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2007 Halloween Costume Contest

Eyes animated

and the winners are:

1st Place
Contestants  7

Congratulations Jacob and Benjamin,
 and of course, proud Dad, Bob..and Mom, Christine.


2nd Place
Contestant 2
Congratulations to 2nd PlaceWinner
 Nate and his Alien.
Also to his Mom Becky
 for getting such a realistic effect in this costume!

3rd Place
Contestant 6
Congratulations to The Turantula Enchantress
and her Mom Mrs.J .

Honorable Mention
(Yes,this is new)
(This contestant missed 3rd place by 1 vote)
Contestant 17

  Congratulations to little Axel and his Mom Gore.

Prizes will be sent out the first week in December.
(I have to wait for payday myself )

     Let me take a minute to thank ALL Contestants in this years Contest!
          The costumes were nothing short of FANTASTIC!
  The judges were 25 of my family members ranging in age from 8 to 78. When we gathered for our traditional family Thanksgiving Dinner I made my contest judging part of the grand affair.  This year I got a LOT of whining and indecision (mostly from the ADULTS of course!)  because it was EXTREMELY hard to pick winners. (I have made it a RULE to exclude myself from the judging to make all things fair for my entrants..( Truth be told..I would have NO idea who I would pick EITHER! The costumes are, sincerely, all so GOOD!))
      This is my second Halloween Costume Contest and I am learning as I go.  One thing that seems to come to the forefront is that I need to have some clear-cut "categories"..starting with "Kids" and "Adults".
   For those of you who didn't win..please don't be discouraged. You are winners to ME and to your Families I am SURE .  I appreciate everybody who dressed-up and everybody who mailed in photos. You are what makes this site worth while to me so I thank you VERY much for being here.  
for NEXT Halloween I HOPE!

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And Here we GO!
Best of Luck to ALL Contestants!


Boy Snatched by Alien CostumeBoy Snatched by Alien

Lucario PokemonLucario Pokemon

Elf on a ToadstoolElf on a Toadstool

DIY Ladybug Baby CostumeLadyBug

Tarantula CostumeTarantula Enchantress

Pirates of the CarribeanPirates of the Carribean

Optimus Prime Transformer CostumeOptimus Prime Transformer

Pirate Fortune TellerPirate Fortune Teller

Zombie & Knight CostumesZombie and Knight


 Fortune Teller

Toy Vending MachineStuffed Animal Vending Machine

Fish TankFish Tank


Living Dead DollLiving Dead Doll

Family of VampiresVampires Family

Ladybug CostumeLadybug

Spider Woman CostumeSpider Woman

Stop Light CostumeStop Light

Autumn-Themed OutfitAutumn

Alice in Wonderland Characters CostumesAlice in Wonderland Characters

Old Man CostumeOld Man

Red Devil & SupermanRed Devil & Superman

Contestant 1

Our first entry is Liberty... dressed as a colorful Peacock.
Shake those tailfeathers Liberty!
Liberty's Mom is a Cake designer and baker.

Thank you Tamara and Liberty!

Contestant 2

Nate was sleeping soundly in his bed when an Alien came and snatched him up. He barely had time to grab his beloved Teddy Bear so , at least, he wouldn't be completely without a friend from home..."EARTH" that is.

Above is a friend from last years contest, Nate, who is now 11 years old.

Nates Mom, Becky, asked me to pick the photo that I thought was the best.  Well now, you can see that I am not very good at making decisions. I posted 3..   because they are all GREAT Pics.
The costume was made by Becky.

