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Austin Powers Fat Bastard Costume

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Austin Powers Fat Bastard Costume


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Photo #1 - COME HERE... IM GONNA EAT YOU! Photo #2 - WOULD YOU LIKE SOME CHICKEN, I'VE GOT MORE! Photo #3 - OH-AYE... ITS WHATS FOR DINNER! Photo #4 - I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back.. Ribs Photo #5 - GET IN MY BELLY!!! Photo #6 - He Weighs a Metric Ton... His name... FAT BASTARD Photo #7 - IM DEAD SEXY! Photo #8 - LISTEN UP SONNY JIM...  I ATE A BABY!! Photo #9 - U get ur Mojo, U keep ur Money... And I Get Your Baby!! Photo #10 - BURRRRP!!
Costume type:  Costumes for Men
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This homemade costume for men entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Jeremy, the 'Fat Bastard' costume creator:

This has to be my best costume to date... I always wanted to try and pull off a screen accurate Fat Bastard from Austin Powers... So this is my best effort... the outfit is completely home made...

The yellow sweater was made from a cheap yellow sweatshirt I got from Walmart then I cut it down the middle and added the black trim and buttons myself. I created the "FB" patch myself in illustrator and had it embroidered into a patch then sewed it on myself.

The shorts were originally Plus sized women pajama bottoms that I hemmed into shorts and added pockets and belt loops, I also ironed some fabric stiffener inside the shorts to stiffen them up a bit.

I got the white shirt and belt from my dad (who is a large man) I got a cheap fat suit from the Halloween store and cut it up and re-stuffed it using LOTS of stuffing and pillows, I also wore hockey shin/knee pads under the suit to make my leggs bigger.

I got the "fat wrap" face prosthetic online from some FX studio, I found the side burns online as well, the eyebrows were "werewolf" eyebrows, I got the glengary hat and socks from an online Scottish kilt store.

I made the label for the chicken bucket in Photoshop and printed it at work (I'm a graphic designer at a sign shop) and I made the chicken pieces out of aluminum foil and then spray painted them brown.

The shoes were originally bedroom slippers that I painted white. I also had a remote control "Fart Machine" hidden in my pocket so I could let one rip at will...

This costume was so much fun to wear and act the fool in!

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155 votes
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#1 comment by Jeremy November 19, 2013

Here's a quick video clip demonstrating the "sound effects"... enjoy :)


#2 comment by Brett February 19, 2014

do you still have this costume? Would you be willing to part with it? Or atleast loan it out for a price? I have a party I have to attend in a couple of weeks

#3 comment by Luke October 5, 2014

This costume is great. I can't find any like it online and want to wear it for halloween this year. I'd be willing to buy it from you or rent it. Or, if you could send me the graphic for the patch?

#4 comment by Cache Breedlove October 6, 2014

Where can I get one of these? Did you make this? Good work!

#5 comment by Robin October 22, 2014

Why don't you name your sources for the most expensive pieces, namely the embroidered patch in a quantity of one (impossible to find) and that "fat wrap face prosthetic" (ditto), which has to cost several hundred dollars. The Glengarry hat is expensive to buy as well. I figure the costume easily cost four hundred dollars

#6 comment by Jeremy October 23, 2014

Hey wow... Look at all the comments.. Let me see if I can help you guys out... Yes this costume is mostly home made and you will not find anything like it anywhere.. Its one of a kind... The most expensive part is indeed the "fat face"... Costs $100 and can be bought here...

The patch I designed myself in illustrator and had it made by a local embroider for $20

The fat suit was a cheap $40 fat suit that can be bought on ebay that I altered and restuffed to achieve the desired look

The hat and socks were also found on ebay and bought pretty inexpensive at auction.. (just have to get lucky on that)

The shorts were made from a pair of pluz size womens pajama bottoms and the sweater was made from a cheap sweatshirt purchased from Walmart for less then $10... The shoes are cheap slippers spraypainted white.

I also wore hockey shin guards that I already owned under the fat suit to make my legs and knees look bigger

Hope that helps anyone trying to make one... Sorry but at this time mine is not for sale or rent but I'm happy to answer any other questions that I can...

Thanks for looking!

#7 comment by Jeremy October 23, 2014

Here is a link to a picture of the patch art i made...


Hope this helps!

#8 comment by Cbrick October 28, 2014

Hey Jeremy,

Nice work man!!!!! I'm doing my own version this year and had a question. I'm a big guy to begin with (6'4" 260 lbs) and the legs of my fat suit are super tight. "One size fits most" my ass...Did you run across this problem?

When you doctored your suit did you need to add any additional spandex/ tights material in the crotch area and or legs? If so, got any suggestions?


#9 comment by Jeremy October 28, 2014

I actually cut the crotch completely out of my suit and sewed around the hole i made... Its a good idea if u plan to use the bathroom... Tho looks vey provocative... I also cut the arms off of my suit and use those to extend the legs and i also added ALOT of padding to the suit especially in the back and wrapped a pillow around the back of my waist because the suit has no back fat... But im sure u could add some spandex if needed... But i was able to fit the legs over hockey pads so u shouldn't have to much of a proplem stretching it... Ur gonna hear threads pop but mine held out pretty well... Hope that helps... Would love to see some pics of how your costume turns out!

#10 comment by Jeremy October 29, 2014

Another thing I just thought of... You should definitely invest in somesort of moisture wicking underarmor tyoe shirt to wear under the fat suit to keep u cool... Makes a big difference!!

#11 comment by carlos October 20, 2015

Where did you get the side burns from?? and were they the same color as the eye brows

#12 comment by Morgan October 21, 2015

what's the price

#13 comment by Mike January 15, 2016

What did you do to make the sideburns?

#14 comment by Mimi October 26, 2017

You should make and sell this!
So many would buy it!

#15 comment by Jeremy Horne October 26, 2017

Thanks for the compliments! I'm actually planning on wearing this costume again this year... For a party thats in 2 days actually... Should be lots of fun!

#16 comment by Crys October 18, 2018

Would u sell this costume?

#17 comment by Alec Kinsky October 19, 2018

Attempting to recreate this this year...will post pics to let you know how it goes.

#18 comment by Adam October 21, 2018

Would you share your patch art file?

#19 comment by Jeremy October 22, 2018

I would, but I made it several years ago and I believe I have since deleted the original file because I cant find it anywhere...

#20 comment by Kristen October 27, 2018

The patch art file is in comment #7. I just traced it, copied it onto felt and used some gold leaf fabric trim

#21 comment by Josh June 30, 2019

How much would it cost for u to make me one and ship it to me

#22 comment by Gunnar Chetwood September 4, 2019

Hey I was wondering if these are still being sold, and where I can get one

#23 comment by Kim September 17, 2019

What is the pin that you put on your hat? (: love this

#24 comment by Kimberly Fields October 16, 2019

Could you please send me the link to the patch? My son is going to do this for celebrity day for school homecoming. Thank you so much!

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