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35 Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Don't expect your baby's giggle to do all the work this Halloween - make their costume memorable! These original costume ideas go above and beyond a mere princess, animal, or character costume. Not only are the costumes featured throughout this page cute, they're also innovative, witty, and one of a kind! Whether you're into classical attire or you're a super nerd you'll be able to find the perfect idea for you and your baby.

Baby Mermaid CostumeBaby Mermaid
Sent in by Katie to our 2013 costume contest.

Going around town with you baby will go swimmingly in this mermaid costume. It's a simple, baby friendly design that transforms an ordinary child into an extraordinary creature.

Mouse in a Trap CostumeMouse in a Trap
Sent in by Robin to our 2012 costume contest.

This baby has definitely cut the cheese once or twice, but what else would you expect from such a cute mouse? This awesome costume is everything you need to keep a seated youngster ridding in style for Halloween.

DIY Charlie Brown Baby CostumeCharlie Brown
Sent in by Jill to our 2013 costume contest.

When there's candy in the room the only thing this baby hears is "whaa-whaa-whaa." This Charlie Brown costume is super simple without skimping out on the adorable! There's just one question: is your baby a dog person or a bird person?

Spartan Baby CostumeSpartan Baby
Sent in by Nicole to our 2012 costume contest.

Seizing the day (and the candy) won't be a problem for this guy! Forget Maximus, this gladiator costume is ready for action and baby approved.

Peacock Baby CostumePeacock
Sent in by Nellie to our 2013 costume contest.

Look out the door! Is it a fairy? Is it a princess? No! It's the cutest peacock the neighbors have ever seen. You can customize this look with your baby's favorite colors and accessories.


No costume is too small or big for a baby! These ideas will not only make your baby look adorable, but there's something for everyone. With some of costumes there are certain specifications that you can change and customize to match the entire family. Make sure that the costume isn't too over the top and that it doesn't have too many pieces or else your baby won't be having a good time! Simple costume ideas like the ones features above and below are perfect for walking around, hanging in the stroller, and sitting around eating candy.


Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Old CoupleOld Couple

Milk Drunk Baby CostumeMilk Drunk

Lil' Popeye the Sailor ManLil' Popeye the Sailor Man

R2-D2 Baby CostumeR2-D2 Baby

Raggedy Ann Baby CostumeRaggedy Ann


Despicable Me Minion CostumeDespicable Me Minion

The Biggest Loser Baby CostumeThe Biggest Loser

Baby Pillsbury Doughboy CostumePillsbury Doughboy

Sushi Roll CostumeSushi Roll

Baby Knievel CostumeBaby Knievel

Infant Mutant Ninja Turtle CostumeInfant Mutant Ninja Turtle

Pac ManPac Man

Baby Freddy Krueger CostumeBaby Freddy Krueger

Cindy Lou Who CostumeCindy Lou Who

Carl Fredricksen from UP Baby Halloween CostumeCarl Fredricksen from UP

Clark Kent Baby CostumeClark Kent

Baby CarrotBaby Carrot

Cute Joe Dirt Baby CostumeJoe Dirt

Cute Sock MonkeyCute Sock Monkey

Mario Baby CostumeMario

Edward Scissorhands CostumeLittle Edward Scissorhands

Tinkerbell CostumeCutest Tinkerbell

Cute Cabbage Patch Baby CostumeCabbage Patch Baby


Spaghetti and Meatballs Baby CostumeSpaghetti and Meatballs

Mike from Monsters Inc.Mike from Monsters Inc.

Scarecrow Baby CostumeScarecrow Baby

Gremlins Gizmo Baby CostumeGIZMO

Million Dollar Baby CostumeMillion Dollar Baby


Cutest Baby Costumes on Amazon

Baby Fox Infant CostumeBaby Fox Infant Costume $20.12

Baby Tiger CostumeBaby Tiger Costume

Baby Lil' Monkey CostumeBaby Lil' Monkey Costume

Baby's Lil' Piggy CostumeBaby's Lil' Piggy Costume $21.86

Baby's Giggly Goldfish CostumeBaby's Giggly Goldfish Costume $55.50

Baby's Lovable Lion CostumeBaby's Lovable Lion Costume $19.94

Baby Itty Bitty Lady Bug CostumeBaby Itty Bitty Lady Bug Costume

Newborn Monkey CostumeNewborn Monkey Costume $21.09

Baby Dinky Dragon CostumeBaby Dinky Dragon Costume $20.80

Baby Blossom CostumeBaby Blossom Costume $40.02

Baby Boy's Playful Pony CostumeBaby Boy's Playful Pony Costume $46.72

Lil' Baby Bunny CostumeLil' Baby Bunny Costume

Baby's Lil' Lion Costume (6-12 Months)Baby's Lil' Lion Costume (6-12 Months) $54.99

Baby's Precious Peacock CostumeBaby's Precious Peacock Costume

Baby's Tiny Turtle CostumeBaby's Tiny Turtle Costume $37.40

Baby Lil' Lobster CostumeBaby Lil' Lobster Costume

Baby Tiny Tentacles Octopus CostumeBaby Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume

Baby's Silly Shark CostumeBaby's Silly Shark Costume

Baby Lil' Mouse CostumeBaby Lil' Mouse Costume $67.72

Unisex Baby Flannel Romper Stitch SuitUnisex Baby Flannel Romper Stitch Suit

Pinky Winky Monster Romper CostumePinky Winky Monster Romper Costume $16.95

Unisex Baby Monster CostumeUnisex Baby Monster Costume $32.99

Baby Elk Deer CostumeBaby Elk Deer Costume

Baby Girls' Pink Poodle CostumeBaby Girls' Pink Poodle Costume $36.92

Baby Berry Cute CostumeBaby Berry Cute Costume $21.62

Pea in a Pod Baby Bunting CostumePea in a Pod Baby Bunting Costume $14.99

Baby's Chicken CostumeBaby's Chicken Costume

Baby's Dinosaur CostumeBaby's Dinosaur Costume $25.18

Baby's What A Hoot Owl CostumeBaby's What A Hoot Owl Costume $43.76

Baby Lil' Viking CostumeBaby Lil' Viking Costume

Baby Boy's Garden Gnome CostumeBaby Boy's Garden Gnome Costume $37.00

Baby Girl's Rag Doll CostumeBaby Girl's Rag Doll Costume

Baby Doll Infant CostumeBaby Doll Infant Costume

Baby's Time Out Convict CostumeBaby's Time Out Convict Costume

Baby Lil' Penguin CostumeBaby Lil' Penguin Costume

Boys Big Bad Wolf CostumeBoys Big Bad Wolf Costume $34.36

Baby's Lil' Polar Bear CostumeBaby's Lil' Polar Bear Costume

Baby Puppy Love CostumeBaby Puppy Love Costume

Baby's Puppy CostumeBaby's Puppy Costume

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