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2012 Favorite Halloween Costume Competition
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Score Calculation

This year we have 2 nominations where winners will be choosen by your votes and by response from the most popular social networks: Favorite Halloween Costume, and Favorite Pet Costume.

In order to measure costume popularity, and to select winners (top 10 human costumes, and top 5 pet costumes) we came up to a simple yet effective formula for costume popularity score.

We were testing and fine-tuning our score formula during two weeks and we think it is almost perfect! Here it is:

2012 Halloween Costume Contest - Popularity Score Formula


x1 - total number of Pinterest "repins" for the costume page(s)

x2 - total number of Google +1 link shares for the costume page(s)

x3 - total number of Facebook "likes" (includes: likes, shares, comments) for the costume page(s). This number is retrieved via Facebook's Open Graph API, and in general it may differ from the number displayed by the "Like" button.

x4 - number of comments for the costume

x5 - sum of all stars 1-5 received by costume from voters

x6 - number of votes for the costume
      (in other words, x5 / x6 = Rating)

x7 - total number of entrances (number of times visitors entered Costume-Works.com site through this costume page(s) according to Google Analytics.