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Lily Monster Costume
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Lil Chicken Costume
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KISS Costume Costume
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Baby Halloween Costumes

I've always thought that Halloween had to be a very fun, yet puzzling time, for our Toddlers and Infants. "Not only does brother and sister (and maybe Mom and Daddy too) look like somebody or something else....people are looking at ME awfully strangely TOO! WOW! So much ATTENTION I'm getting! I should do THIS (whatever it is) more often!" (-: Ahhhh..the thoughts of a very young child. I don't know how accurate I am. It's been a VERY long time since I've had "baby thoughts"... so please bear with me and MY imagination. Thanks :-)

I've seen the CUTEST of Baby and Toddler Costumes... even INFANTS are now joining their families in the Halloween festivities. You'll need a Costume that's appropriate to your childs age and abilities of course. If your child is not walking or crawling yet, you may be able to get him/her a costume not requiring legs...like..maybe a Mermaid Costume, Or a Baby Seal Costume. I saw a Costume last Halloween for an Infant that I thought was TOPS in "creativity" on somebodys part. It was "Peas-in-a-Pod" and it was just fantastic!

So dress up your littlest one too. I don't think we are ever too young to be included in Halloween. Having your youngest one in costume will have your friends and neighbors in awe...or maybe just in giggles. Whatever you do...DON'T forget your Camera!!! (and send ME a picture too!!!! please!!!)

Baby Harry PotterBaby Harry Potter Costume

Baby Lion CostumeBaby Lion Costume

Pirate Baby CostumePirate Baby Costume

Tinkerbell Baby CostumeTinkerbell Costume

Lobster Halloween Costume for BabiesLobster in a Clam Shell Costume

Toothbrush and Lost Baby-Tooth CostumeToothbrush & Baby-Tooth Costumes

DIY Ladybug Baby CostumeLadyBug Costume

Gary the Snail CostumeGary the Snail Costume

Emerald Ash Borer Bug costumeEmerald Ash Borer Bug Costume

SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star CostumePatrick Star Costume

King Kong and the Empire State BuildingKing Kong & the Empire State Building Costumes

Free Puppies CostumeFree Puppies Costumes

Well now parents.. If you want to be the proudest Mom and Dad around...Just tuck your little ones into a Costume by famed Photo Artist and Costume Designer - Tom Arma!

Click photo below:

Tom Arma Frog Baby Costume

Tom Arma Monkey Child Costume

Tom Arma Elephant Baby Costume

Tom Arma Rabbit Baby Costume

Tom Arma Gingerbread Baby Costume

Buy Costumes is usually a REALLY good bet when you are looking for quality at a reasonable price.  Check out some very cute kids (and their costumes Ü) below:

Lil' Lion Elite
Toddler Costume

Baby Blossom
Infant Costume

Lil' Monkey Elite
Infant Costume

Infant Costume

Toddler Costume

Lil Monster
Infant/Toddler Costume

Sesame Street Elmo
Infant/Toddler Costume

Star Wars Yoda Fleece
Infant Costume

Lady Bug
Infant/Toddler Costume

Future Golfer
Infant Costume

Ahoy Matey! Pirate
Toddler Costume

Infant/Toddler Costume

Of course there is a LOT more to check out a Buy Costumes ..
Shop for Costumes for your whole family while you're there Ü

I just have to throw in, for your(Ü) viewing pleasure.. 2 favorite grand baby pictures I happen to have on file. They are each a Grandson of mine. Here is my lil' Pumpkin.
and here is my little Chick-a-dee