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Little Squirrel Girl Costume
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Baby Squirrel Costume

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Baby Squirrel Costume

Giant acorns are her favorite!

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Photo #1 - Giant acorns are her favorite! Photo #2 - Squirreling around Photo #3 - Gathering acorns Photo #4 - Did you know squirrels rode in strollers!? Photo #5 - Squirrel visits the zoo Photo #6 - Acorn paci Photo #7 - Squirrels love the zoo
Costume type:  Costumes for Babies
Categories:Halloween Costumes, Animal Costumes

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2015 Halloween Costume Contest, and won 1st place in the Cutest Baby Costume nomination!

A word from Amy, the 'Baby Squirrel' costume creator:

My 15 month old daughter is always picking up acorns. She has a handful, or two, every time she is outside. It was perfectly fitting for her to be a squirrel for Halloween this year. She loves her costume too! I made it with no type of pattern just based on her measurements. She wears a pink bow on one ear and her squeaky shoes with her costume too so she even sounds like a chattering little squirrel. I covered a jack-o-lantern in tan and brown felt to look like an acorn. I also sewed an acorn to attach to her pacifier. She looks like she's carrying an acorn in her mouth. Every one is completely smitten by her walking around with that fluffy tail and adorable little whiskers drawn on her face.

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184 votes
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#1 comment by Anna May 17, 2016

Who Evers made this will u please msg me. I'm dying to know how

#2 comment by Cindy July 18, 2016

Where can I get a pattern for that squirrel costume?

#3 comment by Julie kelly July 25, 2016

So cute!!! I would love to know how to make this!

#4 comment by Brianna Howard August 9, 2016

Can i buy this? Or can someone please TELL me how to make it?

#5 comment by Jessica August 9, 2016

My daughter would love this costume. How do you make it or where can I pay for one.

#6 comment by Taylor September 2, 2016

I will buy this from you if you can make me one for my 2 year old I love it!

#7 comment by Brittney September 12, 2016

I can make this!

#8 comment by Michaela September 24, 2016

This is amazing! Is there a pattern to purchase?

#9 comment by Connie September 26, 2016

Where did you get the fur? Was it a store like JoAnn's Fabrics? Both white and brown...

#10 comment by Katie September 28, 2016

Do you sell these? Or a pattern to make it?

#11 comment by Trisha Moore September 29, 2016

Britney I will pay you to make this for me. Or if anyone can. Please message or call me 3152861208. I really want this costume for my 2 year old.

#12 comment by Kady October 1, 2016

OMG!!!!!! I must have this for my daughter! I will buy it or please please please tell me how you made this! It is so perfect! Please email me! kady.oelrich[at]yahoo.com

#13 comment by Love this October 1, 2016

If anyone can make this please email 1118bowtique[at]gmail.com thank you

#14 comment by ROCHELLE October 3, 2016

I would love to make this for my granddaughter. Any help or suggestions, please email me. R.allsbury[at]yahoo.com

#15 comment by Gina Pantelis October 4, 2016

Where can I buy this?

#16 comment by Kelsey October 5, 2016

Brittany!! I would love if you could make this for my daughter!! Please email me at klgarrison2016[at]gmail.com
Very very interested!!

#17 comment by Lisa Crenshaw October 5, 2016

I am really curious how you did the tail. Could you please share?

#18 comment by Chelsea October 5, 2016

Brittney! I too would LOVE to have you message me about making this for my daughter! Please email me at fhlb1029[at]gmail.com

#19 comment by Jessie October 5, 2016

Would love this for my daughter

#20 comment by Katie October 5, 2016

Brittany can you please email me or someone who can make this!? I would love this for my 15 month old!! Katietexter12[at]gmail.com

#21 comment by Whitney October 5, 2016

My daughter picks up acorns literally everyday! Can someone please let me know how I can get this???

