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Saint Patrick's Day Costumes

March 17th is Saint Patricks Day. It is the day for the Irish... and friends of the Irish..to celebrate with anything Green and Gold (mainly Green), and a day to hold the Lucky Shamrock in high esteem. When the party REALLY gets going..watch out for the GREEN BEER.. typically served in Pubs and at partys wherever the Irish community are enjoying the celebration. Saint Patricks Day is, traditionally, a day for offering prayers to missionaries and a day of spiritual renewal. Mass is held in the mornings as it is actually a religous holiday.

Saint Patrick Day

Saint Patrick is believed to have been born in the late forth century and is the Patron Saint and National Apostle of Ireland. It is believed that he is the one who brought Christianity to Ireland. He was self-described as a humble-minded man who was Gods instrument, by which the masses of pagan idol worshipers would be brought to the correct religous beliefs of Christianity. He was thankful to God for granting him this duty.

It is told that Saint Patrick chased all of the Snakes from Ireland. However, this story is only a symbolic one. There were never any snakes in Ireland. The story is symbolic of the fact that Saint Patrick cleared Ireland of false Idols, many being images of snakes, that were worshiped by the pagan religons that once thrived there.

St. Patrick

March 17th is believed to be the date that Saint Patrick died.


I'm sure we've all heard the stories of the "little people".. or "Leprechans" of Ireland. They are little guys who horde Gold. It is told that if we can CATCH a Leprechan.. he will have to give us his "Pot-O-Gold" to once again gain his freedom. In some stories I've heard that a Leprechan can also grant wishes!
Dressing up as a Leprechan for Saint Paddys Day is one AWESOME way to join in the FUN of the Day.

Leprechan with girlfriend St. Patrick Day costumes

There is usually PLENTY of "FUN" going on for Saint Patricks Day. Whatever you decide to do..whether you decide to Dress in Costume or NOT..PLEASE don't forget to wear a spot of GREEN! If you DON'T you take the chance of some pretty sharp PINCHES! ("pinches" being the penalty for not showing your respect for the GREEN!)


Now...Let's see some COSTUMES! Buy Costumes has plenty to pick from...

Mini Leprechaun Hat

Beer Goggles

Emerald City Guard Adult

General Mills Lucky Charms Leprechaun Adult

Get Lucky Leprechaun Male Adult

Good Luck Charm Sexy Adult

Irish Afro

Leprechaun Adult

Luscious Leprechaun Adult

Mini Shamrock Glasses

Oversized Shamrock Mad Hatter

Parade Leprechaun Adult

Pot Of Gold Glasses

Shamrock Stockings (Black)

Shamrock Stockings (White)

St. Patricks Bowtie

St. Patricks Suspenders

St. Patricks Vest/Bowtie Set

Lucky Leprechaun Child

General Mills Lucky Charms Leprechaun Child

Leprechaun Decorator Pinata

What St. Patricks Day would be complete without a
Leprechaun Pinata!?

Have a GREAT DAY and DO IT in GREEN!