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Decorations for Holidays,
Parties, Galas, and Balls

The online stores listed throughout this website will show you some really cool decorations for just about any kind of party or celebration one could think of. Of course we have those specialty "PARTY" stores listed on my Costume pages also. As things stand at this time I have a plan to get a "Decorations" SECTION up... that will have decorations ONLY for each Holiday or Party there is on your calander. Like I say..THAT is in the works and I HOPE to have it completed soon. FOR NOW though..I HAVE managed to list decorations at the bottoms of the pages for certain occasions. AS IN~ Halloween has it's own "decorations" page. Christmas decorations, on the other hand do NOT, as yet, have a page but you WILL find some COOL Christmas Decorations about half way down the Christmas Costume page. SO! wish me well in my effort to have a "Decorations for each Occasion" section...and I will continue to work diligently on it. Ü

Homemade decorations

If you prefer putting together some of your OWN Decorations...and you need some IDEAS.... what is the best place to find INFORMATION of ANY KIND? The INTERNET of course! Ü
At this point I am posting any links for Homemade Decoration Ideas on the Costume page of that occasion also. So you may want to check that page here on my website before moving on to a search engine Ü.

IF you happen to create any decorations that you would like to share with us/me here on my website.. I would be MORE than HAPPY to post a photo and instructions on the creating. YOU will get ALL of the credit of course! Ü

As with all of my "send-in"s.... please send any Photos (and I LOVE Photos!) in JPG format as Attachments and send a list of "materials needed" and "How To" put together (or build) in the body of the letter. Send To: Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash after "Costume" :-)

THANK you in advance for your participation. Ü