#22 comment by Linda October 6, 2016

Can you please make one for my grandbaby 2 years old. We call her little Squirrel. Lindalamproe[at]gmail.com

#23 comment by Melinda Kyzar October 6, 2016

Oh my 15 month old needs this! My husband has been called Squirrel his entire life. I in fact became Squirrel's Girl when we started dating. Lol Our daughter is now Baby Squirrel. If anyone can make this please let me know!! melindakpowers[at]gmail.com

#24 comment by Terri anderson October 6, 2016

Where can I get this for my infant she's 7 months also how much would something this cost.... Im so in love with this

#25 comment by Ted Thompson October 7, 2016

I'm wanting to know if anyone did find anything out on this costume... my daughter is 18 months... would love to see her in it this year... if someone has one for sale or where I could go about getting one.. please email me at Tedathompson1992[at]gmail.com. Thanks guys

#26 comment by Amy the squirrels mommy October 8, 2016

Hey everyone! I made everything for her costume all the way down to the pattern! Sorry there's no pattern to purchase or costume to purchase. I'm not in the costume making business I just enjoy creating things for my children. Thanks for all your kind words! Happy Halloween!

#27 comment by Samantha October 8, 2016

I love this costume for my 9 month old daughter!! Can anyone make this for me??

#28 comment by Lisa October 11, 2016

Hi Amy,
Where did you find the brown faux fur? I looked in Joann's over the weekend and they only had a solid dark brown faux fur. Or do you remember the name of the brand? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

#29 comment by Tiffanie October 11, 2016

Is there any way you could help me with a few things? My mom is going to make this for my daughter and we were trying to figure out the tail!?! How did you do that part? You can email me if you could or would like please!

#30 comment by Jessica October 14, 2016

Please share how you made the tail!!! Please!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

#31 comment by Karen October 20, 2016

Curious how you made tail, is there a pattern ?

#32 comment by Kim October 21, 2016

I am also wondering how you made the tail?

#33 comment by Laura October 21, 2016

Please let me know how to make it or better: let me know where can I buy it? I really NEED this for my two year old daughter!
Please let me know!
You can also contact me at laura.mayerhofer[at]gmx.net

#34 comment by Andie Morris December 10, 2016

If someone can make this costume, please message me at 580-571-1880 I'm really interested in purchasing a costume like this for my granddaughter whose favorite movie is the Nut job movie about squirrels.

#35 comment by Shannon July 17, 2017

Since the details to making this costume is being guarded closer than the Colonel's secret recipe.... I did a couple of Google searches. Check out Simplicity pattern 2506, the mouse or panda pattern would probably do the trick. Fabric, I found something similar of etsy at a shop called FurAndFabric in Anaheim. The tail is probably pinned at the top and bottom. Good luck, everyone!

#36 comment by Roxanne Muma August 6, 2017

My daughter would love this!!
How can I buy one?

#37 comment by Chantilly Marquez August 28, 2017

If someone can make this please email me!! Chantillylayce_05[at]yahoo.com

#38 comment by Tiffany September 1, 2017

If anyone can make this or sell me theirs (size 9 or 12mos) please please please email me crushthefinalrose[at]yahoo.com

#39 comment by Bhawna Kasliwal September 5, 2017

Me too..is there a pattern
..I would love to make this for my 2 year old..

#40 comment by Katie September 11, 2017

Hi is there anywhere to buy this costume ? I want it for my two year old. I am trying to find a squirrel costume for her for Halloween this year it has a huge sentimental meaning for our family and would mean a lot. Whoever made this could you please contact me 856 272 6640. Thank you Katie

#41 comment by amanda September 19, 2017

I want this costume. Does anyone know how to buy it or make it? Please contact me!

#42 comment by Karen Snyder September 20, 2017

Can I order this costume anywhere? Would like it for a very petite 2 year old. Please let me know asap.
Thank you

#43 comment by Any September 20, 2017

I made this costume for her. They aren't sold in stores.

#44 comment by Jen October 7, 2017

Can't you AT THE LEAST tell us what type of fabric you used??

#45 comment by Liz October 9, 2017

Can you please share the pattern how to make this? Or is there a way I can buy this from you? Thanks

#46 comment by Amy October 9, 2017

Hey guys sorry I didn't use a pattern. I don't ever use patterns. I use faux fur.

#47 comment by Tiffany October 10, 2017

Would you sell yours if you still have it??

#48 comment by Connie October 10, 2017

I made this for my then 18 month old last year. I used the Simplicity pattern 2506 (for the bear) for it. I handsewed it and it took a few weeks (I work FT). I bought polyfill and brown and white fur at JoAnn's (which cost probably $50 ) Here's a picture of mine: https://instagram.com/p/BMP1boHgsfd/

#49 comment by Amy Elizabeth Spivak October 10, 2017

I'm sure altering a pattern would work. I just don't like patterns �� I made this in 3 1/2 hours. I had to create while itge vision for it was clear.

