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Deadmau5 Costume
by Kim
Deadmau5 Costume
by Kamil
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Deadmau5 Costume

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Deadmau5 Costume

Trying on the costume! Happy Halloween!

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Photo #1 - Trying on the costume! Happy Halloween! Photo #2 - All together and ready to program the lights! Photo #3 - With the lights on! (Can't post video but they flash with music!) Photo #4 - The head ready for some fabric! Photo #5 - Ears by themself!
Costume type:  Costumes for Men
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for men entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Derek, the 'Deadmau5' costume creator:

The costume I am submitting is my own, and I will be wearing it. If you are unfamiliar with what, or who Deadmau5 is, he is a Canadian music producer/DJ who wears a signature helmet/mask while performing. The idea sparked from a conversation with friends about how many different "heads" he has, and how it would be a wild costume idea for Halloween! (Only if executed correctly of course!) Although it may not be the cheapest/thrown together costume idea out there, I definitely think it will be the only one of its kind for miles!

How to instructions may get kind of wordy (but I have no problem specifically walking anyone through it if they are interested) but I will gladly include the list of materials, and let your creative minds try to put it together!

And of course can't forget a color matched suit!!!

Materials list:

  • 14" hamster ball
  • 2 5" hamster balls
  • 12' of sound activated LED wire
  • 2 multicolored stobes (for eyes)
  • old white t-shirt (for eye fabric)
  • 2 yards of black 4-way stretch velvet
  • 1" thick styrofoam sheet (for ears)
  • 1 sheet of 8mm thick crafting foam
  • 1 roll electrical tape
  • 1 adjustable hard hat
  • 2 large rolls of gorilla tape
  • 4 bolts, 8 washers, 4 wing nuts
  • fabric glue
  • stitch witchery
  • LOTS of hot glue
  • 14" wire mesh food dome (for mouth)

Video of the lights in action!


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42 votes
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#1 comment by Derek Schaap October 23, 2012


This is a video of the lights in action!

#2 comment by Chris October 24, 2012

Hey Derek,
this is sick. Would it be feasible to put this together by the weekend? If so, could you walk me through it a bit?

#3 comment by Derek Schaap October 24, 2012

Thanks! It's possible, but not very probable. To finish it by this weekend, you would have to work literally non-stop, and already have a solid understanding of where you are going to get all your materials from and how it goes together. I could try to walk you through if you're dead set on getting it done but it is not the easiest task in the world by a long shot and I honestly doubt there's time before the weekend.

#4 comment by Jake October 24, 2012

I would like the instructions as well just to have them for next year

#5 comment by Derek Schaap October 24, 2012

I'm actually in the process of making a black and pink one for my friend, leave me your emails and I will send out a full length instruction once it is finished. hows that? :)

#6 comment by Chris October 24, 2012

sounds great thanks. christopherrj[at]yahoo.com

Im pretty set on trying to get it done so as I hit the store tonight I have few questions...
-How did you cut out the mouth slot of large hamster ball?
-How did you get the wire mesh for the mouth looking white instead of grey?
-How did you fit a hard hat inside the hamster ball?
-Whats the crafting foam for?
-When you wired the LED wire did you only use one long piece? not a separate one for the mouth and a separate one for around the ears?

#7 comment by Dad October 24, 2012

Awesome! Nicely done stud!

#8 comment by Derek October 25, 2012

Thanks dad, love you.

Chris, cut the mouth slot, eyes, and bottom opening with a dremel. The wire mesh was spray painted white. I fit the hard hat through the mouth after it was cut. The crafting foam was for the lip, so the wire mesh sat inside, giving the illusion of an actual mouth. The LED wire is all one piece, wrapped around the head and ears, fed between the head and wire mesh to outline the mouth.

#9 comment by Jake October 25, 2012

Send instructions here, thgj[at]juno.com

#10 comment by Chris October 26, 2012

So I've made decent progress and I think I should have it done in time for tomorrow night. I just have a few more questions:

-Aside from being 1" thick what are the dimensions of the ears?

-Did you bolt the hardhat to the inside of the ball or did you just leave it loose inside?

-What did you use the fabric glue for? Vs. what you used the glue gun for? Vs what you used the stich witchery for?

-Did you put velvet fabric on the inside of the ball at all?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks for all your help, I appreciate it!

