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Halloween Costume Rentals

After fighting zombies all day and fending off werewolves and vampires on the weekends, you're way too exhausted to try to come up with the perfect disguise for Halloween. Instead of just throwing a sheet over your head or wearing your dad's old overalls, you can be the star of any party when you use Halloween costume rentals and you'll find thousands of costumes to choose from.

Let's face it. You really only wear your Halloween costume once a year, maybe twice if you're a real party animal. And most people don't like to wear the same costume more than once. If you do, everyone will know it's you when they see you the second or third time around, so carrying a costume over from one year to the next is totally out of the question!

While homemade costumes are often unique, imaginative and fun, not everyone is crafty enough to come up with a great idea and see it through to completion. And even if you are, some of the homemade costumes you see here on the site took days or weeks of preparation.

Instead of heading to the Halloween aisle at your local Big Box store where you're sure to find at least 3 or 4 costumes, which, by the way, are also being worn by everyone else in town Halloween costume rentals is the answer to your dilemma.

There's probably a costume rental store right near where you live and, if not, you can find them online. Years ago these stores only carried a small selection of costumes. Big Bird, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and assorted animals like chickens, bears and cows. But these days they carry hundreds of costumes from popular movies and books to characters from Broadway plays.

The trick to using a rental costume is to plan ahead a little. Popular costumes are quickly snapped up so unless you want to get stuck going as a clown or the Tooth Fairy you need to reserve your costume early. Most costume rental companies will let you reserve your costume in advance for a small deposit.

Consider your budget while you're at it. Most companies will charge you for a 24-hour block of time and if you don't return the costume on time you'll be charged the full fee for an additional day. So take a look at your calendar to determine the best time to pick it up so you can have it back in time to avoid additional charges.

Do some research before you choose your costume. The selection today really is amazing. Sure they have the traditional costumes like vampires and werewolves. But if one of your favorite characters is Jed Clampet from "The Beverly Hillbillies" or Dr. Doolittle or Benjamin Buttons or Sweeney Todd, you can find those costumes available for rental, too.

On the plus side, most costume rental shops only carry one or two of each costume. You'll have a professional looking costume and you won't have to spend time creating it yourself. And you won't see the same costume on anyone else.