#50 comment by Jennifer Roberts October 10, 2017

Connie, thank you!

#51 comment by Connie October 11, 2017

No problem! It didn't turn out as luxe as Amy's but I loved it and it was the hit of everywhere we went. I had to just figure out the tail as there is not pattern for it and then used 3 deconstructed and wound together wire hangers to provide it with internal structure and maintain the shape.

#52 comment by Jen October 12, 2017

Great idea!

#53 comment by Liz October 13, 2017

Maam Amy, Please let us know how to make the tail to hold up like that? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

#54 comment by summer Marie October 21, 2017

I want one omg where can I get

#55 comment by Starla Camp August 11, 2018

IN NEED..... Can ANYONE make this for us? I can send measurements and things. We just need help making it. Need it by end of September. Contact me at starlacamp[at]gmail.com

#56 comment by Laura August 13, 2018

Yes! Very interested in this for my 2 year old! Please contact me ryverrain[at]aol.com if you can make

#57 comment by Erica August 15, 2018

Can I please know how to make this or can I buy it!? My email is e.lynn64[at]yahoo.com
I hope to hear from you!!!! Extremely interested!!!!!!
Thank You,

#58 comment by Mirtha September 1, 2018

I want to make my grandbaby that or buy please please let me know if you can't help me

#59 comment by Megan White September 1, 2018

I would love to pay you for making me one?!! meg67501[at]gmail.com

#60 comment by Christina September 1, 2018

Someone please contact me that can make the exact same one for my granddaughter please for this Halloween I will pay you.

#61 comment by Jenny September 1, 2018

I need to buy this!! Is there anywhere I can??

#62 comment by Lindsey Kirkpatrick September 1, 2018

Can you make this for my daughter?! She absolutely LOVES squirrels! Haha email me [at] lindseykirkpatrick26[at]gmail.com

#63 comment by Taylor Bryant September 1, 2018

I want it!!! ����

#64 comment by Tina September 2, 2018

I would love information about how you made it and where you got the fabric!

#65 comment by LeAnna Hamrick September 3, 2018

Can anyone make this? Email me atwillowsmom0223[at]icloud.com Thanks!

#66 comment by Janice Carrol Robinson September 5, 2018

Just as the others before me how can we make it

#67 comment by L. West September 7, 2018

One thing is for sure....AMY you are very talented. Loved this costume the minute I saw it, and you did a beautiful job. I am going to try and capture what you have done, but I am not so sure about the tail. Hopefully you held it in place with fishing line. This is definitely a GREAT costume. Hope I have fun making it.

#68 comment by Greice Beesley September 9, 2018

Hello I would love one of these for my little girl. Does anyone makes it exactly the same???

#69 comment by Shannon September 11, 2018

Can someone let me know where i can get this costume? It's adorable

#70 comment by Jackie September 12, 2018

Where can I purchase this costume? Can you please message me jaclyn_barrera21[at]yahoo.com

#71 comment by MAICIE September 12, 2018

Asap I wi pay whoever made this costume to make my daughter one.....I really want my daughters first halloween costume to be amazing..this will be her second Halloween but the first one she couldn't walk and I was out of state and couldn't take her....PLEASE PLEASE respond and let me know something (price is no PROBLEM)

#72 comment by Maury September 15, 2018


Amy hello.!!! First congratulations for made the most original and wonderful costume that I saw. Second I know that a lot of moms asked you if you can make the costume for our little ones. I know it's a lot of work but if you can let us know. My email is mauryhm09[at]gmail.com . I'm sure this costume is going to be the must popular this year and of course is deserved it. Thank you so much for share it.

#73 comment by Ashleigh September 17, 2018

Where can I purchase this costume?? or how do you make it. Thank You so much!!

#74 comment by Cassie September 18, 2018

Looking to make this or buy it for my 25 month old daughter. Please contact me, ms_sassy77[at]yahoo.com

#75 comment by Ashley P September 20, 2018

May I ask where you got your brown fur?

#76 comment by ash October 1, 2018

I cannot wait to tackle this project! I will share when im done! I made a chicken costume last year and it was such a big hit.. I've got to keep up the towns excitement. lol

#77 comment by Stephanie October 7, 2018

I'd pay for someone to make my 2 year old this! Can someone make it for me or tell me where I can get the fabric?

