you can do to make it unique. And if all else fails, if you simply can't come up with anything exciting and unique, go ahead and use my idea. Pick up your favorite costume and zombie-ize it!