THANKS for your entry Becky and Nate!
~~~Here's a bit of Trivia about Becky, Nate, and family.
They own a farm that raises fainting goats, deer,
 and  birds (like Emu and Peacocks) to sell as pets.

Contestant 3

Above we have Justin as Lucario, of Pokemon fame.  Justin is in MO and His Mom, Mrs.J, made this great costume. (Mrs.J. also sent instructions on the making of this costume so if anyone is interested please check my Homemade Costumes pages.)

Many thanks to Mrs.J  and to Justin too.


A lovely little Elf on a Toadstool .
Costume made by Mrs.J in MO.
(you will find more great costumes,instructions, and ideas
by Mrs J on my "Homemade Costumes" page
Thanks again Mrs J and her lil Elf

Contestant 5

1 1/2 yr. old Miss Jordyn from Ohio has a Mommy and Daddy who thinks she is simply ADORABLE as a LadyBug OR a Baby. I have to agree What is YOUR vote?

Thank you Joe and Bree
Contestant 6
Here's another fantastic costume from Mrs J in MO.
Her daughter is a Tarantula Enchantress to be reckoned with toting a Tarantula Puppet on here hand and even a remote control Tarantula that hides in the puppet when not in use.
(As with other of Mrs Js costumes...This will be a costume with instructions on my Homemade Costume page when the contest is over.)

I never get tired of thanking you Mrs.J 

Some heavy contenders are rolling (maybe I should say "sailing") in
Beginning with a couple of Pirates of the Carribean

Contestants 7

With it's black sails and working lantern..this ship carries Pirates Jacob, 3 yrs old...and his little brother Benjamin a happy(as you see in the photo below)  9 month old.
This young swashbuckling duet will terrorize the neighborhood on Halloween in search of CANDY!

The Ship and Costumes created by my friend Bob in NJ.
(I will have Instructions for building this ship, provided by its designer Bob, on my Homemade Costumes page REAL soon!)

Thank you for being here for the competition this year Bob. Anyone interested in seeing more of Bobs "stuff"...Look for his awesome costumes and props on my Pictures and Homemade Costumes pages.

Thanks also to Jacob and Benjamin for being part of my contest!

Contestant 8

A battle damaged Transformer known as Optimus Prime
is the costume of choice this year for 8 year old Josh.

This is another great costume made by Bob, my friend in NJ.
One thing you cannot SEE about this costume is that it has lights that light up and a secret lid in his left arm that he can open up to a communicator that actually SPEAKS!  Bob sure doesn't miss any bells or whistles when he's working on these cool costumes for his family and/or friends.
(Of course, Instructions on building this costume will soon follow on the Homemade Costume page of this site.)

THANKS as always Bob!
Thanks also to Josh. You make an AWESOME Transformer Josh!


Contestant 9

  A Pirate Fortune Teller!
Below is a close up of her tabletop..Crystal ball and all.

Below is a SIDE-VIEW of the Fortune Tellers Booth

and finally, below, is the full-view.

This lovely Pirate Fortune Teller is none other than Bobs wife, Christine.
For a few pieces of gold she will surely shiver your timbers ....
with a ghastly reading of the future.

Bob, You've done it again!  Excellant!
Thanks you for your participation Christine! You have a talented hubby and a beautiful crew!


Contestants  10(Zombie)  & 11 (Knight)

Here is my friend Bob(right), from NJ,
as a somewhat grizzled ole Knight,
complete with self-made Sword(seen below)
(creator of some of the costumes here )
And on the left is Bobs friend and neighbor in NJ,
Chris, as an even MORE "grizzled" Zombie.
(below is the sword that goes with the above Knight)

Thanks again Bob.
And Thanks for being here Chris
Contestant 12

Traci is a pro at making her own Costumes.
You'll see some of her stuff on my Pictures Page.
This year she opted to be a FROG.

Note that LONG tongue with all of the little bugs collected there
 for Frog Traci's next meal
REALLY creative Traci!
Thanks for your entry!

Contestant 13

Fortune Tellers being popular this year,
this is 9 yr. old Victoria.
Victoria will have no problem seeing into your future.
 Her Crystal Ball lights up!
  Sent in by Mom, Sheri, from S.Dakota.

Thank you for entering again this year Sheri.

Contestant 14

This is Wendy from NJ
as a Stuffed Animal Vending machine.
 (we've all seen them..One trys to grab a toy with a
VERY loose jawed crane. )

Here's a side-view
showing a few more of the stuffed animals.
Looks like it got a bit crowded in there at times.

Original Costume idea Wendy
Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Contestant 15

Here is 7 yr old Alex as a/IN a?  Fish Tank.
Watch out for the one that got away Alex! (He's on your HAT! )
Below is THE fish tank Body-LESS.

Thank you Alex and Team in NJ!

Contestant 16

Above, as a Jaguar, is Armani.
The costume was made by his Grandmother.

(Below you will meet Armani's big brother, Axel.)
(Axel is also sitting behind him here as a Pirate)

Contestant 17
These are a couple of pictures of Axel.
(Armani's BIG Brother of 3 yrs old )
He is dressed-up as one of the Living Dead
AND he is a GREAT COPY of a Living Dead Doll,
As seen below:

Pretty cool huh?

The last 2 entries were sent in by the boys Mom, Gore.
Thank you Ma 'am.

Contestants 18

It's a FAMILY of Vampires!

In the pictures are Gore and David..
.....and baby Axel (also a contestant above).

Gore, Thanks very much for ALL of  your entries and GOOD LUCK!


Contestant 19

Here is a lovely Ladybug,
 Miss Jenna Jade at 2 years old.

As sent in by her Mom, Stephanie.
(who you will see below as a spider)
Thanks Stephanie!!!

Contestant 20

This is Stephanie..a Big Creepy-Crawly Spider!
(yes, this is Jenna Jade's Mama )

Here's a close up of the Spiders FACE.
Oh MY what BIG Eye-lashes you have dear.

Stephanie and family are in S. Carolina
Thanks for joining us again this year Stephanie.
(and thanks for being a friend throughout the year too

Contestant 21

"This is Landon wearing his Stop Light costume!!
 His lights actually light up (they turn on and off when you tap the lights).
 This costume is definitely a "traffic stopper"!!"

As states his proud Mom , Sheri, my friend in S. Dakota.

Thank you again Sheri!
Contestant 22

Here is Jennifer, another repeat contender
She has hand-made this beautiful Autumn-Themed Outfit.
She is definately an Autumn Renaissance Maiden.

Thanks Jennifer and "Happy Halloween!" backatcha!

Contestants 23

Alice in Wonderland
From top left is daughter Amber as Alice.
 Mom, Mary, as the Queen of Hearts.
Friend, Alex, as the Ace of Spades.
Bottom left is Alex's brother, Jordan, as The White Rabbit.
Marys other daughter, Jillian, as The Mad Hatter.

A big THANK YOU to Mary in Florida for this entry!
Contestant 24

This young OLD Man is John.
His big brother Nate...
 was recently kidnapped by an Alien (Contestant 2 ).
Could it be that John has disguised himself
as a MATURE human..
to better deal with the Alien Thief?
Perhaps by beating IT with his cane?
 THUS, freeing his big bro, Nate
and making Mom, Becky, very VERY happy!

Thank you once again Becky!


Contestant 25

Above is Armani, as a lovable lil Red Devil,
 and brother Axel as Clark Kent....
changing into Superhero SUPERMAN!
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No!... It's SUPERAXEL!

Thank you for this entry also Mom Gore.

Contestants 26

Here we have a whole family of PIRATES!
Meet Dad, David and Mom, Osiris.
With Dad is young Dave and with Mom is P.Q.

Here we have Dad and the boys..out for a stroll.
Possibly up to a little trickery or treatery?
I guess that with PIRATES it could be TREACHERY!

Here is Osiris (lovely name by the way ) and Dave.

Thanks for these entries goes to Dad, David.


Many MANY Thanks to all Participants!