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Funny Halloween Costumes

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If you browse through our site you'll see a lot of very funny costumes. In fact, they're just as popular as the zombies and vampires and Beetlejuice costumes. Not everyone likes to dress like a zombie. And some people like to dress like a zombie hot dog. Whatever your 'taste' in costumes, here are some ideas to help you get a few laughs.

There really is a kid dressed up in a zombie hot dog costume and the zombie theme can make for some funny Halloween ideas. Scary, gross zombies are always popular but who'd ever expect to run into a zombie Spongebob Squarepants or a zombie nun? Or how about a flesh-eating zombie Strawberry Shortcake?

Funny Hot Dog Zombie Costume

Some funny Halloween costumes show some real imagination and creativity. Like the young couple who dressed like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich or the married couple who created a costume that made it look like they were riding a roller coaster.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Funny Homemade Costume

Some costumes are just as cute as they are funny. Like the little boy dressed as a mummy. And it's such an easy costume to make. An off-white sweatsuit and some torn strips of muslin, wrap him up, tie a few knots and voila! Tiny mutant mummy!

Some of the best costumes make you scratch your head and wonder, "How did he come up with that idea?" Like the kid dressed as an A&W Rootbeer float or the Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. And then there's the teen dressed in a costume he calls 'Bed head'. His costume actually looks like he's laying in bed!

Homemade Bed Head Costume

Outhouses are always funny, too, and we have one guy dressed as a hunter 'using' the outhouse and another guy carrying a port-a-potty around on his back. Look for costume ideas that use diapers, too. Hey! Maybe you could be a zombie baby!

Honey Bucket Port-a-Potty Funny Costume

Funny costumes of cartoon characters are always popular but some of the funniest costumes are those that are a play on words. For example, the guy who goes to a party dressed wearing a ski mask and a sweater covered with those little boxes of cereal. Sticking out of each of the boxes was a steak knife. His costume? He was a 'cereal' killer!

Halloween costumes don't always have to be scary or bloody or creepy. Some of the best costumes are funny, like this tiny fisherman or the lady who wore some fuzzy pink pajamas and had a chair on her head... She was a wad of bubble gum stuck under the chair!

Tiny Fisherman Funny Homemade Costume

Whether you want funny costumes or creepy and scary you'll find plenty of good examples right here on this site. Come up with your own unique idea and enter our Halloween Costume Contest for a chance to win prizes. Send in you pictures any time and we'll post them right here on the site.

Little Old Man CostumeLittle Old Man

Abducted by Alien Illusion CostumeAbducted by Alien

Shop Vac and Dust Bunny Homemade CostumeShop Vac and Dust Bunny

Man in a Cage CostumeMan in a Cage

Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger ForceCarl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Basketbelly Player CostumeBasketbelly Player

Hershey KissHershey Kiss

Marge and Homer Simpsons CostumeMarge and Homer Simpsons

Angry Birds Couple CostumesAngry Birds home made style!!!

Hunter and his Trophy costumeHunter and Hunted

Creative Rollercoaster CostumeDe Jevu Rollercoaster

Hide and Seek Champion CostumeHide and Seek Champion

UPS Delivery Man CostumeUPS Delivery Man

Mermaid Captured by a Pirate CostumeMermaid Captured by a Pirate

Free Puppies CostumeFree Puppies

The Family Farm CostumeThe Family Farm

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