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Lion-o & Cheetara Costume
by Kristin
Demonic Blue Costume
by Nzinga
Girls Gone Wild Costume
by Cyndi
Cave Man and Cave Girl Costume
by Shane

Couples Halloween Costumes

Just as the title declares... these, below, are Costumes for Couples. Usually, but not always, for a male and a female. It's always so much fun to do something with your "significant other". Your family and friends at a Halloween Party know that you are a "couple".... but when paired in Costumes that obviously GO TOGETHER..it leaves no doubt just WHO you are with. Then..after the Party... I'm sure there is enough "pretend" left in both of you to allow you to continue your own, "private" party at home.

Just click a costume for more details.

If you are having a hard time deciding what you and your other-half would like to "BE" for a special couples occasion...Like a Halloween Party... Check out this article on couples costumes. It is FULL of Ideas!

See also: 75 Creative Couples Costume Ideas.

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