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Olaf Costume
by James
Olaf Costume
by Kim
Frozen Olaf Costume
by Jeff

Frozen Olaf Costume

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Frozen Olaf Costume

Frozen Olaf Costume

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This homemade costume for kids entered our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Darcy, the 'Frozen Olaf' costume creator:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing... Olaf and Marshmallow the endearing snowmen from Frozen!
My latest costume inspiration came from the popular Frozen movie. I wanted to make a costume that my grandchild and I could wear together. Frozen is her latest obsession and she loves the Olaf character.

The Olaf costume is super lightweight and comfy for my grandchild and has good visibility. The base of the costume headpiece is butcher paper and duct tape. The base is covered with a layer of batting and then a top layer fleece fabric. There are craft foam eyes and a fleece nose. The body is tulle tied onto a crochet band at the top and a small hula hoop at the bottom. The body was then covered with fleece . I used a thrift store t-shirt for a liner so the scratchy tulle doesn't come into contact with skin. I am proud to say it is one of the most comfortable costumes I have ever made!

All the pieces were glued together using a silicon cement from the hardware store . The cement is strong ,flexible and waterproof.

In an effort to make the costume easier for others to replicate, I had to go backwards and make a pattern after the costume was complete. I had no idea that it would come out so well. I surprised myself!

The pattern pieces can be used for all layers. First cut the pattern out of stiff paper like butcher paper. I used a roll of brown paper from the home improvement store. Using lots of duct tape I rounded out the shape. This is by far the most tedious step, but if everything is in the right shape and proportion after this step then the rest will be easy. Sometimes at this step I will have to enhance some areas by added a little more paper or tape or a may have to trim away with scissors if some part is too large. This step took a couple of hours before I was satisfied with the look and expression that I imagined Olaf would have.

When you are satisfied with this step then cut out front and back pattern pieces from batting (found at fabric stores). Form this over the paper and tape base making sure that everything is very smooth. trim away any excess so that the area where the pieces meet is as seamless as you can make it. This step is solely for the purpose of giving your finished product a smooth texture. This is the step where you want to eliminate any imperfections. Make sure everything is symetrical at this point. I either use loose stitches to hand sew the sections together or I use glue.

For the top layer use fleece fabric and cut out the front and back pieces. Repeat the same process as with the batted layer. I would definitely hand sew the pieces together after formed over the headpiece.

Make the lining bu cutting out 2 lining pieces from the fleece. Sew the 2 pieces together across the top and at under the chin area. leave the face and neck open. Put his inside the head and hand sew the mouth section of the lining and the top layer of fleece over the headpiece together. Also, hand sew the neck and back opening to the top fleece. At this point looking inside you should only see the lining. The paper and tape should be covered.

The nose is cut from fleece and stuffed with polyfill. It is sew into position on the head.

The eyes, eyebrows and hair are made of craft foam that I painted and glued on. For stability I glued wire to the back of the hair to keep in erect.

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13 votes
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#1 comment by Joan Ramirez July 9, 2014

I love the costume. I'm having a party in late August. Do u happen to make the costume to sell?

Thank you
Joan Ramirez

#2 comment by Darcy July 9, 2014

Possibly. What size do you need?

#3 comment by Joan Ramirez July 10, 2014

A child size 8/10. He is 8.
Thank you

#4 comment by Joan Ramirez July 13, 2014

Hello again
I was checking to see if you could make the costume?

Thank you

#5 comment by Darcy July 13, 2014

Not looking likely. Grandbaby born preemie!

#6 comment by Joan Ramirez July 14, 2014

Thank you for getting back to me. My prayers to your family.

Thank you.

#7 comment by Joan July 19, 2014

Darcy how did you shape the head. Your costume is the best one I have seen

#8 comment by Ester July 20, 2014

Can u share with us on how you did the head? Thxs hope all is well.

#9 comment by Max July 26, 2014

Hi Would be ever so grateful if you could give a few tips on how you made the head. Am making one for my son for book parade and I agree yours is definitely the best I Have seen.

#10 comment by A.D. Lee August 5, 2014

I am looking to make this costume for an event, and was wondering how the head was made. Any info would be great. Thank you.

