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Costume Accessories

We all know about Accessorizing. It's something we do in our daily lives. Whether it's with Jewelry or a cool Hat. We like to add just the right thing that goes with what we are wearing. Some Accessories, of course, are a must... One dare not leave the house without his/her Purse or Wallet. By the same token... Dracula dare not leave his cave without his Vampire Teeth, and Harry Potter should not leave his dorm room without his GLASSES.... or his Deluxe MAGICAL WAND (complete with light and sound). One thing I'm VERY sure of... Harry BEST not forget to put that SCAR on his forehead before going out. What WOULD people think? Below is a little Scar and Make-up kit. (Hint: The Scar on Harrys forehead is the ONE mark that absolutely identifies the boy as the infamous "Harry Potter" :-)

Harry Potter Accessories

Accessories are the ADDED touches that are needed to complete any look or borrowed Identity. Be they Fairy Wings or a Fairy Godmothers Magic Wand... or if you need Benjamin Franklins Glasses... or A Civil War Soldiers Sword... Beaded Belts and Boots and Top Hats and Crowns or Tiaras. Hopefully, these pages will take you down the path to find exactly what you need to complete your costume.

Pirates FamilyPirates Family

Porta Potty Costume IdeaPorta Potty

Princess CostumePrincess

Prom QueenProm Queen


Robe a la Francaise CostumeRobe a la Francaise

Sugar Cookie Halloween costume for girlsSugar Cookie

Toothbrush and Lost Baby-Tooth CostumeToothbrush & Tooth

I hope to provide a range of Accessories that go from the very "Play-like", to the very "Authentic" looking for those concerned with accuracy in their Costuming. It is to this point that I have provided yet two MORE "sub-categories". One category for Halloween Accessories... which shall be accessories more in the "Fantasy" or "Pretend" realm. The other category for Historical Accessories shall be things more "authentic" ...at least in the LOOK of them. Look for each category on the left menu under "Accessories".

When your look is completed, PLEASSSSSSE (but I won't beg :-) Send me a PICTURE for my Costume Photo Album here or enter one of our upcoming Contests for Best Homemade Costume. Share your artistic creativity with everybody here.

My address here is: Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com (don't forget the dash (-) after "Costume" and before "Works"). Send Photos in JPG format as Attachments. Please send your name or the name you prefer me to use UNDER your picture. Write anything with the word "Costume" in the subject line. Thank you for your Participation! I promise you WON'T regret it!

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