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Avatar's Neytiri Costume

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Avatar's Neytiri Costume

Avatar's Recreated Neytiri's Inspired Look

Costume type:  Costumes for Pets
Category:Halloween Costumes

This homemade costume for pets entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

A word from Dee, the 'Avatar's Neytiri' costume creator:

BABY GIRL's (blue femLe chihuahua yes she is considered hairless) look for AVATAR'S "NEYTIRI" was a bit time consuming. May not have looked like it but diff was. I had my husband help me out with this look I creates.

First we didnt have any wigs, or dolls we could cut hair from but you did can because it would make your job a whole lot faster. If your using a wig, cut about 6" in length and about 1/4-1/2" wide of black hair. Uses small rubber band in black and tie it together. Then just braid it all way down. When your down add beads to each end. Repeat but each time you do make it an inch shorter. Do about 3-4 if you have a small dog like Baby. Then just lay it on top of the head and around both sides of the ears.
we didn't have time to put this on her, we did make them. But we were rushing to submit her photo by the cut off time on another entry. So here Is what we did.
We took stretch thin string, and added cool bright green beads and small blue n purple ones. Get creative or look at the avatars pics. Make sure your necklace is very very loose send just hangs down onto the chest. The armband, is a bit tricky, you Dont want it cutting into your dog. So I suggest putting it on right before the photo and removing right away.

This part is the tricky part. If you have a dog who is not hairless, I Dont know if I would recommend doing this. Baby literally is hairless and the little fuzz you see on her, is just that, peach fuzz not hair. And most she has is on the sides of her neck and that's it. If you do choose to do this to a dog with hair, it wont hurt them but please be careful and do not use majority products out there, do not substitute this. Do not try this look on a dog who licks a lot, or is hyper and cannot stay in one spot without moving.
Make sure your dog is clean, fed, and just went out and went #1 and #2.
Things you will need for body painting.
-a pointed small paint brush, such as an larger eyeliner brush.
-a square or rounded brush like a foundation brush. That size is perfect.
-a mini size square or rounded foundation brush. I purchased a lack at Walmart in the craft and fabric section for $5 that came with all of them, they were a turquiose color handles. I dont want to use my professional makeup brushes but that's up to you. Make sure the brushes are clean.
The colors I used were a water based, hypoallergenic, natural type of cream color or makeup. They use it for kids mostly. Its pretty hard to find. I know their are home made recipes but be careful.DO NOT USE THE HALLOWEEN MAKEUP OR PAINTS. THIS IS NOT DOG FRIENDLY NOR WOULD I EVEN USE IT ON MYSELF. I still tested it, a pea size, on her for 15 minutes to ensure their wouldn't be any kind of reaction. Which their wasn't.
You need
Dark blue
Blue or violet
I mixed the blues, purples, with some white to get the right or close enough color to avatar. Use the big foundation brush first. Paint all over to 1/2 or 3/4 down the back. Ii didn't go all under the belly cause no. One would see it anyways. Paint all over the chest, back of the ears, on top of the head but not the face, and two front legs. U can leave a little color like I did on the feet. Grab the small foundation brush, and paint on top of the head, sides of cheeks, neck, and make a point above the eyes in the middle. Stay well above the eyes. Because when you go to wash your dog, you wanna make sure that no matter what it won't get into their eyes. Dont get close to the muzzle because if they do go to lick their lips you Dont want them licking the cream color. Use a small excess thats on your fingers, and just put a little cream color on the inside tips of the ears. Do not go even halfway down on the inside of the ears. Just the tips. Let dry for few minutes. Dont let your dog run around. Have them stay in same spot. It will get everywhere if you Dont and it will be a mess and u will have to repaint again.

Then take the eyeliner type pointed brush, and use the black color. If you wanna take it a step further, you can use a darker blue n purple n mix that. Then use those for the lines all over the body, its more accurate. Make kinda squiggle designs. start fro. Middle of the top to the head, work outwards, then do the same on the chest and the legs. Also, well above the eyes, make black even eyebrows. Let dry. If the blue isn't dry enough it will bleed. And you gotta go over it a bunch times, so just take couple minutes n let dry,
Once the black and blue are dry. Wash your black pointed eyeliner type brush, and dry it. then use the white color, and make dots in a design around the black lines you made. Do that all over if you want. I didn't have time, so I only did it on the head and face. But I highly suggest having a picture you can look at for the avatar character and follow those designs. When done with the dots, outline the design you made around the head and cheeks where you stopped with th blue so it looks more complete. When your done with that let dry.

set up a background, if you Dont want to do that, you can do what I did and just use a background somewhere into he house with light nuetral colors so your dog stands out. I was going to take her photos outside with all the awesome plants, and lights we had,but out of no where it was 20+ mile winds and I wasn't gonna do that to her. Have someone help you with this. Go ahead and out the neck and arm band on you made. Then l ay the hair you made as well starting from middle of the head, and put on or two strands of the longest ones in the back, and the remaining in the front of the ears. It will will fall off easily so have someone adjusting the hair while you take pics. Have your dog sitting its a lot easier so the hair isn't falling of the whole time. Then make sure you have plenty of light so you can see the designs, and make some noises so your dogs ears stand up and snap your photo. Give your dog a treat, making sure you washed your hands completely, for doing a good job. Then go ahead let them outside to go potty, then give them a bath with gentle soap and warm water. Do not attempt to wash their head or face she washing the body. Use a small wash cloth, get wet in warm water, while they r under the running warm water. Dont run water over the head, face, or ears. Get the we wash cloth wet, and gently and I mean gently in small strokes start to remove the cream color. Because its cream and water based, it removes pretty easily. But if your dog doesn't mind use another small dry wash cloth, put over the eyes just in case you get water dripping down the head, which you shouldn't, but do it just to be on safe side. Stroke away from the face.same with the ears, Dont run the water over the ears, use the cloth to remove in upward motion down go downwards. U Dont want the water or the cream going into the ears. That's why I stopped with the color pretty high up on the inside of the tips on the ears. U can use the dry wash cloth and block the ear cannal when removing it from the ears. When done, dry off with towl and hand blow dry. And your done!

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