This costume is the best one I have seen anywhere.

#11 comment by Darcy August 5, 2014

Thanks for your interest! Because so many people like this version of Olaf, I put up a rough "how to". The headpiece could be made of paper mache formed over a balloon or it could be made like mine which is butcher paper and duct tape. I like the duct tape base because there is no drying time. I wouldn't try this method unless you have something to form the headpiece over, however. I use a wig block when making hats or headpieces.
The head is basically a large oval with a wedge cut out. I gave mine an open mouth to see through.
The mouth wad the tricky part for me. I printed out several pictures of Olaf for reference.Then I experimented around with the shape of the head and mouth until I got the right size and proportion I was looking for.
After getting the base of the head done, I layed pieces of batting over the head and glued these on,making sure that there are no bumps or irregularities. Finally I covered the batting with fleece fabric. This is the top layer. The fleece fabric stretches and does not fray. It is the easiest fabric to work with.
Good luck!

#12 comment by shari August 9, 2014

You costume is awesome! Thanks for the tips

#13 comment by Misty August 12, 2014

Can I pay you to make me one?

#14 comment by Misty August 12, 2014

Can I pay you to make me one for October 15th? I will pay you very good money if you could make this for me.

#15 comment by Natalya August 12, 2014

Hello! i also would like to pay you to make an one! adult version of the costume! is it possible?

#16 comment by Darcy August 13, 2014

Wow! Thanks for the interest, but I work full time and babysit grandkids in my "free" time. I just don't have the time. Maybe you could find someone on Etsy that could make a similar design.

#17 comment by Tad Williams August 16, 2014

Your instructions are quite good. I only have one question: Is the head a complete head, or is it a mask? In other words, what does it look like from behind? In the one picture, it looks like the head is resting flat upon the ground, like a mask. Finally, does the headpiece secure to the child's head, or to the body of the costume?

#18 comment by Darcy August 16, 2014

The headpiece covers the entire head. It simply slips over the head and rests on the wearers shoulders. I did have to run a slit up the back of the headpiece to be able to slip it over her head. I then sewed a large snap at the base ( neck ) of the headpiece to close it back up after it she put on.

#19 comment by Anna August 17, 2014

Your costume is amazing. Could you share any photos or more detailed instructions on making the head? I'm not sure how forming an oval will then give the cheekbone structure that your Olaf has. Thank you

#20 comment by Dana McNeil August 29, 2014

I think more detailed instructions for the head is needed. Just do not understand the shaping of it. Thank you.

#21 comment by Darcy August 31, 2014

I know I am struggling with how to better explain the making of the head.This was a very difficult step of the building process for me. I had to reshape the head several times before I got the shape just right. Try to make a shape as close as possible to the size, proportion and shape that you are trying to achieve,then cut off , add to or bend until you get closer and closer to the ideal look. this is a frustrating step, but essential to a good finished look. Sorry, I can't make it any clearer. Its like creating a sculpture. Good luck!

#22 comment by ashley September 3, 2014

I need to buy this costume for my daughter she is olaf in her school play. Are you selling?

#23 comment by darcy September 3, 2014

This costume is on a 2 year old. I recently saw a decent OLaf costume on Ebay however.

#24 comment by Ketsy September 4, 2014

Love it! I'll do my best. I did the wreck it Ralph car and it was a tough one lol. You should def resell to make up for some of what you spent. You are the best grandma ever!

#25 comment by Misty September 4, 2014

I would pay you $300.00 to make one for my child.

#26 comment by darcy September 4, 2014

You really really want this costume. LOL.
What size is your child? I am a full time dental hygienist and watch my grandkids 30 - 40 hours a week. If you don't need it until Oct. 15th, I would probably be able to do this for you. You can email me directly at darcyreaver[at]hotmail.com. I will see what I can do for you.

#27 comment by tammy September 8, 2014

How much

Is this one does it come in 12_18 month also interned in a flounder or a sabastin same size

#28 comment by Dana McNeil September 8, 2014

Could you possibly give some measurements for the head piece.. it would help with making it look balanced. Your patterns look much smaller then the finished product, Thank you!

