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Patriotic Costumes

July the 4th - America's Independance Day

The Forth of July is rolling towards us and there is no time to waste! How better to honor your country and your countryMEN (and women) than by wearing a Patriotic Costume!? There are MANY Patriotic Costumes out there to choose from and I will show you a few to help you get headed in the right direction.

First let me direct you to Buy Costumes where you'll find Forth of July COSTUMES, ACCESSORIES, HATS, and even PARTY SUPPLIES of all kinds.

Below are examples of Patriotic Costumes to be found at some of my affiliates. Most costumes come in a range of prices so if one is more costy than you want to pay simply search the store for a different style of the same costume.

Uncle Sam Costume

ALSO, Please check out the selection of Hats for the Forth of July at The Village Hat Shop.

Pilot with AirplaneAirplane

Soldier in a TankSoldier in a Tank

Army Men on a Parachute CostumeParachutist

Bi-Plane Pilot CostumeBi-Plane Pilot

I will be adding more as I come across new things. Meantime.. Have a

Happy Independance Day!

On a personal note:
Please remember the many brave men and women who fought...and still fight..for our freedom and the saftey of our country.
God Bless our Troops and our Veterans!

Happy Independance Day!