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Easter Costumes

EASTER... What can I say about Easter Costumes? The EASTER BUNNY! Well, The Easter Bunny and maybe a Chick or three. Of course there is always just the Bunny Ears and Tail for those who do not want to go Full-Bunny.

Easter BunnyMe? I had a GREAT Easter EGG Costume once and I am SURE there are some to be found online for you also! I used to LOVE Easter Morning when my Mom would be dressed as the Easter Bunny and we'd each get a Easter Basket full of Goodies. Then in the afternoon my brother and I would don our Kiddie Easter Costumes... sometimes just a pretty Easter Dress for me honestly...But sometimes my Mom helped me get dressed in a little Chick Costume and THAT's when I had the MOST fun. My brother ALWAYS got away with dressing up in his Cowboy Costume, even for EASTER Events! I never did figure it out. BUT! What the heck! He DID "Dress-up"!

Hmmm..On the topic of CHILDREN..while I'm thinking of it let me clue you in on a really cool place to get "Printable" Games to fit any occasion. One thing is for sure...your kids won't have a chance to get BORED while you are in the kitchen ..cooking up a yummy Easter Dinner....if you keep them occupied with Games and Pictures to color that you printed out on your very own Computer/Printer.

Please forgive my mind wandering back to when I was a child. Wonderous times really. Times of "Pretending"..a magical thing of childhood. There's really nothing like being a child in a Soft Snuggly Bunny Costume running down a grass covered slope in the bright sunshine, Easter Basket clutched in hand, looking for the dash of color on the grass signaling the treasure find of a Painted Easter Egg. What better magic is there than this?

Egg and Chick

You must be wondering WHERE the Costumes are!? OK..Enough chit-chat for now. I will get to the Costumes RIGHT NOW! From our friends at Buy Costumes... below are a few Easter offerings to get you started:

Blue Lamb Infant

Bunny Infant Costume

Chickie Infant

Marshmallow Peeps Infant/Toddler

Pink Bunny Infant

Pink Lamb Infant

Ricochet Rabbit Bunting

Cozy Little Bunny Cape Infant/Toddler

Lil Chick Toddler

Marshmellow Peeps Toddler

Deluxe Easter Bunny

Bunny Suit, Child Size 6-8

Parade Bunny Adult Costume

Premium Rabbit Complete Costume

Rabbit Complete, Grey Mascot Adult

Rusty the Rabbit (Special Order) Mascot Adult

Standard Easter Bunny Suit

Supreme Bunny Suit Adult

Ultimate Easter Bunny Adult

Bunny Instant Child Costume

Plush Bunny

Blue Bunny Infant


What Easter would be complete without an EASTER BUNNY PINATA!?

Blue Easter Bunny Pinata

Easter Vacation seems to be one of those times when many communities celebrate by having some sort of "Pet" festivities. Either Parades or Contests..you will typically find that the pets are to appear IN COSTUME! To that note let me just remind you that I DO have Pet Costume Pages (the Links to them are at the bottom of the left-side menu). That is not the reason I am telling you this though. I am actually saying this as an introduction to the following two photos. They are SO cute I just can't NOT put them here for Easter! These were taken by a patron of this site (and a very sweet woman she is too :-) at a Easter Pet Parade in her town.

Easter Pet Parade

Dog in Bunny Costume


These 2 photos below are from a young woman soldier during a tour in Iraq. I hope our troops are not forgotten during Holiday times. As you can see, they don't forget the Holiday. :-)

Someone really used their imaginations and skills when putting together these Easter Treats! I am posting the cakes here just because they are so pretty and FESTIVE for the occasion!

Below is something a little different... This is an idea for a HOMEMADE EASTER EGG COSTUME (Is anyone out there brave enough to try it? :-)

When preparing for Easter 2006 I was confronted with a question from one of my visitors. The person wanted to know how to MAKE an EASTER EGG COSTUME. SO! You will see below, directions, of a sort, for building an Easter Egg Costume for yourself, your child, or ...whomever happens to be in an eggy mood I suppose. harhar The drawing below is an example of what we are trying for. The Chickie inside the egg will be left mainly up to you. My Ideas would be: A pair of Yellow Tights and Orange shoes or slippers. A long-sleeved Yellow Shirt(tuck in fingers)..and you COULD sew a bit of material to the under side of the arm to give the suggestion of little wings :-). For the head..either a Chick Mask, or a Yellow (dyed?)Stocking Mask or Yellow Face Paint and some sort of Orange Beak (I will look for any ideas on this and add what I find). The topper which is actually supposed to be Egg Shell can be a piece of Cardboard with a jagged cut (or maybe even an old sun hat)...bent a bit... with some of the Egg Material stretched over it, sewn or glued and bobby pinned to the chickys lil head :-)

Homemade Easter Egg costume

Go here for full instructions on making this Easter Egg Costume

I got a letter and a picture of somebody who actually used MY Easter Egg pattern as a beginning to their Costume! The original idea was changed around a little bit and added-to... and what was the finished product is simply AWESOME!
I guess I should let you see it ehhhh?

Homemade Easter Egg costumes

This is Aiden and below are the instructions that her Mom used
to alter the costume to more of what she had in mind.


As you will read, the costume was made for Halloween 2008. HOWEVER!.. I think it would make a FINE Easter Costume also.
The words just below are "as written" by Aiden's Mother... the maker of the Costume:

This year we decided to make my three year old a chick hatching from an egg for Halloween. I do not remember where I came up with the idea, but it appealed to me, so I had to find a way to make an eggshell costume! That is how I came upon your website. I used the instructions for your egg, and modified them to fit my needs. We just cut out the ovals like you said, and instead of having them go all the way up, cut it about halfway with jagged edges. We also simply sewed up the sides, and left the bottom open for ease of movement. As for how we kept it up...I made "suspenders". They were just long strips of muslin that I attached to the inside of the egg. I made 4 suspenders, 2 for the front, 2 for the back, and when I put the costume on her I just tied them over her shoulder to keep it all up. That way I didn't have to bother with trying to "fit" them to her (three year olds are rarely cooperative hehe). I could just tie and go! The yellow chick shirt went over the suspenders to hide them. It worked great!

Egg costume

Many thanks to Aidens Mom for sharing her creation AND the extra instructions with us.

I wish you all a Very Happy Easter!

Easter Chick