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2014 Halloween Costume
Contest Winners

2014 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2014 Halloween costume contest!.

This year's contest categories were:


Similar to the past year, this year the winners in all 8 categories were selected by the Costume-Works.com staff.

The 2014 Contest Winners are:

Most Creative Costume

1st place ($300)Pizza Pie and Slice CostumeCarolyn and her son with amazing costume idea - Mommy Pizza Pie and Baby Slice

2nd place ($100)Pina Colada CostumeCute lil' sisters Coral and Capri with unique Pina Colada costume, created by mom Kristin

3rd place ($50)Cut in Half Optical Illusion CostumeNina with creative optical illusion costume - "Cut in Half" worn by her daughter


Coolest Adult Costume

1st place ($100)Giant Squid CostumeKlay with his fabulous Giant Squid costume

2nd place ($50)The Goddess Isis CostumeShawna with her coolest Egyptian Goddess Isis costume

3rd place ($25)Frozen Marshmallow CostumeLoving dad Michael with his amazing Frozen Marshmallow costume


Best Couple Costume

1st place ($100)Venetian Carnival CostumesAmanda and Jesse with their original mysterious costume - Venetian Carnival Couple

2nd place ($50)Pinocchio and Geppetto CostumeSandra and her boyfriend in their fun couple's costume - Pinocchio and Geppetto

3rd place ($25)Captain Lego and Lego Bikini Homemade CostumeLaura and her boyfriend with their unbeatable minimalist costume - Captain Lego and Lego Bikini


Best Family Costume

1st place ($100)Family Trophy CostumeChristy and family with creative themed costume - Family Trophy Shelf

2nd place ($50)Muppets Family CostumeLori and her family as The Muppets characters

3rd place ($25)Ghostbusters Family CostumeJen, her son and cat with Ghostbusters family themed costume


Best Group Costume

1st place ($100)Robin Williams Movie Roles Group CostumeAliya and her friends with creative group costume idea - Robin Williams Tribute

2nd place ($50)Guess Who Group CostumeGemma with friends as Guess Who game characters

3rd place ($25)Lego Movie Group CostumeErin, her husband and their friend's family as Lego Movie characters


Cutest Baby Costume

1st place ($100)Gumball Machine Baby CostumeRobin with creative baby costume - Baby Gumball Machine, worn by her adorable daughter

2nd place ($50)Baby Maleficent CostumeEmma as the littlest and cutest Maleficent, costume created by mom Abigail

3rd place ($25)Harry Potter Mandrake Baby CostumeCorbin as adorable Baby Mandrake, costume created by mom Sara


Best Children's Costume

1st place ($100)Homemade Giraffe CostumeEmily in her wonderful Giraffe costume, created by mom Colleen

2nd place ($50)DIY Penguin and Toucan CostumesBrenda with her original Penguin and Toucan costumes, worn by her daughters

3rd place ($25)Mech Samurai Warrior CostumeIsaiah as fearless Samurai Warrior, costume created by dad Valentine


Best Pet Costume

1st place ($100)The Monster Under the Bed Dog CostumeNanuk in his creative costume - The Monster Under the Bed, costume created by Yolanda

2nd place ($50)Jack Sparrow with his Pirate Helper Dog CostumeBob in his optical illusion costume Jack Sparrow with his Pirate Helper, costume created by Linda

3rd place ($25)Woof Spiders CostumeMaize and Riley as "Woof" Spiders, amazing dog costumes created by Sandra


Congratulations to the Winners!!!

All the winners will receive a message from us with further instructions
via email within 2-3 days.
If, for any reason, you did not receive an email from us -
please check the 'SPAM' folder of your mailbox,
OR contact us using this form
*** please include your Full Name, your PayPal address,
and your Contact Email address
(the one that you used to enter the contest) ***

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Thanks to all the contestants - you all are awesome!
We hope to see you again in our contest next year!

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