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Childrens Halloween Costumes

Halloween HAS to be one of the most fun of Occasions for our Children. As a parent it was a time when I basked in the happiness of my kids. They were just so darned cute ...all dressed up as somebody or someTHING else. Some years there were Homemade Costumes, but when we could we went SHOPPING! I can't remember all of the different Halloween Costumes my children went through over the years. (Reminding you that I raised 6 kids and Lord only knows how many neighbor kids I dressed for Halloween TOO!) They dressed-up in Pirate Costumes to Princess Costumes, ugly, scary Warlock Costumes, to beautiful, soft Fairy Costumes. There's absolutely NO WAY for me to remember them all and it is to my shame that I admit that I didn't have a camera at many of these most important times in my life.

If anyone has some PHOTOS they'd like to share, we sure would like to post them on our picture gallery page! They can be very old or brand new... it does not matter. Please share your memories!

Homemade Fly costumeThe Common House Fly Costume

Harry Potter & Hedwig CostumeHarry Potter & Hedwig Costumes

Piggly Wiggly Grocery Bag CostumePiggly Wiggly Grocery Bag Costume

Where the Wild Things Are Max CostumeMax Costume

Bag of Groceries CostumeBag of Groceries Costumes

DIY SpongeBob SquarePants CostumeSpongeBob and Kitty Costumes

WindowWindow Costume

Pumpkin Head CostumeJack-o-Lantern Costume

Ladybug CostumeLadybug Costume

Pippi Longstocking CostumePippi Longstocking Costume

Sugar Cookie Halloween costume for girlsSugar Cookie Costume

DIY Pinata CostumePinata Costume

If you are interested in doing a little shopping for your childs Halloween Costume at the moment ...Try Low-Priced Costumes at ShindigZ.com. You can view some of the costumes below (they ARE nice Ü).

Transylvania Vampire costume

Transylvania Vampire

Captain Jack Sparrow costume

Capn' Jack Sparrow

Devil Child costume

Devil Child



By the way, Shindigz is ALSO one of the finest Party Stores you'll find on the net. SO! If you are planning a Halloween Party(or any other kind of party for that matter) for your children checkout all of the fun party wares there also. (there are usually all kinds of "deals" for party supplies going on at "Shindigz.com".

When children are growing into teenagers..they reach an insecure point when they think it's just too childish to do the Dress-up thing. In that case I say.."Why Fight It?" I have just the thing that may meet a middle-road of Dressing for Halloween...yet NOT. I think your teenager may even like this Idea from BeWild.com:

This Is My Halloween Costume Hoodie

This Is My Halloween Costume Hoodie

This Is My Halloween Costume T-Shirt for teens

This Is My Halloween Costume T-Shirt

HOWEVER!.. Often enough they conclude that Halloween IS just too much fun to miss....and that it is NOT to "young" for them as long as they are allowed to decide on what they will wear. The one thing that just about ANY teenager would agree to dress as for Halloween is their favorite Musician. At my house it was "Rock Stars" and I'd bet (if my memory still serves me) that each of my teens dressed as a Rock n' Roller for at least one Halloween as they were growing up. It's pretty simple really, Either a Black, Blond, or Neon Wig....the longer the better. Someone ALWAYS had a Rock n' Roll T-Shirt laying around... preferably black with large, not always NICE, writing on it. A pair of worn out jeans...or a mini skirt (for the girls??). Boots, worn out OR Sports tennis shoes..or if they could get away with it...No shoes at all. Then they need some Face make-up, sometimes lots of it. It's always fun to ad a prop or accessory of a guitar or other hand-held musical instrument if possible...but not absolutely necessary of course. Teenagers... Oh they were FUN! NOW I have the pleasure of watching my children try to figure out their OWN Teenagers! (YUP... I AM that old...and YES...It IS rather AMUSING to watch.)

Teen rockman

So ANYWAY... It would seem that I should be showing you some Costumes at this time...so here we go!!
Oya Costumes has a nice selection of Costumes and Accessories for Children and Teens and.... in my humble opinion, their products are very reasonably priced....most Costumes running between $25 - $80.

Through these pages, and the stores I'll introduce you to, you'll find Childrens Costumes, Wigs, and accessories to make even the pickiest of little Princesses... or the hardest headed of little bloodthirsty Draculas ... ready to jump into character and have the time of their imaginary lives.

Below is a photo of Count D. My best bet is that it was a storebought cape (because I purchased it) and a little face paint..some Vampire Teeth....and that young man <of mine> was ready to collect some treats OR ELSE!

Vampire Kid costume

Vampire Kid

Speaking of Vampires Ü... Spirit Halloween.com brings you some Darling little Vamps!


Oh MY! There are so many CUTE Witch Costumes for the little ones at Spirit Halloween.com that I may have a very hard time holding back! I will want to post them ALL! But I promise to show SOME restraint...some. Here goes...

Twinkle Pretty Witch

Twinkle Pretty Witch Child Costume

Charm School Witch Child

Charm School Witch Child Costume

I should probably give equal time to the little men in your family Ü..so let's see what there is in stock as far as Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails:

Punk Zombie Child

Punk Zombie Child Costume