#29 comment by misty September 9, 2014

Hey Darcy. Just letting u know I private messaged you a few days ago.

#30 comment by Michele September 10, 2014

Darcy, I want to thank you for these pictures and the instructions. I just finished the headpiece tonight, took three days, but it's pretty good. Not quite as perfect as yours, the upper portion of his head should be a bit longer on mine, but I'm pretty happy with it. On to making the body tomorrow, it's GOT to be easier than the head was! Thanks again!

#31 comment by Nancy September 16, 2014

What an amazing costume, thank you for sharing I am working on the head now, Over 5 hours, but I can see it coming:)

#32 comment by Darcy September 17, 2014

JUst got back from NYC (my son performs off-broadway in THEN SHE FELL . Moms can brag! LOL.

Thanks for all the positive feed back !

#33 comment by Chuli September 17, 2014

Nailed it!!!

#34 comment by Candace September 20, 2014

Wow this is so good! I wish you were selling this. it's so creative and good

#35 comment by Sharon October 10, 2014

I LOVE your costume!

#36 comment by Jen Maier October 11, 2014

I can't find this. Can you share a link or tell me how to find it?

#37 comment by Miya October 11, 2014

Hi Darcy,

Amazing costume!
I am a Kinder teacher and Halloween is my favourite! I love to dress up and this costume is perfect.

I was wondering what the back of the head looks like. When you turn around do you see the back of your grandchild's head or hair?


#38 comment by Patty October 12, 2014

Would you be able to make one before Halloween?? Size 6/9 Months

#39 comment by mistu October 12, 2014

Miya, I can answer that question for you. No u don't c head or hair

#40 comment by Darcy October 13, 2014

You can follow me at Darcy Reaver. It is under the play categorie! Search Olaf costume, also.

#41 comment by Misty October 16, 2014

Im almost finished making Olaf. Will post pics on my website in next few days when finished. I did. My head a little different as my head has no seam or button in back of head. Mine is more like a mascot head. So glad I found your tutorial. I drew my head out on brown packing paper, by drawing the front of the head and then drawing the back of the head the same shape. I taped both sides of the head together with duct tape at the seam. Then I went over my whole head and put duct tape all over it to give the packing paper strength. I probably done this about 4or 5 times. Once it was sturdy enough to standup when I set it on the floor then I knew it was strong enough for me to use as my mascot head. I then proceeded to cover it with batting material to get my shape once I completed the batting material I added my fleece.

#42 comment by Darcy October 16, 2014

Yay! Way to go Misty!

#43 comment by Manuel October 17, 2014

Hey is there a way you can post a video on how to make this costume. Best one I have seen online!!!! Thank you

#44 comment by Darcy October 17, 2014

I just added new photos and instructions.

#45 comment by JoAnn Sweeney October 20, 2014

Fantastic job Darcy! Wish you had a YouTube video on how you made it. Misty did you post pictures of the one you made, if so, where?
I also want to try making one for myself. :)

#46 comment by Darcy October 20, 2014

I doubt I will have time to do a video before Halloween , but I may do that

#47 comment by JoAnn Sweeney October 21, 2014

If anyone was able to download the photos and instructions can you email them to me please?

#48 comment by holly November 22, 2014

I am hoping to have an olaf costume soon. Could I pay you to make me one and what is the price?

#49 comment by Kyrstan Keller May 25, 2015

How much would you charge to make this for my company?

#50 comment by Marisja June 26, 2015

Dear Darcy, I would realy want to buy this costume from you do you already sell it since it's a year..please let me know and send me an email..would really really make my world!!!!!!

#51 comment by Stephanie September 7, 2015

This is a very well done costume! As a former costume designer I want to let you know that Disney will not allow anyone to sell a homemade licensed character costume. Barney the Dinosaur was very popular when I worked at a costume shop. We purchased a similar looking dinosaur. The color was a lighter purple and the spots were a lighter green. We received a letter to not rent it as Barney. Copyright infringement I believe. Be mindful that Disney doesn't look kindly on crafty people selling their licensed character costumes.

#52 comment by Mary Anne October 10, 2015

Darcy, I am hoping to make this for my granddaughter and want to know. Please reply if you are still available.

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