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2012 Halloween Costume Contest

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You are viewing costumes 541 to 570 of 2439 entries submitted to the 2012 costume contest.

Man in the Yellow Hat CostumeMan in the Yellow Hat

Batgirl and Pansy CostumeBatgirl and Pansy

Madame Butterfly CostumeMadame Butterfly

DIY Lego Man CostumeLego Man

Edward Scissorshands CostumeEdward Scissorshands

Mary Poppins' Jolly Holiday CostumeMary Poppins' Jolly Holiday

DIY Peacock CostumePeacock

Amazing Spiderboy CostumeSpiderboy

Second Grade Slurpees CostumeSecond Grade Slurpees

Fairy Princess CostumesFairy Princess

Caught in the Potty CostumeCaught in the Potty

Lobster in a Pot and Chefs CostumeLobster in a Pot and Chefs

Zombie Jail Bird CostumeZombie Jail Bird

DIY Mad Scientist CostumeMad Scientist

Cee Lo Green CostumeCee Lo Green

Silent Hill Nurse CostumeSilent Hill Nurse

Chipotle Burritos CostumeChipotle Burritos

Escape from the Underground CostumeEscape from the Underground

Dalmatian CostumeDalmatian

Hippie CostumeHippie

Little Dead Riding Hood CostumeLittle Dead Riding Hood

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe CostumeAndy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

Bird and Bear CostumeBird and Bear

Werewolf Homemade Halloween CostumeWerewolf

Super Hero Baby CostumeSuper Hero

Wisconsin Cheerleader CostumeWisconsin Cheerleader

Superbaby CostumeSuperbaby

Katy Perry Cupcake Dress Costume for GirlsKaty Perry Cupcake Dress

Carrie and her Mother CostumeCarrie and her Mother

Pennywise the Clown from IT CostumePennywise the Clown from IT

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