#11 comment by Derek Schaap October 26, 2012

The ears are about 12" wide and 13" long. There are dimensions posted online straight from the man himself just search deadmau5 head dimensions. The hard hat was hot glued inside the head. I used the fabric glue for attaching fabric to the ears, and I used thread and stitch witchery for the head because I wanted only one seam visible (across the back). And there is no fabric on the inside of the head. Just electronics.

#12 comment by cruz morales June 29, 2013

I like it so much!!! 10 stars!

#13 comment by Danielle September 20, 2013

Can you please send me your instructions ?

#14 comment by Danny September 23, 2013

Please send me instructions!! Thanks!


#15 comment by carol October 3, 2013

Could I please have detailed instructions on how to make? itzcarol32[at]yahoo.com

#16 comment by Tim October 22, 2013

Could your please email me as well slamsdime1[at]gmail.com

#17 comment by Linda October 24, 2013

Could you email me the instructions please lindasilva8.ls[at]gmail.com

#18 comment by Lisa October 30, 2013

Hi Derek-
LOVE your costume! Could you please email your detailed instructions to hirshfletch[at]gmail.com
Thank you

#19 comment by Ryan November 16, 2013

That is so sick been wanting to make one for so long. Finally just decided to start. It would be awesome if you could email me instructions at ryanfonder08[at]gmail. And again that's awesome nicely done

#20 comment by Dustin September 16, 2014

If you still have the directions I would love them. Thank you ahead of time.

#21 comment by Beez September 22, 2014

Is there still instructions going out? This is beyond amazing



#22 comment by Jason October 1, 2014

Great costume, would you please send me the instructions at jwalko5572[at]aol.com

#23 comment by ross October 3, 2014

send me the intructions to make this pleaseee

#24 comment by Phillip Prudden October 10, 2014

Hey Derek,

this is amazing, could you please send me the instructions as well? or anyone here int he comment sthat received them. Much apprecaited.

Does anyone know the ETA to build this?

#25 comment by Javier October 11, 2014

great costume! could you send instructions please and thank you!

#26 comment by Mullet October 12, 2014

Going for it!! Please send instructions to asisin at gmail

Thanks so much!

#27 comment by jaywellz October 13, 2014

Would love the instructions as well! jaywellz[at]gmail.com

#28 comment by Wayne October 13, 2014

Send me instructions please It looks sik

#29 comment by Lexi October 16, 2014

This is awesome!

Can you send me instructions please?!?


#30 comment by Maria October 18, 2014

would love your instructions as well! thanks for your time!

#31 comment by Ana October 28, 2014

Please send me the instructions at anabel.jc[at]hotmail.com

#32 comment by daniel kermany October 29, 2014

If you see this can I please have the instructions? :D

#33 comment by Khadkhouri October 29, 2014

Can you please forward instructions to me as well?

#34 comment by Amber August 24, 2015

Can you send me the instructions please!

#35 comment by Milly December 9, 2015

Hey, I want to surprise my hubby and make one for him. Can you please send me the instructions to justmilly[at]yahoo.com

#36 comment by Ryan September 28, 2017

Can Dereck could you please send me the instructions!!

#37 comment by Claudia V. September 29, 2017

My son has been looking to make this for Halloween this year. Can you please send instructions to: ce.velazquez[at]yahoo.com

#38 comment by Matt p October 22, 2017

Would you be able to send me instructions for this? Thanks!!


#39 comment by Holly October 23, 2017

Can you make me one for my son? I will pay you for your work, of course.

#40 comment by Josh October 24, 2017

Hey Derek, this is redic! Hit me up with instructions, would love to try and replicate! Tilbaby[at]hotmail.com

#41 comment by chris September 24, 2018

I would really be grateful for instructions if Derek (or anyone he forwarded them to) might have a moment to share. :) pvp2parent(at)gmail.com thank you! :)

#42 comment by Jackson Blight October 9, 2018

Hi Derek could you forward me instructions as well Jackson.blight[at]yahoo.com also how long to build approximately

#43 comment by Judith August 22, 2019

This is AMAZING! Can you please send me instructions too? thanks so much:)) Hopefully I can make this in time for Halloween!!

#44 comment by Adam Feberwee October 20, 2019

Would love to see the printed instructions. Incredible work.


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