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2015 Halloween Costume
Contest Winners

2015 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2015 Halloween costume contest!.

This year's contest categories were:


Winners in all 8 categories were selected by us - the Costume-Works.com Team.

The 2015 Contest Winners are:

Most Creative Costume

1st place ($300)Hiro riding Baymax Homemade CostumeReese as Hiro riding Baymax - incredible costume designed by dad Lon

2nd place ($100)Alien Abduction Homemade CostumeJeff with his outstanding high-tech costume Alien Abduction

3rd place ($50)Bing Bong Homemade CostumeJeff and his awesome Bing Bong costume worn by his daughter


Coolest Adult Costume

1st place ($100)Iron Giant Homemade CostumeSteve wearing his state-of-the-art creation - The Iron Giant costume

2nd place ($50)Magician's Assistant from Beetlejuice Homemade CostumeValerie with her mind-blowing costume - Magician's Assistant from movie Beetlejuice

3rd place ($25)Genie Homemade CostumeKelly in her creative homemade Genie costume


Best Couple Costume

1st place ($100)Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali Homemade CostumeLaura and her boyfriend with original couple costume idea - Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali

2nd place ($50)Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Homemade CostumeElisa and Tim with their funny costume - Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken

3rd place ($25)Jackie and Sal Homemade CostumeElizabeth and her boyfriend with their creative couple's costume Jackie and Sal


Best Family Costume

1st place ($100)Wreck It Ralph Crew Homemade CostumeBrandy and family as Wreck-It Ralph Crew, with amazing Vanellope's candy kart

2nd place ($50)Games Family Homemade CostumeMary and her family with their creative Games themed family costume

3rd place ($25)The Incredibles Family Homemade CostumeJohnsons family as The Incredibles, with Edna Mode and Syndrome!


Best Group Costume

1st place ($100)Hunter's Trophy Wall Group Homemade CostumeJenna and friends with their fabulous group costume - Hunter's Trophy Wall

2nd place ($50)Alice in Wonderland Group Homemade CostumeJulie and her creative friends with group theme - Alice in Wonderland

3rd place ($25)Titanic and Iceberg Homemade CostumeAllison and her roommates with unique costume idea - Titanic and Iceberg


Cutest Baby Costume

1st place ($100)Baby Squirrel Homemade CostumeAmy and her 15 month old daughter as the cutest Baby Squirrel

2nd place ($50)Saguaro Cactus Baby Homemade CostumeAdorable Margaret in her Saguaro Cactus costume, created by mom Laura

3rd place ($25)Buzz and Jessie Kids Homemade CostumeCute little Jessie and Buzz Lightyear, original costumes crocheted by mom Katrin


Best Children's Costume

1st place ($100)Jurassic World Dinosaurs Homemade CostumeKeith, Mason and Micah in their stunning Jurassic World dinosaur costumes created by mom Mary

2nd place ($50)Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner Kids CostumeMia and Evalee as the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote from the Looney Tunes, costumes created by mom Jennifer

3rd place ($25)Doc Brown and his DeLorean Homemade CostumeLivi as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, with his DeLorean, costume created by mom Katrina


Best Pet Costume

1st place ($100)Rattlesnake Dog Homemade CostumeMason, getting eaten by 10-ft Long Rattlesnake, awesome costume created by Emily

2nd place ($50)The Rocket Dog Homemade CostumeAngus as the Rocket Dog, great costume created by Lina

3rd place ($25)Sailor Mewn Homemade CostumeKhaleesi as Sailor Moon (Sailor Mewn!), costume designed by Kat


Congratulations to the Winners!!!

All the winners will receive a message from us with further instructions
via email within 2-3 days.
If you didn't receive an email from us -
please check the 'SPAM' folder of your mailbox,
OR contact us using this form
*** please include your Full Name, your PayPal address,
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(the one that you used to enter the contest) ***

* * * * *

Thanks to all the contestants - you all are awesome!
We hope to see you again in our contest next year!

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