#78 comment by Meredith October 8, 2018

I just made one for my son. And i am so excited to see him wear it

#79 comment by Cammille October 11, 2018

making this costume for my grandaughter. Is there a pattern for the tail? what is you use to stuff it with

#80 comment by Christie Weems October 18, 2018

I would love to know if there is either a pattern for this? If so where/how I can get it. Or, is there someone that I can pay to make it?

#81 comment by Deann October 18, 2018

Brittany what would you charge to make this? Please email me kdh18918[at]hotmail.com

#82 comment by ALI HEDDEN October 19, 2018

I would LOVE this for my 2yo twins....does anyone have this for sale, or would anyone be willing to make this for me!!!!??? PLEASE!! Please text me at 3096345966....

#83 comment by Victoria Matkins October 26, 2018

If anyone knows where I can get this at or how to make it please message me I would love this for my daughter next year!!!!

#84 comment by Conny October 31, 2018

I am from Germany and would like to have this costume for our daughter next year because she is two years old ... would it be possible to sew something like that? and if so how expensive would that be.
LG Conny

#85 comment by Nancy Waters October 31, 2018

I want to buy the toddler pattern for this! Please contact me at:

#86 comment by Amie July 16, 2019

I too would like to make this or buy from someone. What fur did you buy? Anyone that has the information p
Pattern and fur type, please email me. Wielgosz24[at]aol.com
Thank you,

#87 comment by Heather August 1, 2019

Could please tell me what kind of fur you used and where you purchased. Thank you for time. Awesome job...

#88 comment by Chantielle September 7, 2019

Has anyone figure out a good pattern to use? Or somewhere to buy this? If so please email me at tielle11[at]hotmail.com

#89 comment by Danata September 12, 2019

Did anyone find outwhere the faux fur was bought or the name? I need it for my sons tail! Please and thank you!

#90 comment by Terri Hahn September 30, 2019

Hello-we are needing to know if anyone could possibly get us a pattern for this little squirrel costume? Please text or call 816-632-0246

#91 comment by Amy Spivak September 30, 2019

There's no pattern. Sorry.

#92 comment by Lani October 21, 2019

This is a hilarious thread to read. Of course I read the whole thing desperate for every little tip, and trick, and acorn of detail ;) Amazing work Amy! and Connie too! Let's see if I can pull it off...

#93 comment by Danata Hurlburt October 21, 2019

Hobby Lobby has the exact fabric everyone! They have all sorts of wonderful faux fur.

#94 comment by Janet Ruiz October 23, 2019

How did you attach the tail so it wouldn't pull on the back neck, choking them?

#95 comment by Connie S October 26, 2019

Can you please tell me how to make this or if I can buy this?

#96 comment by Tina Gray October 26, 2019

Where do you get the pattern to make the costume? Or can you buy this costume?

#97 comment by Karen October 28, 2019

Where can I get this pattern?

#98 comment by 4ms November 1, 2019

Dear Amy- Holy cats! You are one talented mama! This is a moment for you all to cherish forever. I am fascinated on how you constructed that tail... the cloth was perfect (head to toe)... all of it. You are very talented and I hope appreciated. Great work! Keep these amazing ideas coming!

#99 comment by Hannah Caten May 14, 2020

Omg! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I want to buy one! Any chance you're making them for people? Please email me! Hjcaten[at]gmail.com

#100 comment by Alexis August 26, 2020

If anyone can make please email me!

#101 comment by Tamma September 1, 2020

I need this costume!! Who's selling it

#102 comment by Tammy September 4, 2020

Whoever made this costume its awesome! Could you email me on how you constructed the tail? How much material, pattern drawing? I'd really appreciate it, want to make this for my 2 trip old granddaughter. Thank you

#103 comment by Jacqueline Antonelli October 6, 2020

Amy this is absolutely spectacular! Absolutely unbelievable talent. Is there any way you are making these? I'll pay! !!! please please! Please email me or reply.

#104 comment by Sondra Bordelon October 9, 2020

Do you make these and sell them?

#105 comment by Susan October 14, 2020

Please send information on this adorable costume in a size 2T

#106 comment by Laetitia October 21, 2020

Amy, your costume is so cute...
You're very talented !!!
My little girl dreams of having the same.
Could you send me the pattern ? ;-)

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