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Historical Events

When I think of History...lots of time my mind wanders to old movies I've seen. Movies about people and things that happened through the ages. I realize that there were very HARD times... so quite often I am made to think of past events with respect and reverance. There were Heros made in past times... and many of the "Events" we have from History are done in honor of those Heros who are, like as not, our anchestors. The main Events that come to mind here are the Civil War Re-enactments as I mentioned in my "HomeMade" Civil War Costumes sub-category. Of course thinking of the Civil War I am reminded of the families who suffered also...but sometimes along the way...or before or after the tragedy of War..enjoyed the Southern Balls that were so fondly held by the proud women of the south.

There is definately the "romantic" side to History. We know through history books and stories brought down through our family lines that there was ALWAYS time for LOVE and FAMILY. Sometimes, of course, there was treachery afoot..and what was the obvious Dagger that brought down Kings? Love. In many cases though, there were content and happy bondings of Prince to Princess. A Royal Wedding was reason for great festivals throughout the kingdom... as were changes of season ALSO a reason for the Renaissance Fairs of yesterday. On the same subject of Love.... Consider the bonding of a proud Native American Man to the young Native American Princess of his hearts dreams. The Ceramonial Attire of the occasion rivals those of the Medieval Prince in his Crown in my humble opinion. The Festivities AFTER the Ceremony were hard to be matched in Music, Dancing, or the Feasting that ensued.

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The Bottom-Line is that "History" has left us SO many things to RE-LIVE....( for whatever reason we have in our hearts...maybe it's just for ALL OUT FUN)...that if we simply investigate a favorite topic a little bit..we will find a "Historical EVENT" being Re-enacted, Re-celebrated, Re-ENJOYED, somewhere near enough for us to join in.

I have written in more ideas on "Events" per Era in each of the Historical Categories so I didn't think I should be very redundant by repeating myself here. IF you are interested simply click to one of the other Categories ( i.e. Western Costumes) and maybe you'll see an idea you haven't thought of yet. I WILL add things as I go along and learn more my self :-) For now I hope that what I've done so far gives you a good start on what you can do to re-live a little. HINT: Be sure to be in COSTUME if you'd like to feel that nostalgia for yourself instead of simply being an onlooker.