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2012 Halloween Costume
Contest Winners!

2012 Halloween costume contest winners at Costume-Works.com

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2012 Halloween costume contest! This year we received 2446 contest entries from all around the World, and judging was not an easy task!

We have 6 categories in our costume contest this year:


Most Creative Costume

Winners in the 4 nominations below were selected by Costume-Works.com Team members. We tried to choose the most original and creative costumes, while the quality of photos and costume description played an important role in our decision making too. And the winners are:

1st Place = $100

Marcel the Shell CostumeKathryn with her extraordinary Marcel the Shell costume

2nd Place = $50

Troll On Your Back Halloween CostumeWill and his dad with original costume idea: Troll On Your Back

3rd Place = $25

Octopus Swimming in the Ocean Baby Costume IdeaKriss with creative costume for mom & baby: Octopus Swimming in the Ocean

This year we have 3 special prizes for the most creative couple, family and group costumes:

Special Prize = $25

Lion-o and Cheetara Thundercats Couple CostumeGorgeous couple - Robbie and Kristin as Lion-o and Cheetara from Thundercats

Special Prize = $25

Laundry Crew Family CostumeBrooke and her family with their amazing costume theme: the "Laundry Crew"

Special Prize = $25

Candyland Characters Group Costume: Queen Candy, Miss Mint, Princes Lolli, and Queen FrostineGabbie and her friends in their fabulous Candyland Character costumes


Coolest Adult Costume

1st Place = $50

Homemade Gremlins CostumesCoolest Couple of Gremlins: Bud as Stripe and his pretty companion as Gizmo

2nd Place = $25

Hot Breakfast Adult Costume IdeaNina with an outstanding costume idea: Hot Breakfast

3rd Place = $10

Homemade Unicorn CostumeAmazing Unicorn costume, created and worn by K.J.


Best Children's Costume

1st Place = $50

Kissing Booth Costume for KidsCute Eli with his Kissing Booth costume, created by mom Nicole

2nd Place = $25

Croc Shoe CostumeM.E. with her unusual costume idea: Croc Shoe, costume created by Jennifer

3rd Place = $10

Homemade Cinderella Carriage CostumeAdorable Alyssa as Cinderella in her Enchanted Carriage, costume created by mom Susan


Best Pet Costume

1st Place = $50

Big Bad Wolf Costume for DogsAres as the Big Bad Wolf who just ate the Grandma, and Jessica as Little Red Riding Hood

2nd Place = $25

KISS Horse Halloween CostumeAlison and her horse as Peter Criss and Gene Simmons from KISS

3rd Place = $10

Honey Boo Boo and Glitzy Dogs Costume IdeaCouple of pups as Honey Boo Boo and Glitzy the Pig, costume created by Sara


Favorite Halloween Costume

Winners in the two categories below were selected by your votes. Actually not just votes, but also by response from popular social networks. This year we decided to not make a secret of our score calculation. Our costume popularity score formula combines on-site rating (stars, comments, visits), with the measures of activity provided by social networks: Pinterest "repins", Google +1's and Facebook "likes".

The winners of the Favorite Halloween Costume competition are:

Little Old Lady Baby Costume   1st Place
Autumn as the cutest Little Old Lady, costume created by mom, Angie.
Prize = $100
Homemade Pinata Costume   2nd Place
2 year old boy in his amazing Pinata costume, created by mom Wendi.
Prize = $50
Crazy Cat Lady Costume   3rd Place
Lola as the Crazy Cat Lady, costume created by mom.
Prize = $25
Up Family Costume: Mr. Fredrickson, Kevin, and Russel   4th Place
Stephanie, her husband and son as Disney's Up characters: Mr. Fredrickson, Kevin & Russel
Prize = $10
Beetlejuice Family Costume   5th Place
Beetlejuice Family: Barbara and Adam Maitland, Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice, costumes created by Stephanie.
Prize = $10
Napoleon Dynamite Family Costume   6th Place
Josiah and his family as Napoleon Dynamite characters.
Prize = $10
Mouse Caught in a Mouse Trap Baby Costume   7th Place
9 month old baby as Mouse Caught in a Mouse Trap, costume created by dad Michael.
Prize = $10
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume   8th Place
Pretty Yamileth and her cousin as Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Prize = $10
Wind Up Doll Costume   9th Place
Lark with her creative Wind Up Doll costume.
Prize = $10
Juno and Bleeker Costume   10th Place
Regan and Zach dressed as Juno and Bleeker couple.
Prize = $10

(View Favorite Halloween Costume Chart: Top 100)


Favorite Pet Costume

Country Cutie Dog Costume   1st Place
Tobee, one year old boxer puppy, as Country Cutie.
Prize = $50
Freddy Krueger Costume   2nd Place
Ginger as Freddy Krueger, costume created by Stacey.
Prize = $25
Marilyn Monroe Costume for Dogs   3rd Place
Chyna, dressed as Marilyn Monroe.
Prize = $10
American Bobsled Hotdog Team Costume   4th Place
Larry and his "American Bobsled Hotdog Team", costume created by Kim.
Prize = $10
Bride and Groom Dog Costume   5th Place
Molly and Patches as Bride and Groom, photo sent in by Anthony.
Prize = $10

(View Favorite Pet Costume Chart: Top 100)


Congratulations to the Winners!!!

All the winners were notified by email on November 21-23, 2012.
If, for any reason, you did not receive an email from us -
please check the 'SPAM' folder of your mailbox,
OR contact us using this form
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Thanks to all the contestants - you are all awesome!
We hope to see you again in our next year's
Halloween Costume Contest!

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