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Accessories and Make-Up

Now it's time to complete your costume. You've carefully chosen the person or THING you'd like to be for a time. You've selected just the right Clothing, Suit, or Costume to step into that role. What you need now are all of the finishing touches. You will need to ACCESSORIZE! Most of us, women, know how much fun THIS can be.. and we also know that Accessorizing is a MUST! Ü.

accessories women

In this picture above, taken in the 1890s, we have a prime example of a Lady who KNOWS how to accessorize. I doubt that ALL of the things she was wearing were an absolute MUST... but they added to her "look" and thus, she felt more complete and prepared to be seen in public.

When COSTUMING of course, it sometimes becomes necessary to carry the ACCESSORIZING a little bit over-the-top... JUST to get our point across. For example, when donning the 1970s Afro Wig..it's simply more fun to make it BIGGER...or BIGGER and RED:

Afro wig


Neon Green wig

The girl in the Neon Green Afro has a costume made up of accessories. There's her wig, her Outta-Sight Star-shapped Glasses, her Feather Boa, Beaded Mardi Gras Necklace, and a Yellow Garter (which does nothing to accentuate her Jeans and Boots... but she still looks pretty cute if anyone asks me ;-).

Now that we've had our little chat about accessorizing ...I shall move along ("thank goodness"?) I have divided this section into 5 Sub-Categories to make it easier for you to find exactly what you are in need of. They are: Accessories, Masks, Hats, Wigs, and Makeup.

Remember that half the fun of being in Costume is in the preparation... So let's have a BLAST!.... Let's Accessorize!