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Genie Costume

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Genie Costume

Genie Costume

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Accessories: *

Twist Pleated Hair Wrap Stretch TurbanTwist Pleated Hair Wrap Stretch Turban

Genie LampGenie Lamp

Micro LED 20 Super Bright Blue Color Lights on 7.5 Ft Long Ultra Thin String WireMicro LED 20 Super Bright Blue Color Lights on 7.5 Ft Long Ultra Thin String Wire

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Costume type:  Costumes for Women
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for women entered our 2015 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 3rd place in the Coolest Adult Costume nomination!

A word from Kelly, the 'Genie' costume creator:

I made this costume using a bag of Halloween spider webs and LED lights on a black skirt. I made all of the other elements as well. I fashioned the headpiece on a winter hat so it was easy to put on. I used theatrical makeup on my face.

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112 votes
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#1 comment by Bianca September 10, 2016

You should have won 1st place. Wow.

#2 comment by Jessica September 23, 2016

This is SO awesome and creative!! I'm going to copy you this Halloween. Changing it up a bit here n there, but I'm super excited! :) Thanks for being great.

#3 comment by Kelly September 23, 2016


#4 comment by Sidney September 28, 2016

That's genius. You did an amazing job. I envy creativity. You go girl.

#5 comment by Lisa B. October 1, 2016

Wow. Amazing. Smart to do a long skirt instead of pants as I've seen others do. Love the ornate jacket.

#6 comment by Jeremy October 5, 2016

This is AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

#7 comment by Sue October 7, 2016

Very creative! Very original! Love your work.

#8 comment by Jeff Ekdahl October 15, 2016

Excellent costume, very creative.
I might try this next year with some changes.

#9 comment by Debbie scott October 16, 2016

Totally awesome creativity. Love it

#10 comment by Kris October 18, 2016

This is a great costume- I'm adapting it for a man this year. But can you explain how you got the LEDs to light up (battery pack, something else)? Or if anyone else has figured it out, may be they can chime in.

#11 comment by Kelly October 19, 2016

I bought two strings of LED lights, each with a battery pack. I sewed little pockets on the black skirt, one at the top and one at the bottom. That way I could remove the battery pack easily to change/remove the batteries and to turn them on and off.

#12 comment by JANENE October 22, 2016

Well done and great idea...it's usually the genie on the carpet but with this costume you can dance and have fun! Genius!

#13 comment by Amber October 25, 2016

Great costume!!! How did you attach the lamp? To your shoe?

#14 comment by Kelly October 25, 2016

I poked holes in the back of the lamp and had it zip tied through the black fabric. Originally I tried having it attached to my shoe, but it didn't work with walking.

#15 comment by Donnie Lummus October 26, 2016

Cool costume!! Did you use hot glue on the webbing?

#16 comment by Kelly October 27, 2016

I first placed the LED strings and sewed them in place, then used hot glue for the webbing.

#17 comment by Lety February 11, 2017

That is such an amazing costume I'm trying this this year. I have an air brush makeup that I will be applying but not sure exactly what shade of blue. What she of blue did you use? Is it more like a sky blue or a darker blue shade?

#18 comment by Shums Asaf April 15, 2017

Hey Kelly,
I want to thank u for this amazing idea... dressed my six year old as a genie in fancy dress at school and she won first prize.Wish I could send her picture to you.

#19 comment by Suzanne Hoetzl September 24, 2017

You are awesome.

#20 comment by kathy October 3, 2017

this is freaking amazing!

#21 comment by Valerie October 24, 2017

Hey!!! First and foremost your costume is AMAZING!!! Secondly where did you find that fabric for the vest/hat?


#22 comment by Kelly October 25, 2017

I bought the fabric at Lens Mill. I sewed it to a vest and added the trimming. I fashioned the hat over a toque.

#23 comment by Michi February 13, 2018

OMG you are so creative! Our theme this year is gonna be fantasy so I plan on copying your idea, hopefully it will be 50% as good as yours! Thanks for being also so responsive and helping others implement it too!

#24 comment by Alisa July 1, 2018

Can you please share what brand and color makeup that is.

#25 comment by Kelly July 4, 2018

I use the type of theatrical makeup that comes in disks and is activated with water. The makeup dries to the touch. I can't remember the exact product, but I know I have used Wolfe brand before and a few others. I'm not sure of the colour, but the photos were pretty accurate.

#26 comment by Michelle October 15, 2018

Awesome costume. The webbing you used is it the same as the spider webbing you use for decoration? Thanks

#27 comment by Kelly October 16, 2018

Yes it was the spider webbing, but regular cotton batting would work too.

#28 comment by Brandi October 26, 2018

How did you get the webbing to stay in that shape? This is an awesome costume!

#29 comment by Kelly October 27, 2018

I made a black skirt and spread the lights and webbing out in this pattern. I used hot glue for most of it and a few sewn stitches to hold it in place.

#30 comment by Christine Servay July 2, 2019

Wonderful costume! How did you get from home to the event with the webbing/lights around your waist? I want to do something like this for a party and cannot get dressed at the event.

#31 comment by Kelly July 4, 2019

I made the bottom section as a skirt and you would be able to sit in it carefully. I sat at my desk at work with little to no issue. The best way would be to wear pants underneath and just put the skirt on when you get out of your car.

#32 comment by Kim September 30, 2019

Your idea is my costume this year. Thanks for the wonderful idea and how to info. I am struggling with the "smoke" but will keep trying.


#33 comment by Kelly October 1, 2019

Good luck. If I remember correctly, I traced a rough outline of the smoke pattern with chalk on the black skirt. Then I laid out the LEDs and stitched and glue gunned them in place. Then added the “smoke". I believe I used a bag of spider webbing because it was finer than cotton batting. I used the glue gun to attach it. It only zigzagged on the front, but then went around the entire waist. I hope this helps.

#34 comment by Kimberly Brown October 2, 2019

Thanks, that helps a great deal!! I was able to find the exact fabric and detailing. Too bad I can't upload a pic once it's all together.

#35 comment by Connie October 7, 2019

You did a great job o your costume. I want to try a variation of it. Just wanted to let you know that it looks terrific!

#36 comment by Priyanka February 11, 2020

Awesome... I didn't get that web part. How its done? Is it out of cotton?

#37 comment by Kelly February 12, 2020

I made the black shirt, then used chalk to draw the rough outline of the smoke. I arranged the LED lights (two strings with a one battery pack at the top and one at the bottom) and stitched it in place. Then I used a bag of the Halloween spider webbing, but cotton would probably work as well. I used hot glue to secure it in place. It was only placed on the front of the skirt, but completely around the waist.

#38 comment by Priyanka Mandora February 13, 2020

Halloween spider web is difficult to get in India. What else I can use

#39 comment by Shums August 3, 2020

Use synthetic pillow fillers... I did that too... works jus gr8

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