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Halloween Costume


Contestant 79
2 Fairies

Contestant 80
Barbie in Box

Contestant 81
Buzz Lightyear

Contestant 82
Cabbage Patch Doll

Contestant 83

Contestant 84
Cooking your HEART out for Halloween

Contestant 85
Cotton Candy

Contestant 86
Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation

Contestant 87
Diamonds, a dress from Moulin Rouge

Contestant 88
Earth Angel Mattie

Contestant 89
Egg and Chick

Contestant 90

Contestant 91
Flying Monkey and Toto

Contestant 92
French Fries and Ketchup Packet

Contestant 93

Contestant 94
Haunted Tree

Contestant 95
Headless Marie Antoinette

Contestant 96
Hellboy and Gun

Contestant 97
Hitching Ghosts

Contestant 98
House-Carl Fredricksen From Pixar's Up

Contestant 99
Ice Queen

Contestant 101
John Deere

Contestant 100
John Deere 2

Contestant 102
Katy Perry from Video California Gurls

Contestant 103

Contestant 104
Lego Boy

Contestant 105

Contestant 106
Mac & Cheese

Contestant 107
Marie Antoinette

Contestant 108

Contestant 109

Contestant 110
Optimus Prime 6

Contestant 111
Optimus Prime Transformer

Contestant 112

Contestant 113
Pied Piper

Contestant 114
Plastic Army Men

Contestant 115
Wes Andersons Fantastic Mr Fox and Mrs Fox

Contestant 116
Wicked Witch of the East and the Tornado

Contestant 117
from Sky Wars

Contestant 118
Lego Zombie

Contestant 119
Lego Skeleton

Contestant 120
Prom Queen Zombie

Contestant 121
Katy Perry
from California Girls Video
with Husband
Russell Brand

Contestant 122
Demon Possessed Child
The Exorcist

(note: entries posted recently are NOT "new" entries. Rather they are entries that had been sent in BEFORE we had to close the contest..and were misplaced in the confusion.  Hopefully the situation has been rectified to everyone's satisfaction. Thank you for your patience and understanding :-)

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