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Masks have been around since man first started wandering this big globe we live on. I've heard that it actually started with Cavemen... using simple made masks for ceremonial uses as well as just plain entertainment. It moved on to witch doctors who used them to chase away evil spirits... or sometimes to summon them forth. Today they are still used for OTHER things of course... But the one that interests ME the most is the wearing of masks for FUN! ENTERTAINMENT is what a Mask should be all about and I'm here to show you some that will make you laugh and some that will give you the shivers... and some that will make you say. "I want THAT one!" Ü

Here are a couple of cool Masks from Mardi Gras:

Feather Mask Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras in Iraq

There are masks of many different styles and cuts and sizes. We have the Full Head and Face Masks.... Then there are the Half-Face Masks that leave the mouth portion uncovered (to which one might install fangs if so desired. Then there are the Face Bits & Pieces.... a nose, ears, "movable" Jaw (?..geez...), to which the actual face parts left showing will be filled in with Face Paint or make-up and/or fur.. even Blood maybe. (YIKES!).(which you will likely find through my "Make-up" page.

Some people prefer to make their own Masks for Halloween (and hands, feet, scars, etc.). I have just the right place for you to get your Latex. I am told that there is even a "Starter Kit" to be found for those of you who would like to give this type of Costumery a shot..
Visit LiquidLatex.com to buy Liquid Latex for your next Halloween costume purchase.

Barack Oburglar CostumeBarack Oburglar

Jack Skellington CostumeJack Skellington

Killer Klown CostumeKiller Klown


McCheese Burger Halloween CostumeMayor McCheese


Pumpkin Head CostumeReturn of the Holiday Sweat

Troll Ready for Dinner CostumeTroll

Remember, If you don't find a mask that fits what you need amongst ALLLLLL that is available.... Maybe you just need a bit of Face Paint and some of your own molding Latex (for making scars, etc.) and you will be on your way. Check out my Make-up and Accessories pages for those products.

I know this is a bit(well... maybe a LOT) OFF TOPIC...BUT...While I am on the subject of "Masks", just let me ask "How many people out there like decorating their walls with things OTHER than paintings?" How about "Decorative Masks"? A few years ago I went to a store that supplied unfinished ceramics and I bought a few masks. I painted them ..just for fun... and they came out so nice that they've been hanging on my living room walls ever since then.

Here is a picture of the finished Masks:


If anyone has any cool masks that they made themselves... I would LOVE to add a photo of it here and/or to my Homade Costumes section. Just send Photos to Coletta [at] Costume-Works.com  Thanks in advance! Ü


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