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Halloween Foods and Recipes

Halloween FOODS! The main thing to remember here is that people, older or younger, in Halloween Costumes don't eat NORMAL looking foods. They munch on things like "Creepy Crawly Spider Cheese Puffs"....or "Spagetti Worms with EyeBall Dumpling Sauce". (Oh YUMMY!!!!!) So!..........

Halloween Cake with Spider

I am looking for Creative Halloween Recipes here, and your help is again requested. (This category also, may be up for a "contest", if we get enough entries.) I have some recipes but will post as many as I receive as long as they come with good instructions and, preferred but not "required", a PHOTO of the final Halloween Sweet Treat, Halloween Appetizers, Halloween Casserole, Halloween Soup, Halloween Snack, etc. Please send your Recipes to me: Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash (-) after "Costume"). If you send with a photo, which would be WONDERFUL, please send it as an attachment and in "jpg" format. Include your name or your preferred handle/name Online. I thank you for your participation Ü.

Until we can really get going here I have a Recipe Search Engine (link on this page) that you may want to try. It's REALLY great because it works off of "keywords" just like most search engines on the internet. So try keyword: "Halloween" and maybe you'll find lots of goodies to prepare for your hungry guests.

Fun Halloween food

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