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Fantasy Costumes

Basically the reason I have for THIS Category is because there ARE other occasions when one might desire a costume besides for Halloween and other Holidays, or Historical Re-Enactments and Parties. There are things like "Mardi Gras" in New Orleans. People throw "Masquerade Parties" for Birthdays, but often enough, for no reason at all. There might be a School Play or some sort of Town Celebration or Parade that requires, requests, or allows the donning of Costumes for reasons of keeping up a Town's Tradition. By the way, please be aware that many costumes that you may seek can be found through one or more of the other Categories... so don't be shy ...Look around!

Flying elf fairy

The word "Fantasy", to ME, covers a VERY large range of Costumes. A FANTASY is anything that is NOT "factual". An Elf, for Example, is definitely a creature of somebodys imagination, pure and simple (unless you've SEEN one of course .-). Or say I dressed up in a Queens Costume, I am no queen... so... that is "Fantasy". If I dressed in a Dog Costume and you dressed as the Dog Catcher we'd STILL be dealing with "Fantasy" of course... because I am not a Dog and you are not a Dog Catcher (or do I speak too soon here?) (HA!). My point again being anything that is NOT "who we are".. can be considered "Fantasy".

Below are some of MY personal favorite Fantasy Characters... that I believe still dwell deep in some unexplored forest on the edges of the world. "The world of my imagination." you say? Very possibly SO!
Just click on the picture below and you will be transported to that Costume... with a wave of my Magic Wand.... :-) Check out the little group of Fantasy Costumes below from our Homemade Costume Contest:

Princess on her Dragon CostumePrincess on her Dragon

Red DragonRed Dragon

Winged DemonWinged Demon

Tarantula CostumeTarantula

Homemade Grinch CostumeThe Grinch

Homemade Owl CostumeOwl

Phoenix Bird CostumePhoenix Bird

Lily Monster CostumeMonster

Magic Dragon

The world of "Fairies" happens to be a big favorite of mine. Although you can pick up a fairy costume at most any of the Costume Stores on line (Check out our Children and/or Adult Costume sections)... One might like to put together your OWN Fairy costume by, first, purchasing or making her (OR "his" even) "wings".

Two Fairies Costume2 Fairies

Tooth Fairy CostumeTooth Fairy

Where the Wild Things Are Family CostumeWhere the Wild Things Are

Lavender Fairy and VampiressLavender Fairy

Online Stores has many beautiful "Accessories" that can TOTALLY add to your Fantasy/Fairy look. In days of old, Jewelry was often worn as "Protection". Talismans were magical... to ward off evil... or even to bring a person Luck-in-Love. Certain stones were said to aid in certain conditions.. and combinations of stones might just keep a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Still today certain minerals found in some stones are proven to aid in certain conditions and thus..I say..what can it hurt?..the stones are beautiful anyway..why NOT adorn ourselves?. FAIRIES being magical and fun loving ..as well as carriers of good-will and anything helpful... Happen to LOVE anything that sparkles. Simply put..Gem stones, as well as silver, gold, copper, pewter, etc. ARE worn..as well as used.... by Fairies. (at least tis so with all of the Fairies that I am aquainted with.)
So Fairies, get your wings, slippers, and clothes on... then don't forget the Sparklies!

Fairy Butterfly Masquerade Costume

Butterfly Masquerade Costume

Amber, the Woodland Fairy Costume

The Woodland Fairy Costume

Metallic Copper Fairy Costume

Metallic Copper Fairy Costume

The Fairy Costumes above are from from Buy Costumes.
Where there are Fairies there are certainly Wizards... The Costumes below are from FrankBee:

Delux Wizard

Delux Wizard

Wizard Merlin

and of course Merlin

The world of Fantasy Costumes is a BIG one when you consider all of the possibilities. It just depends upon what your particular "fantasy" happens to BE. The range could run anywhere from an Elf.. to an Alligator... From a Dragon Fly to a Super Hero. They are ALL Fantasy if they are not YOU... and I'd just BET they aren't! (not right this MINUTE anyway!). So Check out our Fantasy Costumes in the online stores shown here and in the other "fantasy-like" sections that aim you more toward "Fictional Characters" and "Movie Characters".

There is a "fantasy-type?" of Costume that I'm not quite sure how to categorize so maybe this would be a good place. I think that being a "Tomato or" a "Can-Opener" would be quite the FANTASY don't you? "Object Costumes".. now here's a fun one. It's hard to imagine really, but I've seen some VERY creative things come from this thought.

I saw a Couple in Costume, one a Can of Soup, and one a Spoon that was quite clever. I recall seeing a man dressed as a "Pez Despenser" too. Vegi Costumes are very popular in some circles I think. It just goes to show more that... the possibilities are LIMITLESS!!!! Below are a few "Things" or "Objects" ..I guess we could call them "Fantasy" Costumes. Ü

Toilet Pan CostumeToilet Pan

Bugs Bunny Gossamer CostumeGossamer

Capri Sun Juice PouchCapri Sun

Chinese Takeout BoxChinese Takeout Box

Chef Cook with Stove CostumeChef Cook

Cotton Candy CostumeCotton Candy

Crane Machine CostumeCrane Machine

Cook Chef and Bun in the Oven CostumeBun in the Oven

What fun!..You see.. You are a HUMAN and when you are not BEING a HUMAN then I would say you are living in a "Fantasy World". So there you have it folks – Coletta's reasoning on "Fantasy". Ü

Again, If you have any Costumes, Beautiful and/or Original, Please send me a photo (jpg attachment) and I will post it to our Costume Picture Gallery. Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget to put the dash (-) after "Costume") Please include your name or whatever you prefer to be called online. ("screenname" perhaps?)